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Catalog Impala / Fullsize Transmission, Shifters & Clutch 2015

10 x 10 5 x 10 x 10 clutch pedal clutch rod ft lbs to in lbs conversion the name of the ships muncie manual transmission shifter parts clutch fork pivot ball clutch fork return spring clutch needle roller pilot bearing clutch pressure plate bolt 400 transmission reverse valve body 10 spline clutch disc 10 dia splined clutch pilot tools transmission controlled spark switch brake and clutch pedal assembly transmission rebuild kits for t 5 transmission frame side pivot ball stud stainless steel braided hose needle roller pilot bearing torque converter lock up throttle valve control cable torque converter lock up kit rear axle gear ratio high temperature stainless steel braided hose bolts threaded bolts 1972 back up light switch cam for small block chevy for small block chevy socket head cap screw plug socket head cap screw aluminum aluminum socket head cap screw low socket head cap screw socket head cap screw low head low head socket head cap screw keep your gm car all gm performance products for small block chevy socket head cap screw zinc plated 67 72 back up light switch which pedal is the brake pedal security socket head cap screw socket head cap screw socket head cap screw 1 x 2 head socket head cap screw socket head cap screws back up light switch buick to buick mounts 8 pin to 4 pin connector 5 pin to 4 pin connector socket head cap screw 2 in 4 pin to 2 pin 4 pin to 8 pin 3 pin to 7 pin 5 pin to 4 pin 6 pin to 7 pin 4 pin to 4 pin

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transmission products supermatic transmission controller california performance transmission torque converters the revolutionary street converter 2400-2600 rpm stall speed came from research and development of off-road competition these converters offer a slightly higher stall speed that will allow greater torque bands at medium and high speeds and increased lock-up at higher rpm ranges in addition there’s an increase in fuel mileage at cruise speed the 10 converter is recommended for vehicles in excess of 450hp thus named heavy-duty super torque converter you’ll get 52 extra horsepower over stock converters with the hd super torque converter important these torque converters have a full 90-day warranty and are guaranteed against defective workmanship for two full years from purchase date after 90 days for two years california performance transmissions will completely repair or replace at its option at a cost in relationship to the original cost of the torque convertor

transmission products c=flames d=bow tie e=ss transmission pan bolt sets g=350 t9113 reproduction bolt sets designed to replace the original rusted or missing bolts available in cad-plated or chrome finish fits th200 th350 th400 and powerglide 5/16 18 x 1/2 plated self locking bolts 10031 17 piece set 7.99 set g=454 tf233 tf234 tf235 tf289 t9112 transmission pan gaskets reproduction transmission pan gaskets for the most popular early model transmissions choose from turbo 350 or 400 t9113 th350 7.99 ea t9112 th400 7.99 ea custom transmission pan bolt sets dress up your full size chevrolet with these one-of-a kind dress-up bolt sets logo is stamped directly onto the head of the bolts they are available in decorative chrome plated or polished stainless steel versions set includes 13 bolts and 13 washers fits th200 th350 th400 and powerglide 5/16 18 x 3/4 note must specify logo suffix c=flames d=bow tie e=ss logo g=350 h=454 56474c chrome 29.99 set 56474s stainless steel

b&m transmission products provide crisp shifts and eliminate slippage without removing your transmission the b&m shift improver kit™ is the easiest way to get the stout performance you’ve always wanted out of your automatic transmission and you get two modes of performance to select from heavy duty or street/strip it’s our least expensive and simplest to install kit all you need are a few dollars and some hand tools in the space of an afternoon you can turn your transmission into a b&m-tuned unit just ask the thousands of satisfied customers that have installed one in their transmissions note no further discounts apply stage 1 heavy duty firm positive shifts without loss of driver comfort for improved performance in all street vehicles recommended for regular passenger vehicles stage 2 street/strip provides very positive shifts for high performance street use or for competitive events this model is for the enthusiast who wants the hardest quickest possible

auto trans shifter parts c454901 s206 1964 impala shifter conversions if you plan on updating your classic 1964 impala with a newer th350 th400 th700-r4 or th200-4r transmission why not make your conversion as easy and straight forward as possible classic industries® offers the correct sets that will allow you to use your factory shifter with the newer style transmissions listed above this set eliminates the rod linkage and replaces it with a gm cable assembly sold separately the set includes a new laser cut and hardened detent plate cable mount bracket cable pin and all necessary hardware s205 1964 th350 th400 119.99 set s206 1964 200-4r 700-r4 119.99 set 1968-69 auto trans control cable bracket 1964 shifter cable installation set use this set in conjunction with the shifter conversion sets this set includes the pan cable bracket shift lever and all the necessary hardware and instructions to install and adjust the shifter cable for th350 th400 th200-4r th700-4r also requires

transmission parts lk1715 dash mount led gear indicator lokar’s dash mount gear indicator features a billet aluminum bezel with led illumination these indicators are available with a brushed aluminum or black powder coat finish in a vertical or horizontal orientation designed for flexibility the sending unit can be mounted in a variety of locations such as on the transmission frame rail floor pan firewall under the hood or the inner fender well a remote mounting kit is included for those out of the way locations inside the vehicle such as under the dash behind the seat or in the trunk compatible with all lokar automatic shifters and many other aftermarket shifters brushed aluminum finish lk1715 horizontal th350/th400 194.99 ea lk1717 horizontal 700-r4/4l60 194.99 ea lk1716 vertical th350/th400 194.99 ea lk1718 vertical 700-r4/4l60 194.99 ea black powder coat finish lk1715b horizontal th350/th400 194.99 ea lk1717b horizontal 700-r4/4l60 194.99 ea

