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Catalog Chevy & GMC Truck Dash Components 2015

column shift to floor shift keep your gm all gm 15 x 15 x 5 box 10 x 10 x 1 box kit for 4 wheel drive to 2 wheel drive chevy truck dash panel vent panel chevy or gmc truck parts billet aluminum dash panels 1955 chevy headlight switch retaining nut chevy upper steering column bearings 1955 chevy turn signal switch chevy steering wheel center cap industrial air conditioning system working turn signal cancel cam turn signal cancelling cam turn signal cancellation cam turn signal canceling cam 1955 turn signal cancel cam ignition switch bezel nut turn signal lever knob 1967 upper steering column bearing park brake pedal pad gm turn signal cancel cam clutch pedal clutch rod upper steering column bearing upper steering column bearings lower steering column bearing glove box lock cylinder parking brake pedal assembly gm turn signal switch turn signal switch lever glove box lock retainer turn signal column harness gm turn signal switch lever replace lower steering column bearing parking brake release handle front fender mount antenna 9 bolt steering wheel quick release glove box door lock replace turn signal switch turn signal switch housing leather steering wheel cover leather steering wheel covers foot operated parking brake foot operated park brake 13 16 36 spline steering coupler emergency brake release handle universal turn signal switch rear parking brake cables steering wheel center caps clutch and brake pedal turn signal wiring harness wood to wood tie wood to wood ties turn signal wire harness

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1947-55 dash components cx1947 cx1722 cx1951 cx1718 cx1647 1947-53 gmc temperature gauge 1947-53 gmc fuel gauge reproduction in dash temperature gauge for 1947-53 gmc trucks manufactured to factory specifications this is a mechanical gauge that looks and functions just like the original available for 6 cylinder or v8 cx1947 1947-51 6 cyl red needle 64.99 ea cx1948 1947-51 v8 red needle 64.99 ea cx1721 1952-53 6 cyl white needle 64.99 ea cx1722 1952-53 v8 white needle 64.99 ea reproduction in dash fuel gauge for 1947-53 gmc trucks manufactured to factory specifications with the correct ohm rating this gauge looks and will function just like the original available in original 6 volt or 12 volt for use when converting to a 12 volt system cx1951 1947-51 6 volt red needle 64.99 ea cx1952 1947-51 12 volt red needle 64.99 ea cx1717 1952-53 6 volt white needle 64.99 ea cx1718 1952-53 12 volt white needle 64.99 ea cx1720 cx1648 1947-53 center dash sets reproduction dash set

1973-91 in-dash gauges cx1202 t70843 t70847 1988-91 speedometer restore your gauge cluster to full functionality with a quality reproduction speedometer this officially licensed gm reproduction is manufactured to replicate the smallest details of the original speedometer 345911 1988-91 speedometer 199.99 ea 25052373 345918 1976-87 speedometers reproduction speedometers for 1976-87 chevy and gmc trucks manufactured to exact factory specifications each gauge features correct details and bright orange needle 1976-79 speedometers can also be used as a replacement for 1973-75 models but are not cosmetically correct 100 mph speedometers cx1202 1976-79 1st design 114.99 ea 85 mph speedometers 345908 1976-79 2nd design 119.99 ea 25052373 1979-87 orange dial 129.99 ea 345912 345914 t70845 t70848 345913 t70849 345915 cx1982 1973-87 in-dash gauges 5658293 reproduction in-dash gauge components for 197387 chevrolet and gmc pickup blazer/jimmy and suburban models note for models with

dakota digital instruments dakota akota dig digital d digital dakota akota dig digital d digital dd600b dd1004b dd1009b 1973-91 full size truck digital dash set 1955-59 chevrolet digital dash set these sets are designed to install in your truck’s original dash instrument bezel for proper fit and alignment of the instruments these sets fit 1973-86 c/k models and 198791 r/v models available with blue or teal illumination these sets will install with your original bezel or a new reproduction chrome instrument bezel for a complete and easy installation available with blue or teal illumination dd640b note gear indicator sending unit part dd1000 required and sold separately for all automatic transmission models special order must be pre-paid note gear indicator sending unit part dd1000 required and sold separately for all automatic transmission models special order must be pre-paid dd1009b 1973-91 blue illumination 699.99 set dd1009t 1973-91 teal illumination 699.99 set

performance gauges phantom ii sport-comp s c sport-comp ii traditional chrome ultra-lite ultra lite ii z series note all auto meter gauges are discount exempt oil pressure full sweep mechanical 2-1/16 includes 10 nylon tubing 1/8 and 1/4 npt fittings all oil pressure gauges measure in psi am7121 c2 0-100 psi 84.99 am4721 carbon fiber 0-100 69.99 am6121 cobalt 0-100 84.99 am5921 es 0-100 84.99 am7321 nv 0-100 84.99 am5721 phantom 0-100 61.99 am5723 phantom 0-150 69.99 am7521 phantom ii 0-100 74.99 am3321 sport comp 0-100 59.99 am3323 sport comp 0-150 59.99 am3322 sport comp 0-200 61.99 am3621 sport comp ii 0-100 74.99 am2421 traditional 0-100 59.99 am2422 traditional 0-200 59.99 am4321 ultra lite 0-100 69.99 am4323 ultra lite 0-150 64.99 am4322 ultra lite 0-200 64.99 am4921 ultra lite ii 0-100 74.99 am2604 z-series 0-100 54.99 am2605 z-series 0-200 59.99 full sweep electrical 2-1/16 ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea

