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remanufactured engines atk remanufactured engine warranty information at classic industries® we know that supplying a great product is only part of the job the staff at atk is made up of dedicated professionals whose only job is to support you the classic industries® customer from the moment you call on atk whether to request technical assistance or inquire about their warranty they are dedicated to providing solutions and support that’s the atk promise classic industries® and atk have always been leaders in innovation offering products warranties and programs that have redefined the industry that leadership is evident in our products and our support atk warrants to the original purchaser that each engine sold by classic industries® shall be free of defects in material and workmanship under normal use and with periodical maintenance as set forth by the original manufacturer subject to the following terms and conditions definitions engine as used in this warranty refers to the remanufactured assembly basic block cylinder head and internal components as supplied by atk term standard warranty this warranty shall exist for 3 years and unlimited miles warranty term begins on date of installation the standard warranty applies to all atk products with the following exceptions diesel engines carry a warranty term of 12 months or 12,000 miles whichever occurs first trucks over 11,000 gvw gross vehicle weight carry a warranty term of 12 months or 12,000 miles whichever occurs first motorhomes class a or motorhomes over 11,000 gvw are not covered by the atk warranty atk expressly does not offer engines for these applications please be aware that only engines designed expressly for large motorhomes should ever be used in such an application atk does not catalog nor prepare engines for these applications and therefore takes no responsibility when an atk engine is used in this manner product replaced under warranty product replaced under warranty carries the remainder of the original product’s warranty term standards subject to the limitations listed herein atk at its option shall repair or replace a product within the warranty term after determination by atk that the product is defective all products are to be returned to atk for inspection products not returned to atk will not be warranted all repairs and/or replacements covered by this warranty must be authorized by atk unauthorized repairs will not be paid limitations this warranty applies to products originally supplied by atk this warranty does not apply to or include any of the following a damage as a result of overheating lack of lubrication or contamination b damage resulting from pre-ignition or detonation this includes but is not limited to melted or broken pistons broken piston rings damaged cylinder heads leaking head gaskets etc for more information regarding pre-ignition and detonation please contact our customer service department c repair or replacement required as a result of any accident or misuse d repair or replacement of any accessory or service item including specifically but not limited to all components of the cooling fuel electrical and ignition systems in addition to all belts hoses and filters e any product used for competition racing or related purposes f any product to which a device or accessory not conforming to original manufacturer’s specifications has been installed g any product on which periodic maintenance services required by the original manufacturer have not been performed limited liability atk’s liability under this warranty is limited solely to the repair or replacement of defective product atk shall not be liable for any incidental special consequential or exemplary damages including but not limited to rental cars towing fees or for any service not expressly provided for herein relating to or arising from the atk product limited warranty this warranty is given in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose on the part of atk or the dealer installing the engine no dealer nor any agent or employee thereof is authorized to extend or modify this warranty labor payments atk authorized repairs will be compensated at a rate not to exceed 100 of the applicable flat rate schedule as published by chilton mitchell or motors repair manuals hourly rates for all authorized labor claims will be paid in accordance with the original installation rate not to exceed $42.00 per flat rate hour do-it-yourself repairs and repairs performed by unlicensed repair facilities will be paid at a rate not to exceed $15.00 per flat rate hour additional owner/user obligations initial startup valves must be readjusted to manufacturer’s specifications due to various component designs cylinder head re-torque may or may not be required in your particular application refer to factory shop manual for the proper procedure for your engine type if for any reason you are unsure what action to take please contact our customer service department via our toll free telephone number first service between 600-1000 miles after installation oil and oil filter must be changed valves readjusted and cylinder heads re-torqued refer to initial startup instructions failure to perform these basic operations may result in a voided warranty atk gold seal service agreement is an additional $200.00 rental towing max hourly labor rate k engines components no fault gold warranty program yes yes up to $95 standard atk warranty no no up to $50 part years c.i.d l dc38 dc093 dc088 dca1 dca7 dc74 dc89 dc076 dc016 dc078 dc099 vc99 dcc4 dcc7 438 82-84 85-86 85-86 87 88-93 68-72 75-76 75-79 85 86 87-91 87-91 92 92-94 173/2.8 173/2.8 173/2.8 173/2.8 173/2.8 250/4.1 250/4.1 250/4.1 262/4.3 262/4.3 262/4.3 262/4.3 262/4.3 262/4.3 v6 v6 v6 v6 v6 6 6 6 v6 v6 v6 v6 v6 v6 introducing atk’s no fault gold warranty program an added protection program that covers car rental towing an increased labor rate and fluids on all approved claims the no fault gold warranty program includes rental car up to $150 rental car expense reimbursed for 5 days $30 per day up to $150 towing up to $100 towing reimbursed on approved claims up to $100 per occurrence increased labor rate up to $95 per hour increase labor rates to cover approved repairs up to $95 per hour fluids up to $25 cost of fluids is reimbursed on approved claims up to $25 atk now offers the no fault gold warranty program for you to purchase in addition to the industry leading standard atk warranty already included with our remanufactured engines this added protection policy covers expenses not included in atk’s standard warranty coverage is based on hourly rates established by chilton motor and mitchell manuals how does the core charge work upon ordering you will be charged the retail price of the engine plus the core charge when your engine arrives you will save the crating that it is shipped in so that you can use it to package your core once the core is ready to ship you will call atk for core pickup atk will then inspect the core to make sure it meets the following criteria providing the core meets all of the criteria you will be refunded the core price core policy all fluids must be drained prior to core return cores must be complete and in rebuildable condition core returned must be identical to the engine purchased in size and application atk reserves the right to refuse any core that has been modified or altered note core prices can fluctuate according to supply demand and availability if you plan to return a core for credit please confirm the core price with your salesperson prior to ordering no further discounts apply v.i.n code description core bbrrrqddnnzzzw block #068 889 818 carbureted only block #061 379 carbureted only block #061 fi only block #457 695 crank #817 fi block #457 695 crank #526 481 fi no smog 2 hole starter mount 1 barrel integral head no smog head #696 795 valve cover 6-1/8 wide no smog 3 bolt starter non-integral head with ac carbureted or fi block #177 head #248 carbureted or fi block #553 head #248 fi roller cam block #011 867 detonation sensor in block 1988 s-10 4wd must use oe oil pan gasket w tinware fi roller cam block #011 867 for car or 4wd must change oil pan fi roller cam block #073 011 061 756 head #103 w/o balance shaft detonation sensor in block under 8500 gvw cfi l35 balance shaft roller cam 2 temp/detonation sensors in left head block #534 535 359 head #064 066 181 626 crank #865 screw-in rocker studs non-adjustable rockers 260 260 260 260 260 310 260 310 260 260 260 260 260 1709.99 ea 1709.99 ea 1709.99 ea 1709.99 ea 1709.99 ea 1944.99 ea 1709.99 ea 1944.99 ea 1604.99 ea 1659.99 ea 1669.99 ea 1774.99 ea 1784.99 ea 260 1784.99 ea remanufactured engines price toll free order line 800.854.1280