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wiring cooling fan shutdown this cooling fan shutdown kit shuts down your electric cooling fan above 50-60 mph to improve engine cooling by preventing the electric fan from fighting airflow through the radiator at highway speeds the unit is adjustable and may be overridden by using the supplied dash mounted toggle switch this kit is designed to be used with the supplied signal generator which must be installed into the speedometer cable tf900627 189.99 ea tf900646 ram jet crate motor wiring harness sets replacement harnesses for the gm ram jet 350 small block mefi 3 and 4 ram jet 502 big block mefi 3 and 4 factory crate motors move the controller and other components off the intake with this telorvek style replacement harness can be used with any non-computer controlled transmission each harness includes optional o2 sensor and speed sensor wiring ramjet gen-1 harnesses tf900646 ram jet 350 389.99 set tf900647 ram jet 502 409.99 set ramjet gen-2 harnesses tf900648 ram jet 350 2nd gen 439.99 set tf900649 ram jet 502 2nd gen 439.99 set low pressure hydraulic brake switch this unit requires 20-50 pounds pressure instead of stock units that need 60-120 pounds pressure to engage standard 1/8 pipe thread 9/16 18 this switch is d.o.t compliant which features silicone fluid compatibility tf900650 29.99 ea remote control battery disconnect tf900634 “ice box” cooling fan control delayed cooling system shutdown available as a single fan control or dual fan/2-speed fan control unit the sensor is simply tightened under an intake or water pump bolt it can then be adjusted to your exact preference for on and off temperature it is equipped with an a/c request system to turn the cooling fan on whenever the a/c compressor engages this feature does not have to be used the dual fan control can operate two fans at different temperatures or a single two speed fan at different temperatures features exclusive lug sensor that mounts under almost any engine bolt each unit has a fully adjustable operating range of 140-230 degrees timed cooling system shutdown features adjustable relays that keep power to the cooling fan and electric water pump if equipped when the key is shut off this reduces the block temperature as much as possible without the risk of killing the battery this is a timed circuit and does not use a thermostat or other fan control to operate tf900632 149.99 ea note with walker 2-speed fans istarttm touch sensitive starter system with advanced security tf900633 single control 124.99 ea tf900634 dual control 136.99 ea tf900635 dual control 139.99 ea under dash courtesy lamp for 700r4 transmissions with square 4-pin connectors can be used without the factory computer ecm this unit is electronic not vacuum controlled it reads speed of the vehicle through a sensor that attaches to the speedometer cable transmissions with factory internal speed generators must be converted to cable drive to use this unit this system locks up the converter at a set speed and unlocks it when the signal generator senses the vehicle speed is below lock up speed or when the brakes are applied this unit is set to lock the converter at 42-47 mph and can be adjusted if necessary tf900630 199.99 ea this system uses a security module with proximity sensors to disable the ignition switch and keep the doors locked until you come into range once inside a touch-sensitive starter button lets you cycle through accessory ignition start crank and off modes just like a typical ignition switch skip directly to start/crank by simply holding the button note main control box is 3-1/2 x 6 security module is 3 x 4 istarttm button requires 1-1/4 mounting hole no further discounts apply rf700101 universal 629.99 ea rf700102 w/ron francis wiring only 574.99 ea ron francis wiring 611 batteries wiring n torque converter lockup set positions two lamps under corners of the dashboard controlled by turning the headlight switch knob and or door jamb switches special sockets/brackets and bulbs included tf900631 46.99 ea with this setup one click of the key fob completely shuts down your car’s entire electrical system it’s accomplished by routing your main battery cable through a remote cutoff solenoid that you’ve stashed in a place inaccessible to a thief for even more security the 4-channel “safe-n-sound” system not only shuts off all power from the battery but will also control 3 other items like closing the windows triggering the power door locks and interrupting electrical power to the fuel pump all separate from the main battery cutoff the 4-channel package can handle up to 30 amps worth of electrical equipment tf900629 single channel 149.99 ea tf900628 4 channel 189.99 ea