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transmission parts 1963-87 rod links hd clutch linkage rods 1973-84 heavy duty clutch fork bellhousing locating set this set is used to dial in a misaligned register bore which could cause a missed shift or premature pilot bearing failure two centerless ground dowel pins replace the stock pins and are extra long for use with the block plates the bellhousing dowel pin holes must be enlarged approximately 1/16 then the bellhousing can be bolted in position loosely after the bellhousing is positioned the chamfered washers are placed over the dowel pins and welded to the bellhousing important welding required note no further discounts apply lw15981 .622 dia 24.99 set this heavy duty clutch fork is a replacement for the stock gm clutch forks that tend to crack or break from stress constructed from .165 thick heavy-gauge stamped steel offers more strength than the original factory unit and has a durable zinc-dichromate finish to resist corrosion note no further discounts apply 6 cylinder lw15500 lw15500 lw15500 8 cylinder lw15500 lw15500 lw15500 lw15500 1973-78 1977-84 1979-84 250 292 49.99 ea 250 49.99 ea all 49.99 ea 1973 1973-76 1977-84 1983-84 307 350 454 305 454 6.2l 49.99 49.99 49.99 49.99 ea ea ea ea 1958-96 adjustable clutch fork pivot ball 1967-74 bellhousing attaching bolt set this adjustable clutch fork pivot ball is designed to allow additional adjustment of the clutch fork height to eliminate clutch release problems when installing a high performance clutch also for use with lakewood safety bellhousings reproduction bellhousing bolts used in all 1967-74 truck models for use with small block or big block includes six 3/8 x 1-1/4 shouldered bolts k0102 1967-74 6 bolts included 9.99 set note no further discounts apply lw15501 1958-96 26.99 ea 1955-82 flywheel to crankshaft bolt set reproduction frame-side clutch bellcrank pivot ball manufactured in steel this ball provides a pivot point for the clutch bellcrank fits 1969-72 chevrolet/gmc truck models with manual transmission 17116 1969-72 19.99 ea note 1963-66 trucks came with two different length upper rods please measure upper rod from the pedal to the z-bar before ordering stock or lifted suspension 78820 1963-66 w/10 13 upper 78821 1963-66 w/19 21 upper 78850 1967-72 75500 1973-87 with up to 3 body lift 75501 1973-87 99.99 99.99 99.99 99.99 set set set set 99.99 set g8547 1955-91 4 speed transmission components external components flywheel ring gear genuine gm ring gear for 1955-91 full size truck models except with diesel engines this ring gear measures 13-1/4 diameter with 168 teeth g9293 1955-91 89.99 ea manual trans rebuild gasket sets the muncie gasket set including the front and rear gasket bearing retainer transmission cover gasket clutch gear bearing retainer and o ring note the g8457 gasket kit will install on 4 speed muncie transmissions with 283 327 350 or 396 t6238 1965-72 4 speed muncie 24.99 set transmission case plug this oil plug is used on the transmission case g7128 1962-69 1/2 1.99 ea 1942-87 flywheel to crankshaft bolt this is the necessary bolt used to connect the flywheel to the engine crankshaft which is used for all 1942-87 truck models with 6 cylinder or v8 engines 7/16 20 x 1 6 required g8454 1942-87 all 1.99 ea lakewood clutch fork boot the clutch fork boot is to help keep unwanted dirt dust and moisture from entering the bellhousing which can cause contamination to the clutch this clutch fork boot is made of a soft pliable rubber for lakewood safety bellhousings only note no further discounts apply lw15510 26.99 ea 1956-82 pressure plate to flywheel bolt manual transmission fluid reproductions of the attachment bolts used for attaching the clutch pressure plate to the flywheel for use on all vehicles with standard transmissions grade 5-3/8 16 x 15/16 with lock washers 1256644 1956-82 6 included 9.99 set this 80w lightweight fully synthetic manual transmission oil reduces parasitic drag and provides race proven protection jg1206 80w quart 19.99 ea jg1207 80w case of 12 quarts 239.99 cs transmission parts 589 transmission shifters clutch m 1969-72 frame side bellcrank pivot ball reproductions of the correct mounting bolt for use with standard transmission manufactured in grade 8 steel 7/16 20 x 15/16 include serrated washers 1256643 1955-82 6 included 10.99 set these stout 9/16 diameter aluminum pushrods feature self-lubricating teflon-lined spherical end links that won t rattle or squeak offers up to 1-1/2 length adjustment with 15° of pivot to allow for frame and engine mount flex available for 1963-87 v8 c-series 2wd trucks with up to a 3 lift includes mounting hardware made in usa all include straight upper clutch linkage rods.