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transmission products ac77804 50043 50053 50063 ac77805 bellhousing mount firewall mount 51041 51061 ac77800 flexible transmission dipsticks firewall mount transmission mount m transmission shifters clutch flexible transmission dipsticks you can have unlimited flexibility with lokar’s teflon lined flexible braided stainless steel transmission dipstick comes complete with braided stainless outer housing and heat resistant easy to read flexible inner dipstick measuring cable inner cable is molded with appropriate trans fluid levels billet aluminum handle and fittings complement lokar’s flexible engine dipsticks includes dipstick funnel adapter to assist in filling designed for push-in style transmissions and includes dipstick seals with o-rings available in both firewall mount and trans mount firewall mount measures 24 in length trans mount mounts to the bellhousing and the length varies according to the transmission application complete with installation instructions these flexible transmission dipsticks feature an aluminum handle steel braided housing and a teflon dipstick they fit push-in style transmissions with an o-ring seal available for mounting to the bellhousing or the firewall includes a clear plastic tube with fitting to adapt a regular transmission fluid funnel to fit the dip stick housing bellhousing mount 50043 th350 32.99 ea 50053 th400 34.99 ea 50063 700r4 34.99 ea firewall mount 51041 th350/400 42.99 ea 51061 700r4 39.99 ea royal purple max atf t9421 note no further discounts apply transmission mount 14684 powerglide 14687 th200 14685 th350 14686 th400 14690 200-4r 14688 700-r4 14691 4l60 14692 4l60e 14693 4l80e firewall mount 14694 powerglide 14697 th200 14695 th350 14695 th400 14699 200-4r 14698 700-r4 14701 4l60 14702 4l60e 14703 4l80e 574 79.99 89.99 79.99 79.99 81.99 89.99 79.99 89.99 89.99 ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea 89.99 94.99 89.99 89.99 84.99 94.99 89.99 94.99 94.99 ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea cpt locking transmission dipstick tube the locking transmission dipstick is designed for the transmissions listed below the “flip-over” locking handle keeps the dipstick in place and road elements out of your transmission ac77804 th200-4r w/chevy engine 49.99 ea ac77805 th350 w/chevy engine 49.99 ea ac77800 th400 w/chevy engine 49.99 ea t4995 1965-72 chrome transmission dipsticks these chrome plated dipsticks with tubes for the gm hydramatic transmissions are an oem design which will fit most applications without modification for some vehicles modification may be necessary for proper installation t9421 1967-72 th350 27 19.99 ea t4995 1965-69 th400 19.99 ea transmission products max atf is a synthetic highperformance automatic transmission fluid its low co-efficient of friction and high film strength help to dramatically reduce heat and wear additionally max atf is more oxidation stable than other transmission fluids for longer fluid life max atf is recommended for a wide variety of transmissions max atf significantly reduces heat to extend the life of your transmission automatic transmissions generate a great deal of heat and depend upon the transmission fluid for cooling and protection max atf is fully compatible and can be mixed with other automatic transmission fluids however for the best results drain or flush the current oil and then fill with max atf rp01320 quart 15.99 ea rp12320 case of 12 quarts 172.99 cs toll free order line 800.854.1280