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Catalog Firebird / Trans Am Engines & Components 2015

small block chevy engine rebuild kit for chevy 305 mr gasket head gasket ram air seal for air cleaner spark plugs and spark plug wires trans am ram air hoods engine timing marks for 350 engine engine timing setting for 305 engine engine timing setting for 350 engine engine timing for 350 engine engine torque ft lbs to in lbs you are the magnet i am the steel 1969 firebird trans am 1971 firebird trans am 1970 firebird trans am 1977 pontiac trans am engine 1970 pontiac trans am engine trans am engine mount bracket intake manifold manifold powder coat powder oil pan drain plug gasket intake manifold water plug intake delco spark plug wire sets oil pan 7 quart small block chevy crank and water pump pulley small block chevrolet valve covers small block chevy timing gears small block chevy 400 block aluminum chevy small block valve covers chevy small block valve cover chevy small block valve covers oil pan installation small block chevy chevy small block valve cover gaskets oil pan replacing small block chevy water pump air pump oil pump pick up tube small block chevy 350 valve covers stainless steel power steering hose hei cap with wires over valve covers air intake manifold for fresh air timing chain and gear sets alternator and air condition bracket ft lbs to in lbs conversion inch nut and bolt sizes torque ft lbs to in lbs ft lbs to in lbs trans am shaker hood 79 pontiac trans am 1989 turbo trans am trans am air cleaner pontiac trans am valve covers oil pressure sending unit trans am firebird and trans am trans am valve covers chevy small block v8 crate engine engine oil cooler oil coolers

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classic industries® atk team up to bring you the best remanufactured engine in the industry atk is dedicated to continual improvement in the processes and procedures for every engine that they manufacture this insures our ability to offer the very latest products and the highest quality remanufactured units in the industry their manufacturing techniques have been perfected to the point where they now offer us increased capacity thus resulting in lower pricing on many applications with an industry leading warranty atk is part years c.i.d l 82-84 85-86 87 88-89 90-92 93-95 77-81 76-79 76-79 78-85 78-85 86 86 86 87-88 87-88 87-94 87-95 87-95 87-95 87-95 73-77 78-80 78-80 78-80 78-80 78-85 78-85 86 86 87-95 87-95 89-92 93-94 94-95 95 96 96-97 73-76 75-79 75-79 76-79 1977-79 1977-79 all v.i.n code without valve covers timing cover and oil pan unless otherwise noted shipped anywhere in the continental united states for $50.00 note no further discounts apply description 173 2.8 v6 1

ls conversion components 1060256 3061856 1967-69 firebird ls conversion sets this unique conversion system takes the guesswork out of installing an ls engine into a 1967-69 firebird these sets are designed to use the lh8 oil pan positioning the engine and transmission with room for most accessory drives heater boxes power steering and brakes and exhaust systems the motor mounts and transmission crossmember bolt directly to the factory mounting locations sets are available for t56 4l60e and 4l80e transmissions with your choice of red or black urethane transmission and motor mounts each set includes a transmission crossmember engine and frame mounts detailed instructions and mounting hardware exhaust headers designed for these sets are available separately all mounts are protected by a manufacturers lifetime replacement warranty made in usa important transmission tunnel modification may be required for t56 applications notching the frame is required when using 1998-02 f-body

march performance pulleys march “mid mount” alternator and power steering serpentine conversion ultra sets for long water pump simple yet exceptionally styled this new “mid mount” alternator and power steering serpentine set for small block chevrolet engines offers an exciting new look a new higher mounted power steering pump bracket helps clear the steering gear box in some vehicles retains your standard rotation water pump available with performance pulleys which increase horsepower or high water flow ratios pulleys for increased cooling cnc machined from solid billet 6061-t6 aluminum for a spectacular machined finish with perfect fit and extra high strength designed for a great appearance from any angle these brackets are even machined on the engine facing side all billet pulleys and brackets have a “no polishing” maintenance-free clear powder coating also available black powder coated note serpentine belts are not included with sets

performance filters air filter element for oem air cleaner 601290 k&n 14 low profile chrome air cleaner this air cleaner provides a low profile fit by dropping the filter 7/8 or 1-1/4 below the carburetor flange 5-1/8 flange fits all popular 4-barrel carburetors your choice of 4 element heights are offered to fit a wide variety of applications note that the 7/8 drop will fit carburetors with electric choke mechanisms optional vent kit item 851190 is available and sold separately total height listed below is the minimum clearance needed above the carburetor flange important items marked with asterisk will not fit edelbrock carbs with electric choke 7/8 drop complete assembly without vent kit 601430 3 element 3.12 total ht 109.99 ea 601440 4 element 4.12 total ht 114.99 ea 601450 5 element 5.12 total ht 119.99 ea 601460 6 element 6.12 total ht 124.99 ea 1-1/4 drop complete assembly without vent kit 601280 3 element

valve covers 1993-97 aluminum lt1 valve covers these premium valve covers are designed specifically for 1993-97 gm lt1 engines manufactured from cast aluminum and polished to a high luster valve covers include new bolts baffles and grommets pontiac aluminum valve covers note gaskets not included 6045 1993-97 lt1 valve covers 129.99 pr e4130 1962-79 edelbrock aluminum valve covers die cast finned aluminum pontiac valve covers these top quality valve covers feature a bright polished finish and include two chrome breather caps and grommets fits pontiac 301-455 engines vc8001 pontiac 299.99 pr edelbrock made these valve covers in the late 50s and they’re still classy today made of heavy gauge sand cast aluminum they have enough height to clear the rockers note no further discounts apply pontiac 301-455 e4130 1962-79 polished finish e41303 1962-79 black finish chevrolet small block e4145 polished e4144 polished with oil fill hole e41453 black

