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Catalog Chevy & GMC Truck Fuel & Exhaust 2015

holley one piece off road vent tube 12 volt electric motor pump motor small block to big block motor mounts small block chevy block sparke plug wire heat shields metering plates with changeable jets high pressure high temperature electric oil pump keep your gm all gm gas tank filler neck hose chevy gas tank filler neck hose chevy truck big block chevy block stainless steel exhaust manifolds small block chevy 400 block stainless steel exhaust tips small block chevy 350 v8 engine carburetors small block chevy engines small block chevy 350 v8 engine small block chevy engine torqueing small block chevy engine 235 chevy intake manifold heat plate small block chevy engine parts oil pressure sending unit chevy oil pressure sending unit for chevy 1955 gas tank filler neck hose gas tank filler neck hose air pump diverter valve gas tank sending unit filter gm oil pressure sending unit oil pressure sending unit gm clamp on heat shields step by step carb settings 454 engine to 350 engine wide band o2 sensor 6 volt oil pressure sending unit bracket oil pressure sending unit wire an illuminated rocker switch high pressure gas line pressure oil pressure sending unit oil pressur sending unit oil pressure sending units stainless steel cable tie 12 volt negative ground 12 volt dc motor f 12 volt dc motor 12 volt dc motor control 12 volt dc motor controller 12 volts dc motor oil pressure sending unit v 10 12 volt dc motor parts 16 gauge stainless steel tube 12 volt dc motor used in electric cars again and again 7 by 14 4 by 4 and 12 chevrolet gmc truck 1960 66 chevrolet gmc truck 1988 98

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fuel filler parts g2657 g2659 cr1023 1947-59 filler hose set 1979-91 filler neck bracket pre-cut sections of fuel filler neck to fuel tank pipe and vent hose in the original wrapped texture j1078 1947-59 9.99 set original gm filler neck brackets for 1979-91 c/k and r/v models each bracket fits rh or lh fuel tanks k94761 note models with 159.5 wheel base 1979-86 c/k models 3/4-ton models g2657 1979-80 2 door stakebed g2659 1982-86 2/4 door cab chassis 1-ton models g2657 1979-80 2 door stakebed g2657 1979-86 2 door cab chassis g2657 1985-86 4 door crew cab g2659 1982-86 2/4 door cab chassis 1987-91 r/v models 3/4-ton models g2659 1987 2/4 door cab chassis 1-ton models g2657 1987-89 4 door crew cab g2657 1987-89 2 door cab chassis g2659 1988-91 2/4 door cab chassis 76.99 ea 21.99 ea 76.99 76.99 76.99 21.99 ea ea ea ea 21.99 ea j1083 1960-72 gas tank covers reproduction gas tank covers for 1960-72 chevy gmc pickups produced using original style material and

fuel pump parts 1955-90 fuel pump mounting plates correct replacement part is available used to mount fuel pumps on 1955-90 truck models with small block or diesel v8 engines includes 1 large slot and 4 mounting attachment holes some modification may be necessary for correct installation g6990 1955-90 1969-74 double line fuel hose set 6.99 ea correct replacement fuel hose for use on all models equipped with 4 bbl carburetors and vapor return line includes correct 13 and 6 lengths of 3/8 fuel line and an 18 length of 1/4 vapor return line hose with 8 mounting clamps k0096 1969-74 8.99 set d854569 g3194 1955-86 fuel pump push rod d141210 d141211 correct 1/2 x 5-3/4 fuel pump push rod for use with all carbureted v8 models from 1955-86 3704817 1955-86 14.99 ea d65829 bow tie fuel pump block off plate the bow tie never goes out of style and neither do these official chevrolet chrome block off plates covers the hole on engine where fuel pump normally goes when using a

edelbrock carburetors thunder carburetors performer carburetors the thunder series carburetors share all the performance advantages of the popular performer series but with innovative new features the quick-tune secondary air valve can be easily adjusted to match your needs whether you want the secondaries to kick in early or late you can set the air valve using standard tools with no extra springs its a quick and simple process these carburetors include all of the performance features of the performer series carburetors and also include distinctive black hardware dual fuel inlets shipped with left side plugged lightweight ball-burnished and cnc-profiled body and the quick-tune secondary they’re available in 650 cfm and 800 cfm sizes with manual or electric choke there’s even an 800 cfm version specifically designed for off road vehicles these edelbrock carburetors bolt-on and run right out of the box simply dependable proven performance for almost any

performance fuel systems 1967-79 carburetor cover street demon calibration set this calibration kit allows fine tuning of street demon carburetors includes an assortment of primary jets metering rods and step-up springs along with secondary jets all in a convenient plastic storage case d1900 keep dirt and contaminants out of your carburetor while working on your engine with the air cleaner removed produced using tough plastic construction for all 4 bbl carburetors 5-1/8 diameter t2012 1967-79 4 bbl 6.99 ea note no further discounts apply d1921 demon calibration set 69.99 set demon universal installation set d1904 street demon carburetors the street demon redefines the street carburetor with clean looks brisk performance and universal design available in 625 and 750 cfm the street demon supports stock and mildly modified v8 s with smooth crisp throttle response a dual bolt pattern works with most four barrel spread bore and square flange intake manifolds includes

