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radiator components 1953-02 replacement radiator cap with lever st10231 1965-73 radiator cap authentic reproduction radiator cap designed for the enthusiast who wants total originality in a reproduction cap features the correct cap rating along with all the correct markings 861050 1965-69 w/ac,hd radiator 34.99 ea 861050 1970-73 all 34.99 ea g7136 1960-99 gm replacement radiator caps replacement gm or ac delco radiator caps for a variety of applications these are service replacement parts that may differ in appearance than original but will fit and function properly g3546 1960-62 all 8.99 ea g3547 1963-70 w/o ac 8.99 ea g3547 1963-70 hd cooling or 396 8.99 ea g7135 1974-77 all 12.99 ea g7136 1978-99 all 9.99 ea g7135 1991-99 all w/dex-cool option 12.99 ea thermocap radiator cap thermocap is an advance in safety and performance and available to fit virtually any car thermocap combines a high quality pressurized radiator cap with a thermometer element allowing you

cooling system t70434 1969-72 two-piece style etched panels 1947-91 fan shrouds original gm reproduction and aftermarket fan shrouds for 1947-91 gm truck models original gm and reproduction fan shrouds are manufactured as original for perfect fit and appearance 1967-68 fan blade note for stock radiator only aftermarket fan shroud panels small block models ap4018 1947-55 blank panel 76.99 reproduction fan shrouds small block models ap9018 1955-59 99.99 cx4824 1963-66 129.99 cx4825 1967-72 2wd w/o ac 102.99 cx4826 1967-72 2wd w/ac 133.99 t70742 1967-72 4wd 142.99 t70430 1976-80 upper 10.75 radius 9.99 t70431 1976-80 lower 10.75 radius 9.99 t70433 1981-86 c/k upper w/o ac 9.99 t70434 1981-86 c/k lower 9.99 t70433 1987-91 r/v upper w/o ac 9.99 t70434 1987-91 r/v lower 9.99 big block models t70750 1969-72 133.99 cx4823 1973-87 66.99 t70432 1978-86 c/k w/454 1 piece 49.99 t70432 1977-78 r/v w/454 1 piece 49.99 original gm fan shrouds small block models

cooling system electric fan controller rubber fan spacers rubber spacers are used with champion series electric fans for proper spacing from the radiator mf112 rubber fan spacers 4.99 set flex-a-lite black magic s-blade this fan provides better cooling to increase horsepower and cooling efficiency consistent cooling regardless of engine rpm easy bolt-on installation moves 3,000 cfm fits vehicles with 16 wider radiator cores universal mounting brackets included fl160 18 x 16 x 4-1/4 304.99 ea fully programmable controller includes a 70 amp relay and will work with your existing water temperature gauge and sending unit features include a fully programmable “fan on” and “fan off” temperatures and the capability to leave the electric fan operating after the engine has been shut down for a user adjustable time full digital led readout operation range 150ºf-250ºf important must use second relay part dd2702 70amp relay for dual fan or two speed fan

cooling system 14280 pf1007 universal coolant filter prevent dangerous clogs in your cooling system with this in-line heater hose filter features a heavy duty solid brass construction rf002 universal heater hose filter 39.99 set ak134a thermostat housing bolts dress your engine by installing your water neck with these high luster chrome water neck bolts your choice of chrome or polished stainless chrome ak133a 1 short 1 long bolt 6.99 set ak134a 2 short bolts 6.99 set polished stainless steel ak133b 1 short 1 long bolt 12.99 set ak134b 2 short bolts 9.99 set pf1006 stainless steel heater hose fittings these stainless steel fittings thread into the water pump and intake manifold to provide heater hose attachments each set includes two fittings and are available in four piece sets with two fittings and two 1/2 stainless steel pipe plugs for 5/8 id hose pf1007 5/8 x 1-3/4 5/8 x 2-7/8 l 29.99 pr pf1006 5/8 x 1-3/4 l 25.99 pr for 5/8 id hose with 1/2

goodyear hoses suburban-292 4.8 liter mh60432 1968-72 lower mh053 1968-79 upper mh112 1973-74 lower mh132 1975-76 lower mh149 1977-84 lower mh178 1980-84 upper blazer-292 4.8 liter mh053 1969-75 upper mh60432 1969-72 lower mh112 1973-74 lower mh132 1975 lower mh323 1947-93 goodyear molded radiator hoses don’t entrust the life of your engine to old hoses suffering from dry-rot and deterioration replace your old hoses with these quality molded hoses manufactured by goodyear each hose features the correct bends for a tailored fit 6 cylinder ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea 8.99 ea 21.99 ea 13.99 ea 9.99 ea 8 cylinder c/k pickup-265 4.3 liter mh60346 1955-59 upper mh60228 1955-59 lower c/k pickup-283 4.6 liter/327 5.4 liter mh083 1958-59 lower mt mh092 1958-62

water pumps e88584 e8810 edelbrock 348/409 water pump these super cooling water pumps are computerdesigned to deliver higher flow volume at a greater velocity making them ideal to help prevent overheating in any street machine street rod truck or any other performance vehicle featuring precision-cast powdered-metal impellers with extra large vanes for the maximum possible flow rate these pumps ensure adequate coolant pressure and flow volume even at lower engine speeds standard rotation pump made in the usa note no further discounts apply e8858 e88584 348/409 as cast 289.99 ea 348/409 endurashine 339.99 ea 1955-86 edelbrock sb water pumps wp12203 stewart components stage 1 cast iron high flow water pumps stewart components stage 1 pumps use brand new original equipment iron castings that are internally modified for better performance and improved reliability pumps are designed to be compatible with stock lines and brackets these water pumps feature a 3/4 heavy