intake manifold components 1967-81 firebird vacuum check valve py375 py376 1968-71 thermostatic vacuum switch reproduction thermostatic vacuum switch for various 1968-71 firebird models with ported vacuum emissions system this switch opens and closes vacuum ports at specific coolant temperatures to control the distributor s vacuum advance and retard systems and controls the vacuum operated shift modulator on some automatic transmission models 5 port vacuum switch py375 1968 at/mt 4bbl 64.99 ea py375 1969 at 64.99 ea py375 1971 at/mt ho 64.99 ea 3 port vacuum switch py376 1969 switch mt 49.99 ea reproduction vacuum check valve for 1967-81 firebird and trans am models equipped with ac check valve mounts on the vacuum tree on the intake manifold ta4067 1967-81 13.99 ea 1970-78 trans am engine check valve reproduction engine check valve for 1970-78 trans am models this valve prevents vacuum from escaping the booster when the engine shuts off allowing you to stop safely in the

oil pumps and components we140 ps133 oil pressure switch socket easily remove oil pressure sending units this socket designed with extra recess to accommodate most oil pressure switches and many brake lamp switches this 3/8 drive socket features a 1-1/16 hex opening and a durable black oxide coating x3923 5.99 ea g6042 ps220 1977-02 original oil pumps replace your small block chevrolet oil pump with an original gm replacement oil pumps that are not in proper working order can cause major problems including the possibility of seizing your engine g6042 1977-92 small block 146.99 ea g9408 1993-94 1st des.742 dia tube 145.99 ea g6042 1993-94 2nd des .620 dia tube 146.99 ea g9408 1995-97 lt1 145.99 ea g9409 1998-02 ls1 138.99 ea 10540 10541 1967-02 high performance oil pumps these melling select oil pumps are heavy duty cast pumps that feature steel billet gears for optimum performance these pumps are available for pontiac firebirds from 1967-81 with 301-455 engines 1993-97

ignition products spark guard msd’s spark guard is a dielectric grease that solves many common ignition troubles it stops voltage leaks eases boot removal prevents moisture buildup inside the spark plug wire boots and even helps protect against radio noise emi it also simplifies the installation of msd universal spark plug wire sets spark guard will not dry up or harden so it will retain its spark isolating capabilities indefinitely universal super conductor wires shown with multi-angle boots note no further discounts apply 8804 15.99 ea if you make numbers of plug wires or do a lot of custom wiring the new pro-crimp tool is a must for your toolbox the pro-crimp features interchangeable jaws allowing for a variety of different style crimps with one heavy duty tool the pro-crimp features a hardened steel frame with comfortable molded hand grips the slick ratchet action provides secure factory quality crimps every time the tool is supplied with precision crimping

ignition wire accessories 1968-81 wiring harness brackets these brackets attach to the valve cover bolts on the front and rear of the engine on vehicles with factory ac designed to secure the engine wiring harness to keep the engine bay uncluttered a8700108 1968-81 9.99 pr valve cover spark plug wire retainers spark plug wire separator set reproduced exactly as original the v8 set includes 4 insulated metal retainers which attach to valve covers using the lower valve cover bolts and also the hard plastic separators for other locations between the spark plugs and the distributor the 400 cid set includes the correct retainers which attach to the valve covers as well as the spark plug to distributor clips each set includes the correct amount of retainers k0087 1967-74 400 cid 12.99 set this set of spark plug wire separators is made from high grade plastic which helps insulate the plug wires and reduce shorts and crosstalk includes two 4 wire separators two 3 wire separators and two 2

distributors components d1692 d1895 pontiac hei distributor d1893 d1865 1967-97 remanufactured distributors this hei distributor offers calibrated advance curves that are optimized for maximum combustion efficiency and for the elimination of detonation damage and throttle ping assembled from precision-made parts for advance curve smoothness offers longer term durability and a higher voltage spark that permits a bigger spark plug gap resulting in more power and reduced plug fouling each unit includes a high-power coil a premium dielectric red cap with brass terminals and a rotor cap 66953 194.99 ea classic industries® offers a full line of distributors for your firebird if your firebird is having problems starting has a rough idle or the performance is not what it use to be it could be time to change your distributor each distributor is remanufactured and tested to guarantee you get the best quality distributor your money can buy 66941bc 66941bkc chevy v8 hei electronic

alternator components 14716 g4283 14717 terminal cap and retainer alternator wire terminal cap and retainer used on most all vehicles equipped with a gm threaded-post type alternator the retainer attaches behind the alternator post lead and has the clip edge to accept the cap these protective pieces are made of injected molded plastic and each retainer is color coded to match the cap 14716 black cap and retainer 14.99 set 14717 red cap and retainer 14.99 set 1967-72 rear alternator rubber boot reproduction of the rubber boot which is located on the wiring loom where it plugs into the rear of the alternator this is an excellent reproduction of the original rubber boot k0105 1967-72 2.99 ea 1969-70 alternator mounting set g4286 complete mounting set includes mounting bracket bolt and spacer can be used with all pontiac v8s with 1969 and up style timing covers popular with ram air and race cars for use on pontiacs without power steering py11 1969-70 44.99 set g4284 1998-02 rear