auto trans shifters pistol-grip quarter stick provides a firm natural grip in-line gate ratchet action for the floor the hurst v-matic 2™ dual mode floor shifter is quality engineered for years of precise trouble-free operation designed for vehicles without a factory console the pro-matic 2™ is ideal for street or strip performance will fit all vehicles with powerglide th250 350 375 400 transmissions important for vehicles without factory consoles note no further discounts apply in-line gate mode operation of shifter from park position • pull up reverse lockout handle to pull into reverse • from reverse push down to reach neutral • pull back into desired gear ratchet mode operation of shifter from park position the hurst pistol grip quarter stick automatic shifter is designed for a firm comfortable natural grip providing a positive feel when shifting the pistol-grip handle is cnc-machined from billet aluminum and features a precision snap action

manual shifter parts 1958-59 hurst competition/plus shifter 1960-63 hurst competition/plus shifter 1963-64 hurst competition/plus shifter replace your original shifter with high quality hurst replacement shifters the industry standard for over 30 years these shifters offer state of the art transmission control for popular 3 or 4 speed manual transmissions each shifter assures a custom fit to vehicles having factory floor shifters without any floor pan modifications the hurst competition/plus offers the highest standard of manual transmission shifters available these shifters are for use without consoles these replacement shifters may vary cosmetically from originals replace your original shifter with high quality hurst replacement shifters the industry standard for over 30 years these shifters offer state of the art transmission control for popular 3 or 4 speed manual transmissions each shifter assures a custom fit to vehicles having factory floor

manual shifter parts 1968-76 input shaft gear roller roller 7/16 dia x 5/8 as required original gm roller for 1968-76 models g8480 1968-76 3.99 ea 14679 1970-72 tcs solenoid these solenoids are used on most all 1970-72 chevrolet models they mount to the carburetor stud on the intake manifold and have 2 spade terminals and 3 vacuum ports includes oe style mounting bracket 14679 1970 big block 104.99 ea 14720 1970-71 small block 104.99 ea 14721 1972 small block 104.99 ea 14722 1972 big block 104.99 ea 1961-63 shift tunnel extension seal correct reproduction of the 4-speed seal that extends upward from the shift tunnel for 1961-63 models including 1963 ss automatics w2311 1961-63 17.99 ea 1965-69 4 spd drive gear bearing ring g8521 g8522 1970-71 manual transmission tcs switch 1965-72 mt rebuild gasket sets this is the tcs switch that mounts on the manual transmission shift cover this “spade style” transmission control spark switch fits 1970-71 gm models with

flywheel clutch 11 flywheel with ring gear original gm flywheel assembly for 1958-74 full size chevrolet heavy duty or high performance models 14 dia 168 tooth ring gear with a 12.625 dia pressure plate bolt pattern and a 3.58 dia crank bolt pattern use with 11 dia clutch disc 30 lbs use only on crankshafts with 2 piece seal comes with a factory installed ring gear g7319 1964-65 230 213.99 ea g7319 1965-71 250 213.99 ea g7319 1966-67 283 213.99 ea g7319 1966-68 327 213.99 ea g7319 1958-61 348 aft eng #d2643 213.99 ea g7319 1969-74 350 213.99 ea g7319 1965-70 396 213.99 ea g7319 1970-71 400 213.99 ea g7319 1972 402 213.99 ea g7319 1965 409 213.99 ea g7319 1966-69 427 213.99 ea 88643 22501 true balance billet aluminum flywheels the choice for most all-out competition vehicles ram true balance billet aluminum flywheels are cnc machined from certified materials and exceed sfi specifications a key feature of a ram aluminum flywheel is a 1/4 steel friction

to last longer on the dragstrip race after race record holders in every class have proven the exceptional performance durability and long term dependability of hays clutches hays street/strip pressure plates the hays street strip diaphragm pressure plate offers light pedal pressure and a quick clean release for precise gear changes and positive engagement to handle the horsepower of most high performance vehicles note no further discounts apply 6 cylinder hy33610 hy34618 8 cylinder hy33610 hy33610 hy34618 hy34618 hy33610 hy34618 hy34618 hy33610 hy34618 hy34618 hy34618 hy34618 hy33610 hy34618 hy33610 hy34618 hy34618 1972-73 1972-73 250 ci 250 ci 10.4 11 1-1/8 10 279.99 ea 1-1/8 10 279.99 ea 1958-67 1962-69 1962-69 1958-62 1968-72 1968-72 1968-72 1965-69 1965-69 1965-69 1970-72 1970-72 1961-64 1965 1965-69 1965-69 1970-72 283 ci 327 ci 327 ci 348 ci 350 ci 350 ci 350 ci 396 ci 396 ci 396 ci 402 ci 402 ci 409 ci 409 ci 427 ci 427 ci 454 ci 10.4 10.4 11 11 10.4 11 11 10.4

clutch components 1958-75 block side screw in pivot ball this is an exact reproduction pivot ball screw which provides the pivot for the bellcrank and screws into the bellhousing used on big and small block models 3866568 1958-75 pivot ball screw 9.95 ea adjustable throwout bearing this adjustable throwout bearing is the perfect replacement for any bearing replaces all of gm’s three different bearing by simply removing one of the rings with all three rings on the bearing you have the long bearing remove one ring and you will have the mid length bearing and if you remove all three rings you will have the short bearing 16505 adjustable 99.99 ea 1962-75 clutch fork mounting stud original gm stud which the clutch fork pivots on g1425 1962-67 283 14.99 ea g1425 1965-69 327 14.99 ea g1425 1969-70 350 14.99 ea g1425 1965-69 396 14.99 ea g1425 1965 409 14.99 ea g1425 1966-69 427 14.99 ea g1425 1970 400 14.99 ea g8537 1971 400 13.99 ea g8537 1972 402 13.99 ea g8537