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® classic industries has more to offer discounted products our everyday low pricing can t be beat when you see this symbol it denotes items that have been priced below regular catalog pricing and often below msrp these discounted items kits and sets are priced competitively for everyday savings because these are pre-discounted they are exempt from further discounts or promotional offers additionally some products that do not feature this symbol such as special order items may also be discount exempt price match guarantee if you find a product for less we’ll match the price cl i iindustries classic d t ® will match any competitor s current advertised retail price for an identical product simply send us a copy of the competitor s current advertised price from a catalog advertisement or website with url and we’ll match the price the price match guarantee is available at the time the order is placed and for in-stock merchandise only price matching will be determined

performance gauges note all auto meter gauges are discount exempt am4490 ultra lite 259.99 ea 120 mph mechanical am3994 sport comp 169.99 ea 160 mph mechanical am5895 phantom 171.99 ea am3995 sport comp 464.99 ea am4495 ultra lite 181.99 ea 200 mph mechanical am5896 phantom 179.99 ea am4496 ultra lite 189.99 ea 3-3/8 in-dash tachometers 8,000 rpm electric am1298 american muscle 199.99 ea am3991 sport comp 139.99 ea am2499 traditional 149.99 ea am2699 z-series 134.99 ea 10,000 rpm electric am7297 c2 219.99 ea am4798 carbon fiber 154.99 ea am6297 cobalt 219.99 ea am5997 es 219.99 ea am1197 mcx 189.99 ea am7497 nv 219.99 ea am5897 phantom 139.99 ea am7597 phantom ii 194.99 ea am3697 sport comp ii 211.99 ea am4497 ultra lite 149.99 ea am4997 ultra lite ii 194.99 ea 5 in-dash tachometers 10,000 rpm electric am7298 c2 234.99 ea am4898 carbon fiber 211.99 ea am6298 cobalt 239.99 ea am7498 nv 234.99 ea am5898 phantom 194.99 ea am7598 phantom ii 211.99 ea

intro-tech automotive pitstop furniture desk european custom automotive accessories designer henry lenterman takes pleasure in introducing to the worldwide motoring enthusiasts his racing inspired pitstop furniture line designed for all active lifestyles this exhilarating high performance automotive furniture line is engineered and manufactured using the highest quality components available today visually breathtaking they will surpass your expectations pitstop furniture chairs introducing the racing inspired pitstop furniture line designed engineered and manufactured using the highest quality components available visually breathtaking to surpass your expectations pf200009 pf200000 pf200010 pf200003 automotive lifestyle products pf200011 c pf200001 pf200002 formula one series this replica of the porsche gt3 seat features beautiful leatherette upholstery with 3-way adjustable coil-over racing shocks with embossed tire tread armrest cushions ergonomic lumbar support pump system 12 x

front body moldings 1973-91 wheel molding screw set replace the missing or worn out wheel molding screws on your 1973-91 truck models this 36 piece set includes enough screws for all four moldings k606 1973-91 set of 36 4.99 set c2415 c2414 c2403 t999210 c2402 1973-91 pickup wheel opening moldings reproduction wheel opening moldings for 1973-91 1/2 and 3/4 ton chevrolet and gmc pickup models these original or reproduction moldings can help make your pickups appearance look great after installed available in chrome note 1987-91 r/v models only front wheel opening moldings c2403 1973-80 lh c2402 1973-80 rh c2407 1981-87 lh w/screws c2406 1981-87 rh w/screws c2407 1981-91 lh c2406 1981-91 rh rear wheel opening moldings c2405 1973-87 lh w/screws c2404 1973-87 rh w/screws c2405 1973-87 lh w/o dually c2404 1973-87 rh w/o dually 12.99 12.99 12.99 12.99 12.99 12.99 ea ea ea ea ea ea 12.99 12.99 12.99 12.99 ea ea ea ea 1988-00 pickup wheel opening moldings reproduction

1967-72 door parts a 1967-72 door repair panels e 1967-72 door shells reproduction door shells for 1967-72 pickup blazer jimmy and suburban models note shipped truck freight pickup models t70694 1967-71 lh 296.99 t70695 1967-71 rh 296.99 t70300 1972 lh 274.99 t70299 1972 rh 274.99 blazer/jimmy models cx1711 1969-71 lh 342.99 cx1712 1969-71 rh 342.99 cx1817 1972 lh 342.99 cx1818 1972 rh 342.99 suburban models cx1713 1967-71 lh 342.99 cx1714 1967-71 rh 342.99 cx1819 1972 lh 342.99 cx1820 1972 rh 342.99 e i k cx1293 tk109a ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea f 1967-72 outer door skins reproduction outer door skin for 1967-72 pickup blazer jimmy and suburban models the skin is the outer sheet metal only and does not include the door shell os2 cx1580 note shipped double oversize h t70302 t70301 t70153 1967-72 lh 1967-72 rh outer skin 49.99 ea outer skin 49.99 ea g 1967-72 lower door sections patch panel for the lower outer front door skin of 1967-72 pickup

