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cooling system high performance thermostats these high performance thermostats are designed to resist variations in coolant pressure opening and closing only at the correct temperatures regardless of engine rpm made from brass and copper with a high grade steel frame for years of worry free operation 43631 160 degree thermostat 16.99 ea 43641 180 degree thermostat 16.99 ea g8349 jt10175 high flow thermostat 1981-02 jet low temp thermostat d141500 1955-91 thermostat housings original gm or reproduction thermostat housings for 1955-91 models reproduction housings include mounting bolts and gasket note with cast iron exhaust manifold original gm thermostat housings g8349 1979-84 all v8 exc diesel 31.99 g8349 1985 454 31.99 g8349 1985-86 c/k w/305 350 31.99 g8349 1987-91 r/v w/305 350 31.99 reproduction chrome thermostat housings d141500 1955-65 small block 19.99 d141500 1955-65 big block 19.99 t9468 1965-66 283 w/ac 10.99 t9468 1967-70 283 307 350 10.99 t9468 1967-70 327 w/switch port 10.99 t9468 1971-77 all v8 10.99 t9468 1978 all v8 exc diesel 10.99 66610 1965-78 replacement o-ring 1.99 the factory 195 degree thermostat simply cycles open and closed this reduces cooling efficiency in any engine with the jet 180 degree thermostat you get consistent engine cooling and a precise metering of water throughout the engine constructed of stainless steel jt10170 1981-92 all v8 14.99 ea jt10174 1993-97 lt1 14.99 ea jt10175 1998-02 ls1 49.99 ea the “balanced sleeve” design of these high flow thermostats equals out the pressure exerted on it by a high flow water pump allowing it to be solely regulated by coolant temperature with the addition of a high performance water pump and high flow thermostat you can expect a temperature drop of up to 25°f 16400 160° high flow thermostat 21.99 ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea 3-1/4 1-13/16 g7141 1947-95 thermostats 1963-91 thermostat gaskets choose the thermostat that you need depending on your particular climate or engine requirements fits full size trucks 1947-90 6 cyl v8 except diesel 1985-95 4.3l n,z v6 1991-95 v8 except diesel 454 g7137 160 degree 7.99 ea g7138 170 degree 10.99 ea g7139 180 degree 7.99 ea g7140 195 degree 7.99 ea correct thermostat housing and outlet gaskets for use with 6 cylinder and v8 engines g3723 1963-91 6 cyl housing to head 14.99 ea g7141 1938-91 1.99 ea j ac heater cooling system swivel-neck thermostat housings swivel thermostat housings rotate 360º and are great for applications where the upper radiator hose is routed different than stock applications aluminum housings are available polished or chrome plated and with necks and stainless housings are available machined all are available with 15º 45º or 90º angles they will fit 1966-75 small block and big block engines 6015 15º polished aluminum 14.99 ea 6003 45º polished aluminum 14.99 ea 6009 90º polished aluminum 15.99 ea 6015c 15º chromed aluminum 19.99 ea 6003c 45º chromed aluminum 19.99 ea 6009c 90º chromed aluminum 22.99 ea pf1054 15º machined stainless 181.99 ea pf1056 45º machined stainless 181.99 ea pf1058 90º machined stainless 139.99 ea 1955-90 silicone thermostat gasket this revolutionary gasket uses an aluminum gasket body with a silicone bead around crucial areas to seal irregularities between the intake manifold and thermostat housing compatible with all manifold materials on 1955-88 small block and 1965-90 big block engines 738 1955-90 17.99 ea 1947-90 cool-view glass thermostat universal chrome water outlet officially licensed chrome water outlets designed for chevrolet models each chrome water outlet comes complete with o-ring for fast installation replacement o-ring available separately 66207 thick base 9.99 ea 66610 replacement o-ring 1.99 ea 420 cooling system this 2 thermostat assembly allows you to see when and how far the thermostat opens on a unique gradient scale without ever removing the radiator cap made from billet aluminum and the same specialized heavy borosilicate glass used in steam boiler systems fits all small and big block chevrolet engines that use a nonbypass type thermostat 1955 and up also fits all 216292 straight 6 engines from 1947-90 made in usa important index pointer and gradient scale are only included in sets with thermostat note bolts not included no further discounts apply vp2001 w/o thermostat 109.99 ea vp2002 w/180 degree thermostat 139.99 ea vp2003 w/195 degree thermostat 139.99 ea stovebolt thermostat housing spacer some 194-292 6 cylinder engines do not have a water outlet to tap into on the front of the engine when installing a manifold heat plate this thermostat housing spacer solves that problem by adding a water outlet simply just by installing it these spacers are made from 3/8 cnc machined aluminum with a barbed brass fitting made in the usa note gaskets and mounting hardware not included 4010003 spacer with water outlet 35.99 ea toll free order line 800.854.1280