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b&m transmission products provide crisp shifts and eliminate slippage without removing your transmission the b&m shift improver kit™ is the easiest way to get the stout performance you’ve always wanted out of your automatic transmission and you get two modes of performance to select from heavy duty or street/strip it’s our least expensive and simplest to install kit all you need are a few dollars and some hand tools in the space of an afternoon you can turn your transmission into a b&m-tuned unit just ask the thousands of satisfied customers that have installed one in their transmissions note no further discounts apply stage 1 heavy duty firm positive shifts without loss of driver comfort for improved performance in all street vehicles recommended for regular passenger vehicles stage 2 street/strip provides very positive shifts for high performance street use or for competitive events this model is for the enthusiast who wants the hardest quickest possible shift key features switch on high performance driving fun shiftplus™ simply recalibrates your transmission’s hydraulic system electronically the shiftplus™ shift firmness not only makes driving more fun and pleasurable but slippage and heat are reduced extending the life of your transmission anyone can install a b&m shiftplus™ in minutes with a few simple hand tools this new design allows you to improve the transmission’s shifting performance without removing the transmission pan or valve body the b&m shiftplus™ electronically enhances shift quality and is adjustable a simple flip of the switch allows the transmission to operate in the performance mode flip it back and you are back to stock 223070 • provides crisp shifts on any stock automatic transmissions • elimination of soft sluggish shifts shift overlap and excess wear on clutches and bands due to slippage • improves transmission life • transmission removal not required 223070 223071 223072 223074 223075 223077 1965-87 1988-94 1968-81 1981-90 1982-93 1993-01 th400 375 m40 th400 3l80 th350 375b m38 th200-4r th700-r4/4l60 4l60e 39.99 39.99 39.99 39.99 44.99 44.99 ea ea ea ea ea ea recalibrate your automatic transmission for optimum performance note no further discounts apply this is the most comprehensive kit available provides parts or necessary part numbers to upgrade your transmission into a true performance transmission kits available for th350 th400 375 375b m40 m38 th700r4 the th-700 is a desirable transmission due to it’s extra low ratio first gear for better off the line performance and overdrive fourth gear for better fuel economy comes with instruction sheets that provide the do-ityourselfer with all the information needed to completely overhaul a th-700r4 to b&m specs easy to understand even if you have no experience in this area note no further discounts apply key features 223090 • select the mode that best suits your application • improves transmission life • transmission removal not required • includes b&m high performance friction materials complete overhaul gasket set b&m transpak™ modification components including special replacement valves and springs and drain plug kit 1962-73 1965-87 1968-81 1980-86 1982-93 1993-01 powerglide th400 375 m40 th350 375b m38 th350c th700-r4 4l60 4l60e • installs in minutes • reduces slippage and heat • 50 state emissions legal • for late model automatic transmission equipped vehicles 4l60e gm rear wheel drive 4 wheel drive w/trans code mt1 or m30 rpo code found in glovebox includes 1994-96 impala and caprice 223101 b&m shiftplus™ 49.99 ea b&m tranny in a box key features 223090 223091 223092 223093 223095 223097 key features 79.99 79.99 79.99 79.99 94.99 94.99 ea ea ea ea ea ea • same quality and components used in a b&m street/strip transmission in a do-it-yourself kit • transpak modification components including special replacement valves and springs • includes all the necessary parts springs plates etc to convert your valve body to a full b&m manual/automatic valve body • improved shift feel retains full automatic features • b&m high performance friction materials • complete overhaul gasket set • drain plug kit 223080 th400 375 m40 super transkit 223080 1965-87 kit 234.99 ea th350 375b m38 super transkit 223081 1968-81 kit 234.99 ea th-700r4 super transkit not for 4l60e 223084 1987-93 kit without instructions 301.99 ea transmission products 575 transmission shifters clutch m the next step up from the shift improver kit™ is the transpak™ it has all the features in the shift improver kit™ plus it provides additional driver manual control th400 th350 only most stock automatic transmissions won’t downshift into low gear above 15 mph and automatically upshift at a predetermined speed no matter what gear you’re in with the transpak™ you can downshift at any speed and you can hold the transmission in first gear to any speed that you want this is an asset when you’ve got a modified engine and you want additional rpms or you’re towing a trailer or driving heavy loads downhill stage 1 heavy duty for street rods normal passenger vehicles or other heavy duty use firmer shift feel but not harsh improves transmission performance and life dramatically without loss of comfort normal automatic operation when in “drive” stage 2 hi-performance street for full performance street use essentially the same as heavy duty mode except shift is much quicker retain full automatic features and standard shift points with selector in “drive” note no further discounts apply.