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Catalog Chevy & GMC Truck Engines & Components 2015

gmc truck head gasket and intake manifold gasket 289 power steering pump mounting bracket 289 spark plugs and spark plug wires can flow high flow water pump the time of the end chevy engine 350 engine kits oval port big block chevy intake manifolds aluminum oval port big block chevy intake manifolds big block chevy block big block chevy 454 short block big block chevy 427 long block big block chevy 454 long block small block chevy 400 block power steer pump bracket for gmc 454 engine to 350 engine used aluminum cylinder heads for big block chevy powder coat powder dual quad air gap intake manifold ac delco spark plug wires oil pan drain plug gasket chevrolet spark plug wires heat shield sparke plug wire heat shields delco spark plug wire sets spark plug ac delco spark plug wire retainer water pump air pump spin on oil filter adapter spin on oil filter adapter bolts oil pump pick up tube cylinder head bolt chevrolet 4 cylinder air valve replacements check valve hei cap with wires over valve covers head bolt torque head to block timing chain and gear sets inch nut and bolt sizes alternator and air condition bracket boots made in the usa bolts for the front of the motor how know the order of the valve chevy big block engine frame motor mounts chevy big block dart big m ram jet 502 crate engines gm 383 crate engine engine oil pan 7 quart small block chevy chevy cast iron exhaust manifolds chevy truck cast iron exhaust manifolds chevy small block v8 crate engine chevy 383 small block crate engine chevy cast iron exhaust manifold 454 cast iron exhaust manifolds chevy chevy small block crate engines chevy big block torque specs 454 chevy small block crate engine gm truck cast iron exhaust manifolds chevy 350 small block crate engine small block crate engines

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description 93-94 262/4.3 v6 z dcv6 dck5 part years c.i.d l 93-94 95 262/4.3 262/4.3 v6 v6 z z dck6 95 262/4.3 v6 w dcn6 96-99 262/4.3 v6 x dck9 96-99 262/4.3 v6 w dcw1 99-01 262/4.3 v6 w tbi balance shaft roller cam detonation sensor hole in rear of right head side of left head block #196 359 534 535 head #064 181 209 626 screw-in rocker studs non-adjustable rockers fi no bal shaft roller cam detonation sensor in block block #073 011 061 756 head #064 181 209 under 8500 gvw tbi balance shaft roller cam sensor hole rear right head left side left head block #196 head #064 066 181 626 screw-in rocker studs non-adjustable rockers plastic timing cover w 6 bolts cfi l35 balance shaft roller cam 2 temp/detonation sensor holes in left head block #196 head #064 066,181 626 screw-in rocker studs non-adjustable rockers plastic timing cover cfi balance shaft roller cam detonation sensors in rear of block and side of left head block #090 head #772 plastic timing cover with crank sensor cfi

specialty engine tools compression tester professional compression tester detects worn rings burnt valves and blown head gaskets features external pressure release valve full 2-1/2 easy-to-read face u.s and metric scales 14 high pressure flexible oil and grease resistant hose 14mm and 18mm ends fit most spark plug openings note no further discounts apply ac7826 24.99 ea msd self-powered timing light msd timing light this self-powered timing light is a tool every tuner should have because it does not require 12 volts less wires are hang over the engine making for quick easy checks for power the light uses six aaa batteries the lightweight assembly is injection molded for durability and produces an intense strobe that is easy to view through 5,000 rpm the inductive pick-up is detachable for easy storage this msd timing pro is constructed with solid state circuitry and uses a silicon controlled rectifier scr to provides accurate and stable timing signals from 0 to 8,000

march performance pulleys march “mid mount” alternator and power steering serpentine conversion ultra sets for long water pump simple yet exceptionally styled this new “mid mount” alternator and power steering serpentine set from march performance offers an exciting new look a new higher mounted power steering pump bracket helps clear the steering gear box in some vehicles retains your standard rotation water pump available with performance pulleys which increase horsepower or high water flow ratio pulleys for increased cooling cnc machined from solid billet 6061-t6 aluminum for a spectacular machined finish with perfect fit and extra high strength designed for a great appearance from any angle these brackets are even machined on the engine facing side all billet pulleys and brackets have a “no polishing” maintenance-free clear powder coating also available black powder coated note serpentine belts are not included with sets length of

harmonic balancers 1620101 1720111 hd100001 fluidampr performance harmonic dampers fluidampr performance harmonic balancers and dampers contain no rubber or elastomers instead they are filled with a viscous silicone-based liquid that doesn t wear out after time the liquid absorbs virtually all torsional harmonic vibrations at almost any frequency and constantly adjusts itself for optimum performance at all rpm ranges fluidampr products are made from cnc-machined and balanced steel with a black zinc chromate finish all dampers are sfi 18.1 certified and are designed to last a lifetime without being rebuilt made in usa note small block dampers are not for use with 1992 and later lt1 engines 1620101 1620101 1720101 1720111 262-350 v8 409 v8 262-350 v8 400 v8 1620111 1720121 1800101 1800111 396-427 v8 396-427 v8 396-427 v8 454-502 v8 small block chevy internal balance 6-1/4 o.d internal balance 6-1/4 o.d internal balance 7-1/4 o.d external balance 7-1/4 o.d big block chevy