steering wheels w5630 w5640 w5632 w5629 w5894 w5895 w7603162 1960-94 classic series walnut wood steering wheel this is grant s version of the popular walnut steering wheel this version includes finger grips and brushed finish stainless steel spokes comes complete with chrome center cap and bow tie center emblem 15 diameter 4-1/8 deep with adapter mounting kit included classic series wheel horn buttons full size pickup suv w9673162 1960-69 walnut 189.99 kit w9673196 1974-94 walnut 189.99 kit s10/s15 pickup suv w9673196 1982-94 walnut 189.99 kit these steering wheel horn buttons are optional for grant classic series wheels two different button styles feature either a chrometd steel cap with logo insert or a highly polished billet aluminum housing and button both styles will only fit classic series wheels w4523162 important for models without drivers air bag will work with or without tilt column note no further discounts apply signature series steering wheels gt

nrg steering components 152786gl iinstalled t ll d on column l nrg quick lock system the nrg quick lock is the next generation of anti-theft quick release systems a perfect compliment to the quick release systems these units quickly and easily disable the steering hub by preventing the placement of a steering wheels onto the hub manufactured from solid steel and utilizing a ball-lock design and key mechanism this product will deter any would-be thief available in various color finishes note must use with either the 2.0 or the 2.8 quick release system 152785bl 152785gm 152785gr 152786gb 152786gl 152786mb 152785or 152785pr 152785rd matte blue 124.99 ea gun metal 124.99 ea green 124.99 ea gloss black 119.99 ea polished 119.99 ea matte black 119.99 ea orange 124.99 ea purple 124.99 ea red 124.99 ea 152776b 152776c nrg racing style steering wheel get the elegance of a woodgrain steering wheel with the comfort of leather trim in a racing-style package this wheel mounts

lock cylinders components 1955-59 ignition indicator dial reproduction ignition indicator dial for v8 and 6 cylinder automatic trucks this exact replica features the words printed on the face off on start and is manufactured in plastic as original cx1103 1955-59 plastic g7646 7839425 6.99 ea protect your paint or other fragile items which may come in contact with your keys with these inexpensive slip-on plastic key covers each cover is produced to the exact configuration of the square and oval gm style keys available in black 7839425 1969-90 square key cover 1.79 ea 20364745 1969-90 oval key cover 1.79 ea g7648 312321 1947-01 ignition cylinder with keys original gm and reproduction dash or column mounted ignition switch lock cylinder for 1947-01 trucks includes pre-coded keys original gm ignition cylinders g7646 1967-72 11.99 ea g7648 1973-77 24.99 ea g7648 1978 1st design 24.99 ea g1680 1978 2nd design 24.99 ea g1680 1979-91 24.99 ea reproduction ignition

radio components 1955-59 radio flipper knobs reproduction radio flipper knobs chromed plastic for 1955-59 trucks cx1019 1955-59 chrome 9.99 pr 1947-53 radio housing reproduction radio housing for 1947-53 models each radio housing is designed to replace the original exactly will fit and install correctly cx1020 1947-53 maroon 22.99 ea 1968-72 radio band selector bar 1988-91 pickup radio trim plate cx1025 1955-66 individual radio knobs replacement radio control knobs for 1955-66 trucks cx1025 1955-59 chrome 3/16 opening 10.99 ea cx1026 1960-63 black stainless 8.99 ea cx1027 1964-66 black stainless 8.99 ea correct for all 2 door pickup models this is an original gm part designed to replace the cracked or missing original g10198 1988-91 w/o cassette w/ac 102.99 ea this brightly chromed radio selector knob was used in the factory am/fm radios and is slid either left or right to select the am band or the fm band cm5295 1968-72 19.99 ea 1973-75 tone control spacer original

wiper switches/knobs cx1342 1960-63 wiper knob sw607 cx1343 1947-53 wiper switch knobs sw619 reproduction stainless and black wiper switch knob for 1960-63 chevrolet and gmc truck models features stainless knob with black fill to replace the original exactly cx1363 1960-63 8.99 ea reproduction wiper knob for 1947-53 trucks models manufactured with correct chrome plating or maroon finish to factory specifications each knob will replace the original knob exactly cx1342 1947-53 chrome 5.99 ea cx1343 1947-53 maroon 5.99 ea 1964-66 wiper knob reproduction stainless and black wiper switch knob for 1964-66 chevrolet and gmc truck models features stainless knob with black fill cx1364 1964-66 8.99 ea sw1454 1954-55 black wiper knob sw952 reproduction wiper knob switch knob for 1954-551st series models manufactured in black to oe specs to replace the original wiper switch knob exactly cx1344 1954-55 black 8.99 ea 1978-02 replacement wiper switch

glove box components ct105 cx1066 g10226 1988-91 2 dr pickup glove box liners original gm replacement glove box liners replace rotten cracked or missing glove boxes and keep your interior correct by using genuine gm parts available for models with or without ac will replace the original glove box exactly without ac g10223 1988-89 w/o stereo 38.99 ea g10224 1988-89 w/o stereo cassette 23.99 ea with ac g10226 1988-89 w/stereo cassette 45.99 ea g10226 1990-91 45.99 ea ct108 ct113 a4250 1947-72 reproduction glove box liners reproduction glove box liners for various 1947-72 pickup models these precision die cut oem quality liners feature stainless steel clips unless noted and staples for an exact fit and authentic appearance b dash console components note does not feature stainless steel clips chevrolet models ct103 1947-49 ct105 1950-53 ct106 1954 ct108 1955-59 ct110 1960-63 ct112 1964-66 ct113 1964-66 ct114 1967-72 ct115 1967-72 gmc models ct104 1947-49 ct105 1950-53 ct107