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air conditioning ap31540 1965-70 ac delete cover this cover allows you to remove your existing air conditioning unit while maintaining the heater functions this ac delete cover is manufactured from molded fiberglass with a black gel coat and is designed to mount to the firewall where the stock ac system is normally located this cover will allow more space for large valve covers and headers as well as big block engines while keeping the heater unit intact and functional 14447 1965-70 169.99 ea 1968-73 ac receiver drier genuine gm replacement receiver dryer assembly which is used as a replacement for the original or can be used when re-installing air conditioning keep your passenger car 100 original by replacing the air conditioning components with genuine gm or delco replacement parts you’re sure to get the highest quality parts as well as long lasting dependability for 1968-73 models ap31560 note for r134a only g7312 1968-73 20.99 ea 1961-96 air conditioning condensers metal vacuum actuators leaky or clogged vacuum actuators lead to inefficient climate control operation classic industries® has your choice of either single or dual port depending on your needs ap6563 single port 44.99 ea ap8905 dual port 54.99 ea replace your damaged or clogged condenser with these all new replacements designed for r12 or hfc-r134a compatibility to accommodate your choice includes condenser only drier line and hardware not included ap6200 1961-62 reproduction 289.99 ea ap6400 1963-64 reproduction 307.99 ea ap31540 1965-66 reproduction 259.99 ea al3144 1967 reproduction 254.99 ea ap31550 1968 reproduction 259.99 ea ap31560 1969 reproduction 269.99 ea ap31570 1970 reproduction 259.99 ea ap31580 1971-72 reproduction 259.99 ea ap31920 1973 reproduction 259.99 ea ap32120 1974-76 reproduction 239.99 ea ap32180 1977-79 w l6 reproduction 259.99 ea ap32170 1977-79 w/v8 reproduction 259.99 ea g5647 1977-81 gm 261.99 ea g5648 1982-90 gm 162.99 ea g5650 1994-96 gm 210.99 ea ap0014 1962-73 replacement receiver/drier these updated receiver/driers feature a new desiccant compatible with all refrigerants aluminum receiver drier ap0014 1962-63 76.99 ea ap0015 1964-67 76.99 ea ap0011 1968-73 76.99 ea reconditioned originals ap0015r 1964-67 249.99 ea g5651 1974-76 vir eliminator assembly 1970-76 condenser insulator replacement insulator for 1970-76 models with axial type compressors 331959 1970-76 9.99 ea converts ac system to an accumulator orifice cycling clutch system as found on later model vehicles eliminates the troublesome vir with it’s sticking poa and txv valves reduces desiccant breakdown and rust in the steel casing enhanced by excessive heat from the exhaust manifold compatible with all automotive refrigerants ap3600 1974-76 170.99 ea 1982-96 ac receiver/drier genuine gm replacement receiver/dryer assembly which is used when servicing or re-installing air conditioning g5651 1982-83 59.99 ea g5652 1984-90 23.99 ea g5653 1991-93 24.99 ea g5654 1994-96 23.99 ea air conditioning 431 ac heater cooling system j 1963-77 vacuum canister get rid of that old cracked vacuum ball and restore proper function to your ac system with this top quality vacuum canister from the restoration professionals at classic industries® ap7330 1963-71 w/ac 21.99 ea ap7330 1974-77 w/ac 21.99 ea