carburetor parts 1256602 1967-72 choke rods a reproduction you can trust of the original choke rod during a multitude of years and mechanics modifications these choke rods can become damaged or missing replacing this choke rod will allow your carburetor to function correctly and keep your engine running smooth also includes correct attachment clip 1256602 1967 327/275hp 11.99 ea 1256602 1969-70 350 w/hi perf 11.99 ea 1256651 1971-72 w/lt-1 z/28 14.99 ea 1967 rochester carburetor repair kit you’ve got the original carburetor but it needs work what do you do you get a carburetor repair kit and fix it this oe style repair kit is fabulous for repairing minor problems associated with original rochester carburetors each repair kit includes gaskets pump needle and seat float gauge guide ball spring and retainer perfect for off-the-car repair k385 1967 mt w/2 bbl 29.99 ea direct replacement carb main body replacement carburetor main body for holley® 750 cfm 3310

hedman hedders hedman hedders has led the performance exhaust industry for more than 40 years as a premier manufacturer of headers hedman offers a large selection of street header systems hedman street hedders is the standard line of hedders for passenger cars and trucks many are 50 state legal while others are for use on vehicles which may not be used on highways hedman hedders come standard with a black coating and are application-specific designed smooth mandrel bends for increases of as much as 20 and are flame tested for leakage limited applications feature tork-step stepped-tube hedders dynamometer tests prove that a strategically positioned change in the primary tube broadens your engine’s overall torque curve after installing torkstep hedders a small block chevy engine of 5.7l piston displacement will experience a “torque boost” in the 2800 to 3200 and 3600 to 4000 rpm ranges the result is a solid increase in low rpm towing and pulling power

exhaust components classic industries introduces a complete smog system with virtually every component required to replace your entire system r34749 11132a 1967-80 exhaust manifold smog tubes a32270 sk39246a smog tubes extension tubes to exhaust check valves hoses tower hose clamps diverter valve diverter valve mounting elbow smog pump all mounting brackets smog pump pulley 1966-93 smog pumps smog pumps were required on many early truck models these re-manufactured smog pumps will replace the original exactly choose from 6 cylinder or 8 cylinder pumps classic industries® offers the largest selection of smog parts anywhere pulley not included note no core exchange required stamped jh on original case stamped fu on original case 1968-73 smog kits these quality smog kits are reproduced to authentic standards and include the correct cosmetic parts now you can purchase an entire kit without the problems associated with searching through junk yards these are the most comprehensive kits

performance exhaust f17392 1966-72 2-1/2 stainless steel cat-back dual exhaust system 1999-06 american thunder muscle dual out exhaust system this complete bolt-on stainless steel cat-back exhaust system for gm trucks has a straight-through wide open muffler design to reduce back pressure and increase performance features mandrel-bent tubing polished straight-through mufflers and polished stainless steel tips manufactured in the usa to iso9001 quality standards includes all stainless steel hardware for easy installation lifetime warranty c10 c20 with rear coil springs 16643 1966-72 v8 644.99 set flowmaster has designed a dual pipe same side exit exhaust system with a super 40 muffler for use on 1999-06 silverado/sierra models this 2.5 system contains 1 super 40 series muffler and features 3 stainless steel logo tips the dual pipes exit on the right side before rear axle os2 note shipped double oversize f17395 f17392 1999-05 1999-06 1500 4.8l 5.3l 2/4wd ex cab

performance mufflers pypes performance stainless steel mufflers through extensive research and listening to customers pypes has learned that no one muffler design is best everyone has different requirements every car is different performance modifications change the sound and functionality of a muffler that’s why we give you several different proven designs to choose from instead of forcing you to go with a technology that may not be right for your sound and performance needs one thing that is consistent with all our mufflers they are high quality precision engineered constructed which allow us to include a lifetime warranty violator mufflers street pro mufflers don’t let the looks of this muffler fool you although at idle you may cause passengers to immediately reach for their seat belts upon acceleration a smooth authoritative tone turns apprehension into a reassuring confidence this is a great street/strip muffler that

exhaust accessories create more horsepower reduce under-hood temperatures the original exhaust insulating wrap™ was developed over 12 years ago by thermo-tec® wrapping headers maintains hotter exhaust gases that exit the system faster through decreased density increased exhaust scavenging is produced along with lower intake temperatures exhaust insulating wrap™ withstands continuous heat up to 2000°f and contains no asbestos thermo-tec® exhaust wrap will not overinsulate a system when properly installed due to a proprietary coating developed by thermo-tec® thermal conduction technology tct that conducts heat across the wrap s surface this coating controls heat buildup and dissipation the 1/16 thick wrap is available in 1 inch or 2 inch widths in 15 or 50 rolls choose from off-white or graphite black off-white exhaust wrap tt1009 1 x 15 short roll 9.99 ea tt1011 2 x 15 short roll 15.99 ea tt1010 1 x 50 long roll 29.99 ea tt1012 2 x 50 long roll

thermo-tec® turbo insulating set adhesive backed adhesive heat barrier™ use your imagination and you will find many uses for this heat reflecting mat adhesive backed this heat barrier™ protects parts and components from radiant heat it can be used in applications to protect painted surfaces plastic parts or any component from the damaging effects of radiant heat aluminized heat barrier™ is made up of woven silica with a flexible aluminized finish the highly reflective surface of the material is capable of withstanding radiant temperatures in excess of 2000°f the adhesive backed composite construction material can easily be applied to any surface or wrapped around a hose or wire to make a clean professional appearance two sizes to choose from tt1003 12 x 12 11.99 ea tt1004 12 x 24 21.99 ea tt1049 24 x 36 54.99 ea tt1050 24 x 48 69.99 ea protect your vehicle from corrosive battery acid excessive heat in the engine