performance suspension port truck builders no longer have to compromise on ride and handling to achieve the perfect stance the hotchkis total vehicle system for 1963-72 chevrolet c10 pickups is the most complete high performance bolt-on suspension system ever offered for classic pickups providing the perfect slammed stance supercar handling and a family-friendly ride this means your c10 can out-handle a new muscle car and it can be installed in your driveway with basic hand tools s supercar handling for your 1963-72 c10 hotchkis-equipped c10s took two out of the top three slots in a recent pickup truck shootout and a tvs equipped c10 also placed in the top 10 of the optima ultimate street car invitational autocross out of nearly 60 entries nearly all of which were sports and pro-touring cars important when using the h18390 rear suspension system use rear sway bar h22390r note †for models with coil springs only shipped oversize shipped truck freight no further discounts apply

rally wheel kits b a plain center cap c chevrolet motor division with bow tie cap d chevrolet motor division general motors corporation center cap center cap derby cap rally wheel kits these 5 x 5 lug pattern rally wheel kits are available painted silver or chrome finish with your choice of plain derby cap derby cap with “chevrolet motor division” encircling a bow tie on the center cap ornament or derby cap with “chevrolet motor division” without a bow tie on the center cap ornament important must specify logo suffix a-plain b-chevrolet motor division with bow tie or c-chevrolet motor division without bow tie note special shipping rates apply no further discounts apply closeup closeup special shipping 15 x 7 rally wheel kit disc brake style rally wheel cap standard style rally wheel cap i steering suspension rear end brakes special shipping special shipping standard style rally wheel kit these 5 x 5 lug pattern standard rally wheel kits include

march performance pulleys march “revolver” serpentine sets for short water pump this serpentine conversion offers the same combination of style and low price as the popular style track alternator ac and power steering set but cool revolver styling the highly styled one piece bracket provides a rigid support for the alternator and ac compressor a separate bracket allows the option of power steering or no power steering the revolver uses a unique easy to use belt tension adjustment tool once the belt tension has been set the adjustment tool is easily removed and stowed away until the next time the belt requires adjustment the revolver offers a much cleaner appearance as a result includes all instructions and hardware features maintenance-free clear black or black onyx powdercoat or chromed made in usa shown with optional mp4182 a/c manifold note no cylinder head accessory holes needed for mounting serpentine belt is not included with any set length of belt is listed below

alternators limited e lifetim ty warran 7127u3 limited lifetime warranty on generators and alternators direct replacement for your worn-out or inoperative original generator or alternator these quality remanufactured units will install and function as original we offer a wide selection of applications backed by a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship k engines components note if you have a late model vehicle that is not listed here you may want to check for brand new units listed elsewhere in this catalog pickup 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder models 9410 1950-52 30 amp l6 w/std generator 139.99 9202 1953-54 45 amp l6 w/short generator 155.99 9205 1953-54 45 amp l6 w/long generator 144.99 9010 1955-59 20 amp all w/short generator 139.99 9005 1955-59 30 amp all w/long generator 139.99 9005 1960-62 30 amp all w/std generator 139.99 7122 1963-67 55 amp l6 194 all 69.99 7122 1963-68 55 amp l6 292 all 69.99 7122 1967-68 55 amp l6 230 all 69.99

shift boots and trans covers 1948-59 column shift boot 1947-66 floor shift boot reproduction floor shift boot for all floor shift models from 1947-66 cx1078 1947-66 8.99 ea classic industries® offers this replacement floor shift boot for use on all column shift models from 194859 excellent reproduction of the original column shift boot mounts on column shift box this shift boot will replace the original exactly as the factory intended cx1079 1948-59 1955-59 transmission cover plate 2.99 ea fiberglass reproduction transmission cover for late 1955-59 truck models with automatic or 3 speed manual transmissions with a column shifter each cover is manufactured in fiberglass and is ready to install t70659 1955-59 2nd series 59.99 ea 1955-59 transmission cover plate j1160 cx1081 cx1080 1947-66 shifter floor seals reproduction shifter floor seals for 1947-66 truck models j1160 1947-59 all models 9.99 ea cx1080 1947-66 4 speed only 5.99 ea 1947-59 shift box

presorted u.s postage paid classic industries inc bound printed matter 18460 gothard street huntington beach ca 92648 change service requested call toll-free or order online today 1-800-854-1280 outdoor use four layers of protection our exclusive soft cotton lining provides added protection against dings and scratches compact footprint 9 x 2.75 x 13.75 adjustable crossover network 50-100hz 35-100 hz frequency response range 100 watt max power output high/low level inputs 180˚ phase control powered 8 subwoofer mt9000gbl retrosound’s new powered subwoofer is a great way to add some bass to your audio system this low profile subwoofer features a die-cast aluminum enclosure for optimal heat dissipation and has a compact footprint for easy mounting under or behind seats measures 9 x 2.75 x 13.75 rb450 8 subwoofer 199.99 ea now available in blue gray or tan blue gray w dd672w dakota digital d akota dig digital 1967-72 vhx black alloy gauges add