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replacement glass 7661399 f526c b1080 qg4041 7657975 qg4042 vent window assembly with adjusting screws 1967 vent window assembly b1081 1968-69 door window assemblies qg3813 qg3812 1967-69 camaro quarter window glass reproduction quarter window glass installed on 196769 camaro models each glass is professionally packed with extra care to avoid damage during shipping qg4042 1967-69 lh clear convertible 79.95 ea qg4041 1967-69 rh clear convertible 79.95 ea qg4044 1967-69 lh tinted convertible 79.95 ea qg4043 1967-69 rh tinted convertible 79.95 ea qg3813 1967-69 lh clear coupe 79.95 ea qg3812 1967-69 rh clear coupe 79.95 ea qg3815 1967-69 lh tinted coupe 79.95 ea qg3814 1967-69 rh tinted coupe 79.95 ea when you replace the door window in your 1968-69 camaro models get the glass complete and ready to go with all-new hardware don’t mess around with old rollers and guides when this complete door window assembly installs just like original and can ensure that your window will operate like new for years to come features clear glass door window molding window roller assembly and roller guide regulators sold separately b1080 1968-69 lh clear 298.99 ea b1081 1968-69 rh clear 298.99 ea make your camaro shine with these high quality oer® reproduction vent window assemblies for 1967 models each complete assembly features a chrome frame the vent window handle vent glass with seals and division bar that includes the felt insert mounting hardware and adjuster screws are included with assemblies adjusting screws are also available separately available with clear or tinted glass vent assemblies f527c 1967 lh clear 239.99 ea f526c 1967 rh clear 239.99 ea f527t 1967 lh tinted 239.99 ea f526t 1967 rh tinted 239.99 ea adjusting screws 7661399 upper 1 req per assembly 6.99 ea 7657975 lower 1 req per assembly 6.99 ea c1269 1967-81 windshield glass support reproduction windshield glass support for 1967-81 camaro models this stamped galvanized steel piece is used to position and support the windshield glass features correct rubber coated foot two required c1269 1967-69 2 required 4.95 ea 9624995 1970-81 pair 12.99 ea 7698542 k760 b1076 1968-79 front door glass inner guide pad oer® correct window glass guide pad used to keep the front door window in alignment while the window is rolled up or down two required per window 7698542 1968-69 rear 17.99 ea 7698543 1968-69 front 17.99 ea k760 1972-79 4 req w/felt 15.99 ea k685 1970-79 2 req w/o felt 15.99 ea 1967-02 window glass holder 1967-69 quarter window assemblies 1968-69 door glass stops-rear reproduction of the door glass stops for all 1968-69 camaro models these cast metal stops attach at the rear of the door glass window track and limit the travel of the track one stop required per door sold in pairs kw960 1968-69 34.99 pr if your first gen’s quarter windows are broken or no longer work right replace them today with these complete quarter window assemblies for 1967-69 coupes or convertibles these quarter windows will install just like original and feature clear glass quarter window molding window roller assembly and roller guide regulators are sold separately b1076 1967-69 lh coupe clear 184.99 ea b1077 1967-69 rh coupe clear 184.99 ea b1078 1967-69 lh conv clear 191.99 ea b1079 1967-69 rh conv clear 191.99 ea windshield and back glass installation sealer self-sealing type 3/8 diameter glass installation tape for front windshield or back glass one roll required per glass k4122 3/8 diameter 12.99 ea replacement glass 223 weatherstrip molding g b1077 have you ever tried to work on the door or quarter window regulator when the window glass is not supported if so here is your chance to do it conveniently this unique tool is designed to hold the window glass in place while your working on the regulator y63900 1967-02 19.99 pr