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Catalog Impala / Fullsize Fuel & Exhaust 2015

sparke plug wire heat shields metering plates with changeable jets rams horn exhaust manifolds exhaust manifold bolt lock stainless steel exhaust tips stainless turn down exhaust tips turn down exhaust tips non vented gas cap stainless steel gas tanks throttle return spring set up clamp on heat shields wide band o2 sensor 34 dia 12 point bolt 16 gauge stainless steel tube stainless steel cable tie small block to big block motor mounts tube to tube 5 both to 5 both again and again 7 by 14 4 by 4 and 12 electric exhaust cutouts gm exhaust manifolds exhaust manifold bolts exhaust insulating wrap exhaust manifold bolt exhaust crossover pipe exhaust pipe clamps gm exhaust manifold bolt gm exhaust manifold casting dual exhaust pipes dual exhaust crossover systems exhaust air injection pump small engine exhaust manifold stainless exhaust tips 5 stainless exhaust tips 96 impala ss headers dual stainless exhaust tips gasket exhaust manifold to header pipe 304 stainless steel exhaust pipe cast iron exhaust manifolds bolts 96 impala ss exhaust repair kit stainless steel exhaust pipes 350 small block exhaust bolts dual wall stainless exhaust tips v8 stainless steel exhausts dual exhaust system exhaust cut outs cat back exhaust exhaust manifold for 302 engine stainless steel exhaust 5 stainless turn out exhaust tips 350 exhaust manifold and side pipe 4 stainless exhaust system stainless exhaust tips turn down

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fuel components 1958-90 mechanical fuel pumps classic industries® offers replacement fuel pumps for early and late model passenger cars choose from a wide range of fuel pumps specifically designed for each year and engine size some m4513 fuel pumps may differ slightly in appearance from original but will fit and function correctly offering years of service note canada models only except 1980 police models †with ac 235 w/elec wipers 250 w/o smog 250 w/smog 250 250 229 short can 231 3.8-k short can 3.8-k long can 3.8-a 3.8-a 2 bbl 49.99 54.99 29.99 29.99 30.99 29.99 30.99 29.99 34.99 30.99 30.99 ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea 283 283 348 409 327 283 2 bbl 283 4 bbl 427 425hp 283 327 1st design 327 2nd design 427 327 327 350 396 400 454 350-h,k,l 2 bbl 350 4 bbl w/o ac 350 4 bbl w/ac 400 2 bbl 400 4 bbl 402-s 454-v 400-r w/ac 400-r w/o ac 350-h,j w/o ac 350-h,j w/ac 400-r w/ac 400-r,m,u 350-h,k,l 4

fuel lines full length fuel lines fuel pump to carburetor lines correct reproduction fuel lines which extend from the fuel tank to the fuel pump and fuel pump to carburetor you can choose between oem material lines which were factory original or stainless steel reproduction fuel lines which add corrosion resistance each fuel line is produced and guaranteed to fit perfectly replacing your fuel lines can improve your fuel system while retaining originality 1958-70 original material 1958-70 original material fuel lines original style fuel lines manufactured in the same materials as the original for total authenticity take advantage of these original style fuel lines and retain the highest possible points for show cars note shipped double oversize bgl5801 bgl5802 bgl5901 bgl5902 bgl6202 bgl6203 bgl6301 bgl6301 bgl6303 bgl6501 bgl6502 bgl6701 bgl6702 bgl6703 bgl6803 bgl6901 bgl6902 bgl6903 bgl7001 bgl7002 bgl7003 1958 1958 1959-62 1959-61 1962-64 1962-64 1963-64 1963-64 1963-64 1965-66

carburetors holley 390 cfm carburetor holley street avenger carburetors this holley 4160 series 390 cfm 4 barrel carburetor is ideal for small displacement v8 or v6 engines it features side hung float bowls a universal throttle lever vacuum secondaries and an electric choke this is one of the simplest ways to get more performance from your engine note no further discounts apply h8007 390 cfm four barrel 459.99 ea the holley 4150 series street avenger™ series carburetors are the first true performance carbs specifically designed dyno tested and calibrated for performance on the street they feature the no trouble™ adjustable vacuum secondary four vacuum ports electric choke external float adjustment and the new gen iv power valve if you’re looking for better throttle response quicker acceleration enhanced fuel economy and superior driveability the street avenger™ carbs are your answer note no further discounts apply h80570 h80670 h80770

carburetor components holley throttle cable bracket this chrome throttle cable bracket can be used with all 4150 and 4160 model square bore holley carburetors it includes dual stainless steel return springs note no further discounts apply h2088 holley vacuum secondary diaphragm this vacuum secondary diaphragm fits most 4150 and 4160 square bore holly carburetors note no further discounts apply h1354 diaphragm 14.99 ea with springs 24.99 ea manual choke cable mounting hardware this universal bracket mounts inside the vehicle under the dashboard to secure the choke control cable the cable clamp kit is for holley model 4010 4150 and 4160 carburetors only note no further discounts apply cable bracket h45229 universal 19.99 ea cable clamp kit h45456 4010 4150 4160 carbs 11.99 set manual choke cable th350 kickdown bracket this bracket is designed to bolt to a small block v8 intake manifold and provides a convenient mounting point for the transmission kickdown bracket this cable