belts pulleys 1955-85 water pump pulleys high quality reproduction small block or big block pulley for various 1955-85 models with short water pump small block pulleys t9600 note 1955-72 pulleys for short water pump 1973-85 pulleys for long water pump single groove water pump pulleys t9600 1955-72 7.1 od t9604 1973-85 6.3 od double groove water pump pulleys t9601 1955-72 6.4 od t9605 1973-85 6.3 od big block pulleys double groove water pump pulleys t9723 1973-85 6.3 od 29.99 ea 29.99 ea 39.99 ea 39.99 ea 49.99 ea 1962-68 water pump pulley original gm double groove water pump reverse side shown here pulley protective black finish for rust prevention this pulley was used on various truck applications such as 1962 v8 pickups w/62 amp generator 1963-66 292 w/62 amp alternator 1963-66 3/4-1 ton 292 w/power steering 1966 1/2 ton 292 w/a.i.r 1967-68 292 w/62 amp alt w/o ac or power steering or a.i.r 1967-68 3/4 ton suburban w/a.i.r gh1013 1962-68 279.99 ea 1969-74

air conditioning systems gen-iv surefit system features fly-by-wire fully electronic servo motor controls no cables or capillary tube to route infinite temperature blending/fan adjustability separate high capacity heat and cooling coils behind the dash evaporator high-volume dehumidified defrost mode steel firewall cover panel 941170 1967-72 chevrolet/gmc vintage air gen iv surefit ac systems the powerful intelligent vintage air gen iv system uses an exclusive microprocessor to eliminate cables and vacuum connections electronic cable converters adapt factory controls to electronic operation the system features air conditioning heating and defrost functions and is designed specifically to mount in your vehicle using existing holes in your dash and firewall systems include a compressor evaporator condenser and mounting brackets drier all louvers ducts hoses wiring pre-formed aluminum lines and complete installation instructions important some installations may require

air conditioning 1962-84 compressor pulley with bearing axial compressor radial compressor correct for 1962-84 models with axial compressors installs between the coil and plate assembly g5155 5-5/8 diameter g5155 1962-70 all models 185.99 g5155 1971 all pickup w/c.a.c 185.99 g5155 1971 blazer w/c.a.c 185.99 g5155 1971 suburban w/rear ac 185.99 5 diameter g5156 1971-72 all w/acc ac 169.99 g5156 1972 all w/c.a.c 169.99 g5156 1973-84 all v8 169.99 ea ea ea ea ea ea ea 1967-91 air conditioning compressors if your non-functioning air conditioning has you hot under the collar classic industries® may have the answer these remanufactured compressors will put the cool back in your gm truck see applications and availability below 57098 1967-72 all models w/factory ac superheat 309.99 ea h57096 1973-76 all 8 cyl models 399.99 ea h57096 1977-78 all w/axial compressor w/switch port 399.99 ea g2439 1977-79 all models w/radial compressor 244.99 ea g2440 1979-85 all w/a6

ac components 1960-72 evaporator core outlet tube clamp original replacement clamp designed to support the evaporator outlet tube for use with various applications from 1960-72 can also be used on other various chevrolet models g9794 1960-66 all w/cool pack ac g9794 1960-66 all w/c.a.c g9794 1967 all pickup g9794 1968-72 all models w/c.a.c 3.99 3.99 3.99 3.99 ea ea ea ea 1968-72 ac evaporator/blower shroud seal original gm air conditioning evaporator and blower shroud seal for 1968-78 pickup and suburban models with roof mounted ac g9798 1968-70 suburban 12.99 ea g9798 1971-78 suburban w/rear ac 12.99 ea g9798 1972 pickup w/roof ac 12.99 ea g9810 g7142 1947-75 ac hose clamps original hose clamp designed to hold the air conditioning hoses in place ac hose clamps g9810 1947-72 all models 2.99 ea g9810 1973-75 suburban w/rear ac 2.99 ea ac drain hose clamp g7142 1968-69 all models-1 2.99 ea 1967-72 evaporator case seals when replacing your evaporator core be sure to

air conditioning parts 1967-72 condenser/receiver tube set ac hose bubble crimper replace your missing or broken condenser and receiver lines with this quality reproduction kit this 3 piece set includes pre-bent metal lines for the condenser and receiver/drier assembly ap7220 1967-72 3 piece 54.99 set when you need to fabricate specially-sized hoses this easy-to-use bubble crimping kit gets the job done at home with professional results includes the crimper crimping dies for #6 3/8 #8 1/2 #10 5/8 #12 3/4 fittings and an easy storage plastic carrying case k2469 269.99 set universal bi-level heater here is a chance to get a heater and defroster without having to purchase complete air conditioning set comes complete with a three speed blower on/off water valve defrost hoses and ducts features controls for both the air door and blower operation now you will have warmth and a clear windshield 506101 electric controls 280.99 ea 1964-72 receiver/drier mounting bracket