performance intakes spectre offers a wide assortment of highly innovative products with unmatched quality and value from hpr high performance racing filters that offer a washable reusable high-flow air filtration solution to profab cold air intakes which brings a smooth stream of cool dense air into the engine for power you can feel every time you step on the gas spectre uses 3d cad software to design and test new products before a rapid prototype machine creates a quality abs model which is used to test form fit and function performance is verified by a computer controlled flowbench which can measure air flow with oem engineering accuracy this dedication to quality shows up in the final product resulting in unmatched performance and value sp73203a sp72223a sp73213b sp72253c a blue a blue b black c red d white ls engine swap single inlet air intakes spectre dual plenum cold air intakes dress up the engine compartment of your classic chevrolet

engine dress-up pcv17 711029b yvc1001 g7229 1256634 pcv55 710430c yvc1001 710413b yvc1001 pcv52 pcv76 pcv20 polished cast black orange polished give your engine bay a great nostalgic look with these cast aluminum finned valve covers strong sand-cast aluminum construction thick walls and gasket flanges that will not bend when bolts are tightened available as-cast polished or powder coated in chevrolet orange or black includes mounting hardware pcv159 1955-93 pcv valves yenko finned aluminum valve covers aluminum valve covers pcv99 orange black the name yenko symbolizes power and performance that is legendary and still commands respect today these lightweight cast aluminum finned valve covers feature the famous yenko and yenko 427 logos available in polished finish black wrinkle powder coat or smooth orange powder coat grommets are included note with pcv holes big block-yenko 427 yvc1001 polished alum 224.99 pr yvc1002 black wrinkle 174.99 pr yvc1003 smooth orange

your choice of four convenient sets to meet your specific needs important on small block applications high energy™ cams may be used with stock valve springs and lifters however these components must be in good operating condition in order to protect your camshaft warranty and for maximum performance benefit we recommend replacing stock valve springs and lifters with a high performance set from classic industries a camshaft only b cam and lifters c small set d complete set the camshaft only set includes camshaft instructions assembly lube and decals order the cam and lifter set to add a matched set of lifters to your camshaft order the small set for cam and lifter set plus timing chain and gear complete set includes cam lifters timing chain gear valve springs and retainers valve locks valve stem seals high energy™ cams for your daily driver all high energy™ designs are totally streetable cams they will produce 10 to 30 more power than a stock cam

oil system components k engines components 1958-03 oil pressure sending units an oil pressure sending unit is an electromechanical sensing device that sends information to the pressure we140 gauge or light 1958-86 c/k with oil pressure light 10045707 1958-80 all 6.99 ea ps119 1976 454 9.99 ea ps114 1979-80 250 or 292 8.99 ea 10045707 1981 350-m or 454 6.99 ea ps114 1981-85 all with 1/8 thread 8.99 ea ps134 1981-84 all with 1/4 thread 8.99 ea 10045707 1982 5.7l 350-m k 6.99 ea ps113 1982 6.2l 379 8.99 ea ps117 1982 all 1 terminal 4.99 ea 10045707 1982-85 7.4l 454 6.99 ea 10045707 1983-85 5.7l 350-m 6.99 ea ps118 1985 6.2l 379 7.99 ea ps115 1985-86 all 1/8 27 thread 6.99 ea ps215 1986 305 2 terminal 6.99 ea 1987-91 r/v with oil pressure light ps215 1987 454 2 terminal 6.99 ea 10045707 1987 6.2l 379 6.99 ea ps117 1987 1/8 27 thread 1 term 4.99 ea ps115 1987-88 1/8 27 thread 2 term 6.99 ea ps155 1987 1/4 18 thread 1 term 6.99 ea ps215 1987 2 terminal 6.99 ea

performance ignition red blue flame-thrower magnetic trigger billet distributor black flame thrower hei distributor 577410 577411 577412 pr-i ignition system the pr-i system eliminates points ignition and adds a rpm limiter all with one simple installation this system eliminates points maintenance “points bounce” at high rpm and electronic dwell control for maximum ignition energy at high rpm with reduced current draw at low rpm the hall effect sensor provides stable timing without a shutter or magnetic wheel features a two wire hookup to the coil and a precise rpm limiter with 200 rpm steps from 5,200 to 7000 rpm with sealed construction and surface-mount electronics this waterproof unit is highly shock resistant compatible with most oe ignition coils pr-i coil recommended for maximum energy sold separately 50-state legal made in usa points eliminator 577410 1957-74 v8 w/single point dist 118.99 ea high energy coils 577411 1957-74 black finish 39.99 ea 577412

ignition components replacement ignition coils service replacement and premium quality ignition coils for 6 8 cylinder engines these oil-filled coils feature an increased number of wire windings for greater output voltage and a heavy duty insulator for longer life double outer laminations create a stronger magnetic field for higher output voltage and c819 spark energy available for breaker-points ignition hei and late-style ignition breaker-points ignition systems service replacements c819 1955-74 6 cylinder 24.99 ea c819 1955-74 8 cylinder 24.99 ea premium quality replacements c819g 1955-74 6 cylinder 29.99 ea c819g 1955-74 8 cylinder 29.99 ea hei systems service replacements c834 1974-87 red yellow blk wires 31.99 ea c833 1978-92 red white blk wires 29.99 ea late-style ignition systems service replacements c846 1987-95 6 8 cylinder 29.99 ea c1098 1996-97 8 cylinder 34.99 ea c849 1993-02 6 cyl 3 req 29.99 ea c1144 1998-02 8 cyl 1 per cyl 57.99 ea g6010 g7241