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wiring if space is an issue or you’re just looking to use the very best there is the micro fuse harness is the wiring harness for you 14-circuit remote mount micro fuse harness the micro fuse harness solves a dilemma faced by many custom car builders where to mount the fuse block with engine compartments becoming more crowded and underdash space at a premium there often is not room for a standard size fuse block the micro fuse harness is the answer the key element is the fuse block itself it measures just 3 x 3 1/2 x 2 yet holds 12 fuses and 2 relays youcan easily tuck it up under the seat or because of the unique design of this harness mount it in the trunk the fuse block is covered to keep it free from dirt and contaminants this complete automobile wiring system has been designed with three major groups incorporated into it engine/headlamp group includes high beam low beam park right turn left turn electric fan horn starter solenoid battery feed alternator output/exciter wire coil water temperature oil pressure and air conditioning dash group includes wires to connect gauges indicator lamps and switches to their proper sources rear lamp group includes tail lamps dome lamp left and right turn signals brake lamps and fuel sender the kit includes a 10 gauge alternator wire for use with high amperage over 65 amps alternators all wires are color-coded and printed along their entire length for ease of installation a comprehensive installation manual with charts and diagrams is included halogen headlamp harnesses to get maximum power from your headlamps it is recommended to have the shortest possible distance between the power source and the bulbs some factory headlamp wiring is not designed to handle high power halogen headlamps especially when upgrading 30815 to a higher wattage running the power through the switch is an even worse situation resistance in small gauge wire or in the switch will lower the output at the lamp be safe our headlamp harnesses draw power directly from the battery through a relay to the headlamps providing full power to your h4 conversion headlamps or halogen sealed beams they can also be used to relocate headlamps to a remote location to accommodate a snow plow for example they are made with txl high temp wire weather resistant 30-amp fuse and two 40-amp weather resistant relays capable of handling up to 150 watts #30815 and #30816 are for use on vehicles with a 2-headlamp system using dual filament sealed beams or h-4 headlamp conversions 30817 is for use on vehicles with a 9005 and 9006 bulb on each side important vehicles using dual filament halogen sealed beam or h4 conversion type headlamps use kit #30815 note no further discounts apply 30815 for h-4 halogen bulbs 164.99 ea 30816 30817 for 9004 and 9007 halogen bulbs 179.99 ea for 9005 and 9006 halogen bulbs 185.99 ea note no further discounts apply 10130 484.99 ea convenience module with auto headlamps 30205 the painless convenience module allows you to retrofit your older vehicle with the standard features of today s modern vehicles such as dome lamp delay/dimmer radio/accessory delay headlamp delay headlamp chime automatic headlamps and turn signal alert in most cases the installation module requires no cutting of factory wiring and can be installed in just a few hours vehicles must switch ground through the door jamb switches/ground activated dome lights standard on gm vehicles in order for this module to operate correctly however instructions and parts are included for vehicles with power activated door switches 63040 539.99 set 30204 note no further discounts apply 30204 30205 30206 119.99 set with emergency push button 143.99 set with mechanical latching solenoid 154.99 set auxiliary lamp relay set install extra driving or fog lamps easily and properly with our auxiliary lamp relay set switch can be wired to turn lights on per state law requirements low beams auxiliary lamps high beams auxiliary lamps auxiliary lamp operation only complete set includes lighted switch wiring harness 30 amp relay and terminals note no further discounts apply 30803 74.99 set painless wiring 615 batteries wiring n remote master disconnects whether your needs are to comply with sanctioning body requirements for your own safety car show rules or simply for your vehicle’s security painless has a battery disconnect for you we offer two master disconnect kits with 250 amp continuous duty solenoids designed for use with high amperage alternators remote master disconnect kit 30204 uses a small toggle switch to activate the solenoid this switch can be hidden anywhere in the vehicle as a theft deterrent our new master disconnect with emergency push button is perfect for drag race applications as it allows you to install a large emergency push button in easy reach if you need to shut down your vehicle’s electrical system in a hurry finally our new remote master disconnect with mechanical latching solenoid is ideal for everyday vehicle applications and is a simple and effective antitheft deterrent it uses a 110 amp continuous duty solenoid which is activated by an easy to hide momentary push button no risk of accidentally draining your battery with this latching solenoid.