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windshield washer parts replace the washer bottle and the optikleen label for authenticity longer lasting silicone 1991-96 windshield wiper arm caps plastic windshield wiper arm cap located on the base of each windshield wiper arm these caps will aid in keeping your vehicle looking just like new 2 required g5778 1991-96 2.99 ea 1982-90 windshield wiper motor remanufactured windshield wiper motor originally installed on all 1982-90 impala and full size models this original motor is cosmetically correct and has been rebuilt and approved by delco grommet seal and cover not included for vehicles that included pulse wipers 1968-96 silicone wiper blades today’s silicone technology may very well render the conventional rubber wiper blade obsolete silicone blades give superior wiping in the harshest of weather conditions and will not deteriorate like rubber even after years of use silicone blades will remain soft and flexible even after extended exposure to ozone ultraviolet rays ice snow and heat silicone can handle grueling temperatures even as high as +350° f change out your blades and when the rain begins to fall you will have confidence that your silicone blades will be ready r41016 1968-70 16 9.99 ea r41018 1971-90 18 9.99 ea r41022 1991-96 22 11.99 ea r41016 1991-96 16 rear 9.99 ea note use with g7029 washer pump g6453 1982-90 w/pulse 119.99 ea 1991-96 windshield washer pump replace your broken or worn out windshield washer pump with this original gm replacement each washer pump will replace the original exactly designed for 1991-96 full size chevrolet models g7032 1991-96 all 39.99 ea 1958-64 windshield washer bottle correctly reproduced glass windshield washer bottle that features the screwon cap this replacement set which mounts to the inner fender includes the mounting bracket for virtually all gm models from 1958-64 note label sold separately wb125 1958-64 39.99 ea dc204 1958-64 label 4.99 ea wb126 1958-64 cap 5.99 ea 1959-75 wiper motor gasket wiper motor to shroud gasket is necessary to seal the wiper motor helping to eliminate unnecessary elements from reaching the sensitive components in the motor 2-11/16 x 5/16 note fits all models g11288 1959-75 8.99 ea a40162 kit designed to repair non-operational washer pumps helps stop leaks which can occur over time 1962-69 windshield washer jar a40142 g7028 1963-96 windshield wiper motors each wiper motor is built using the industry’s most advanced engineering and remanufacturing technology our remanufactured wiper motors are the high quality low cost alternative to brand name motors why pay more enjoy safety performance and reliability at a fraction of the cost of oe we’ll back that up with a 1 year manufacturer’s limited warranty h body components g7029 1963-75 windshield washer pumps it’s difficult to find an intact windshield washer system now you can bring your system back to “showroom new” condition with replacement gm parts without depressed park g7028 1963-65 1 speed 61.99 ea g7028 1970-72 61.99 ea with depressed park g7029 1966-73 77.99 ea g7029 1970-72 77.99 ea g7029 1975 w/pulse 77.99 ea g7029 1968-69 77.99 ea 310 if the washer bottle in your classic chevrolet has seen better days or has long since disappeared replace yours now with this oer® reproduction from classic industries® each washer jar will replace the original exactly for use with all models 6 high 3840083 1962-69 9.99 ea note with washer pump without washer pump front windshield wiper a40112 1963-64 2 speed 279.99 ea a40148 1968-71 119.99 ea a40142 1972 120.99 ea a40142 1973 1st prod 120.99 ea a40162 1973 2nd prod 69.99 ea a40162 1974 69.99 ea without intermittent wipers a40162 1975-90 69.99 ea with intermittent wipers a40168 1975-90 69.99 ea a401682 1975-79 109.99 ea a401681 1980-90 109.99 ea a40178 1991-96 59.99 ea rear window wiper motor a40118 1991-95 wagon 87.99 ea a401041 1996 wagon 139.99 ea windshield washer parts 1963-72 washer pump repair set this repair set will replace the top of the pump which includes the hose connections the pump gaskets and mounting screws the set is designed to stop leaks which may occur over a period of time g7040 1963-72 47.99 set 1962-69 washer jar bracket 1975-90 wiper motor switch replacement switch from delco for windshield wiper motors with pulse wipers g1075 1975-90 26.99 ea if your washer fluid reservoir bracket has long since succumbed to rust or parts scavengers look no further this bracket will fit all 1962-69 models except 1962-66 models with 2/speed wipers note fits all models equipped with outlet hose at top of jar 6 inch high jars only 548935 1962-69 8.99 ea toll free order line 800.854.1280