carburetor parts 1966-70 choke thermostat mounting screw this mounting screw is used to hold the thermostatic choke assembly to the intake manifold 1256603 1966-70 1.99 ea k0110 carburetor adapter 1968-72 carburetor choke sets replace your damaged or worn choke assembly with these complete sets sets include the cover rod choke spring screw and clip on rod small block k0062 1968-69 all with holley carb 29.99 set k0107 1968-69 327/350hp with qj 29.99 set k0109 1970-71 l78 engine 38.99 set big block k0062 1968-69 all with holley carb 29.99 set k0108 1968-69 396/325hp or 350hp qj 32.99 set k0106 1968-69 396/375hp l78 32.99 set k0110 1970-72 396 402 with qj 38.99 set 1966-72 choke rods during a multitude of years and mechanics modifications the choke rods can become damaged or missing replacing this choke rod will allow your carburetor to function correctly and keep your engine running smooth also includes correct attachment clip 1256602 1966-67 327/275hp 11.99 ea

exhaust manifolds 1976-81 small block lh exhaust manifold this original gm replacement part will fit all 197681 v8 small block engines this manifold is a gm factory replacement part which does not include the original casting numbers and may differ slightly from the original in appearance unlike originals these manifolds include a cast-in manifold to head pipe donut which eliminates the use of a separate donut gasket between them each manifold includes holes for smog tube installation if smog tube is not required then see exhaust manifold smog tube eliminator plugs available separately emsb13l 1976-81 lh small block 329.99 ea 1968 small block exhaust manifolds there s no better feeling than knowing you’re replacing an integral part of your engine with correct reproductions each reproduction exhaust manifold is specifically designed to replace the original exactly including correct part numbers cast into each manifold this reproduction is regarded as the early style and

emissions system 1967-78 air injection extension tubes 1966-93 replacement smog pumps these re-manufactured smog pumps will replace the original exactly choose from 6 cylinder or 8 cylinder pumps classic industries® offers the largest selection of smog parts anywhere pulley not included 6 cylinder 11132a 1966 with power steering 104.99 ea 11133a 1966 w/o power steering 104.99 ea 11132a 1967 104.99 ea 11113 1968-71 109.99 ea 11118 1972-79 79.99 ea v6 32410 1980-81 229 3.8l 89.99 ea 32406 1982-84 229 3.8l 89.99 ea 32241 1980 231 3.8l 89.99 ea 32207 1981-84 231 3.8l 89.99 ea v8 32207 1980-81 267 305 ci 350 ci 89.99 ea 32212 1982 267 98.99 ea 11132a 1966-67 283 104.99 ea 11114 1977-79 305 89.99 ea 32406 1982-84 305 w/o police/taxi 89.99 ea 32207 1982-84 305 w/police/taxi 89.99 ea 32406 1985-86 305 89.99 ea 32431 1989-93 305 98.99 ea 11113 1968 307 109.99 ea 32207 1986 307 w/o ac 89.99 ea 32220 1986 307 with ac 89.99 ea 32262 1987-88 307 w/o ac 89.99 ea

exhaust parts 35183 35209 35525 1958-74 exhaust hangers when it comes to a variety of exhaust hangers classic industries® has the best selection choose from a large variety of original style brackets see the listing below for current availability 35458 1958-64 6 cyl hanger rear tailpipe 6.99 ea 35210 1965-68 6 cyl hanger muffler support 7.99 ea 35525 1969-73 6 cyl hanger muffler support 9.99 ea 35458 1958-64 8 cyl hanger rear tailpipe 6.99 ea 35210 1965-66 283 hanger rear tailpipe single exhaust 7.99 ea 35210 1965-66 283 327 hanger muffler support dual exhaust 7.99 ea 35209 1965-66 283 327 hanger middle of tailpipe 5.99 ea 35209 1965 409 hanger muffler support dual exhaust 5.99 ea 35209 1965-66 396 427 hanger muffler support dual exhaust 5.99 ea 35210 1967-68 283 307 hanger muffler support 7.99 ea 35210 1967-68 327 hanger muffler support 7.99 ea 35209 1967-68 327 hanger middle of tailpipe 5.99 ea 35210 1967-68 350 hanger

performance exhaust 1959-64 header back pipe set 1994-96 impala flowmaster true dual systems each flowmaster true dual system features 50 series flowmaster mufflers aluminized pipes and rear exit stainless steel tips set features 2-1/4 tubing and includes h-pipe and hardware everything you’ll need from the catalytic converter back is included in the set includes powerful sounding american thunder mufflers fits 1994-96 impala ss models with 5.7 liter v8 engines os2 note shipped double oversize f17118 1994-96 american thunder true dual system 699.99 set flowmaster has designed a 2-1/2 american thunder header back dual exhaust pipe set for the 1959-64 v8 models this is a pipe only set with the mufflers sold separately for the desired sound and tone level of your choosing american thunder pipe set allows you to use 8 or wider wheels because the pipes turn out before the rear tires hardware is included for an easy installation for those of you trying to keep the

exhaust accessories create more horsepower reduce under-hood temperatures the original exhaust insulating wrap™ was developed over 12 years ago by thermo-tec® wrapping headers maintains hotter exhaust gases that exit the system faster through decreased density increased exhaust scavenging is produced along with lower intake temperatures exhaust insulating wrap™ withstands continuous heat up to 2000°f and contains no asbestos thermo-tec® exhaust wrap will not overinsulate a system when properly installed due to a proprietary coating developed by thermo-tec® thermal conduction technology tct that conducts heat across the wrap s surface this coating controls heat buildup and dissipation the 1/16 thick wrap is available in 1 inch or 2 inch widths in 15 or 50 rolls choose from off-white or graphite black off-white exhaust wrap tt1009 1 x 15 short roll 11.99 ea tt1011 2 x 15 short roll 14.99 ea tt1010 1 x 50 long roll 24.99 ea tt1012 2 x 50 long roll