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cooling fans dakota akota dig digital d digital cooling system zinc anode used in heavy duty and marine applications to protect the cooling systems and its many components from damage due to electrolysis or coolant additive failure breakdown the introduction of the zinc anode will protect your cooling system from galvanic action as it “eats” the zinc rather than your cooling system to be installed in the radiator as a replacement for the drain petcock in radiators that are equipped with a 1/4 npt hole or any 1/4 npt hole that is available in the cooling system fl32060 19.99 ea flex-a-lite black magic s-blade this universal-fit flex-a-lite electric fan features computer-engineered blades that are extremely quiet and efficient and moves 3,000 cfm of air to provide consistent cooling regardless of engine rpm this electric fan fits vehicles with 16 or wider radiator cores and requires a mounting surface of 18 x 16 x 4-1/4 for an easy bolt-in installation universal mounting brackets are included fl160 304.99 ea temperature sending wire cloth insulator this 3/16 id 5/16 od replacement cloth insulator keeps your temperature sender harness well insulated from engine heat sold per foot 2-3 feet required per vehicle k0163 1.50 ft dd2700 electric fan controller this fully programmable electric fan controller includes a 70 amp relay and will work with your existing water temperature gauge operating from the temperature sending unit already installed a dedicated sending unit can be installed for applications without a water temperature gauge the electric fan controller has an operating range of 150f-250f and features fully programmable “fan on” and “fan off” temperature functions to suit any application this also gives you the capability to leave the electric fan operating after the engine has been shut down for a user-adjustable period of time the electric fan controller also includes a full digital led readout displaying current temperature readings with the high quality readouts dakota digital is known for with the added perk of simple installation important must use second relay either part dd2701 30amp relay or dd2702 70amp relay for dual fan or two speed fan operation dd2700 with 70 amp relay 119.99 ea relays for dual fans dd2702 70 amp relay 29.99 ea dedicated temperature sensors dd2703 1/8 npt sensor 14.99 ea dd2704 3/8 npt sensor 14.99 ea dd2705 1/2 npt sensor 14.99 ea billet aluminum fan brackets fl396 flex-a-lite s-blade electric fans electric fan controllers mf102 these sets are designed to operate champion or challenger series electric fans includes a heavy gauge wire harness relay weatherproof fuse and electrical connectors fixed switch fan controllers mf102 w/185° temp sender 59.99 set mf103 w/195° temp sender 59.99 set replacement fan switches mf108 185° for carbureted engines 19.99 ea mf109 195° for fuel injection engines 19.99 ea adjustable switch fan controllers mf100 harness w/switch 59.99 set mf110 adjustable switch only 19.99 set universal fan bracket strip set this bracket set is used to mount your champion or challenger series fan install the fan’s 90° mounting feet included with fan to these four 7.25 long strips for solid support mounting hardware is included mf104 universal fan bracket strips 19.99 set flex-a-lite syclone electric fan the amazing flex-a-lite syclone electric fan is the most efficient s-blade fan blade on the market this quiet fan mounts to the core and can be used to push or pull air through the radiator the higher torque 17 amp motor produces 2,500 cfm of air flow making these fans strong enough to replace your belt driven fan and fan clutch to gain more horsepower and torque the sweep style blades squeeze out the maximum air flow possible 16-5/8 x 15-3/4 x 4 mount fl398 16 fan 17 amp 2500 cfm 144.99 ea adjustable fan temperature sensor rubber fan spacers rubber spacers are used with champion series electric fans for proper spacing from the radiator mf112 4.99 set turn your electric fan on at whatever your desired temperature is with this adjustable temperature sensor sensor adjusts from 180º-240º and helps prevent overheating in performance vehicles when driving at low speeds or when idling for long periods 346932 180º-240º 41.99 ea cooling fans 355 ac heater cooling system j these quiet fans mount to the core and can be used to push or pull air through the radiator the high torque motor makes these fans strong enough to replace your belt driven fan and fan clutch the sweep style blades squeeze out the maximum air flow possible 12-5/8 x 11-3/4 x 2-5/8 mount fl392 12 fan 7.7 amp 925 cfm 99.99 ea 14-1/2 x 13-7/8 x 3-3/4 mount fl394 14 fan 9.2 amp 1530 cfm 104.99 ea 16-5/8 x 15-3/4 x 4 mount fl396 16 fan 13.5 amp 1980 cfm 129.99 ea use this premium billet aluminum bracket set to mount your 14 or 16 champion or challenger series fan the set features four adjustable side angle brackets that attach to the side flange of the radiator mounting hardware is included mf105 billet aluminum fan brackets 44.99 set