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Catalog Nova / Chevy II Batteries & Wiring 2015

the time of the end wiring harness high and low beam wiring headlights high and low beam 12 volt lighted rocker switches lighted optima red top battery under dash wiring harness 6 volt 75 amp battery 12 volt 12 amp battery neutral safety switch wire battery cable crimping tool 4 12 12 volt battery 6 volt 12 volt batteries 12 volt 25 amp battery 12 volt 100 amp battery 12 volt 100 amp battery gel volt reading for a charged 8 volt battery 12 volt battery to 5 volt 12 volt battery to 9 volt keep it clean wiring keep it clean wiring accessories spark plugs and spark plug wires what are the colors of the individual wire insulation 70 idle stop solenoid neutral safety switch harness 1965 neutral safety switch harness gm turn signal switch self cancelling turn signal modules self canceling turn signal module self canceling turn signal relay self canceling turn signal truck brake light switch light 12 volt negative to 6 volt positive 1967 chevy ii nova 66 chevy ii nova 1966 chevy ii turn signal switch wire and cable for electronic industrial battery terminal puller console wiring harness schematic gm hei distributor wiring console wire harness wiring harness chevy nova battery master disconnect switch optima batteries group 34 dash wiring harness dash wireing harness battery load tester 67 battery tray quick disconnect battery switch 12 volt 5 amp battery charger 12 volt 4 amp battery charger wiring harness tape wire harness tape 1962 nova turn signal switch quick disconnect battery watering billet battery box

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battery tools battery doc battery tester x2279 battery carrying strap this handy tool is a must for your tool box allows you to easily carry bulky automotive batteries without getting acid on your clothes and hands each end is marked and sized to fit the positive or negative terminals allowing a secure tight fit onto the post battery acid won’t harm the strap two models available one for top mount batteries only the other will carry both top mount or side post batteries x205 carries top mount only 9.99 ea x2279 carries top mount side mount 12.99 ea to test your battery simply attach the ring terminals of the battery tester connector directly onto your battery and push the button the tester will indicate if your battery is weak or fully charged if your battery needs charging simply attach the battery doc charger available separately to the connector and juice it up w20040 12.99 ea the battery tender plus the battery tender plus is a 12 volt 1.25 amp battery charger

battery accessories 10626 quick release battery cable bolts these handy quick release bolts replace standard 5/16 battery clamp bolts used for most top post batteries the cam lever action tightens and loosens the bolts without tools they’re constructed from anti-corrosive stainless steel and padded with color coded red and black polypropylene w20251 top post 5/16 bolts 9.99 pr sbt1 battery cable terminals due to the corrosive nature of battery electrolyte the original lead cast positive and negative terminal ends usually require replacement every few years we offer these replacement style late model oem type terminals for use on top or side post batteries to replace your originals simply remove the original terminal end cut back a short portion of the acid resistant cable cover and insert the wire into the trailing edge of the new terminal and tighten the retainer bolts 10626 top post 3.50 ea sbt1 side post 1.99 ea w203047 battery cutout switch t4988 make sure your

wiring accessories k0067 ht719301 ht719307 wiring harness tape shrinkflex fabric heatshrink tubing hushmat multi-purpose quiet tape hushmat quiet tape is designed to prevent nuisance rattles by securing loose wires and cables strong adhesive adheres to virtually any surface qt01 1 x 20 roll 29.99 set shrinkflex fabric tubing is the only product of its kind the unique weave of polyolefin and polyester easily installs over wiring harness bundles connectors and splices as well as rubber hoses and plastic pipes when heated to 176° it shrinks to 1/2 the original diameter while remaining flexible even at high temperatures ht719301 1/2 x 12 19.99 ea ht719302 3/4 x 10 19.99 ea ht719303 1-3/16 x 8 19.99 ea ht719304 1-1/2 x 6 19.99 ea ht719305 2 x 6 19.99 ea ht719306 2-3/8 x 6 19.99 ea ht719307 2-3/4 x 6 23.99 ea red yellow clear if you want an oem quality and appearance for your original or reproduction wiring this specially manufactured

oe style wiring harnesses oe style reproduction wiring harnesses reproduced using the original general motors schematics and feature the correct attachment connectors and wire in the correct gauge sizes and coloration when available to match your original and maintain engine wiring b authenticity when ordering wiring harnesses is it essential to supply as much information as possible regarding your nova’s optional equipment including the year engine size transmission type or any and all factory options this will ensure you are getting the correct harness for your particular application oe style or universal n batteries wiring a 1962-76 oe style front lamp harnesses this harness is one of two main harnesses located in the engine compartment it provides wiring for the main battery power lead headlamps parking lamps 196876 side marker lamps horn relay alternator voltage regulator temperature sensor brake warning and ammeter gauge these harnesses are produced as closely as

oe style wiring harnesses 1962-78 engine harness assembly continued 1969 ca85051 1969 ca85051h 1968 ca85189 1969 ca85189h 1969 nv97601 1969 nv97601h 1969 ca97638 1969 ca97638h 1969 ca95266 1969 ca95266h 1969 ca97639 1969 ca97639h 1969 ca97524 1969 ca97524h 1969 ca97636 1969 ca97636h 1969 1970 nv01400 1970 nv01398 1970 nv01406 1970 nv01406h 1970 nv01404 1970 nv01404h 1970 nv01407 1970 nv01407h 1970 nv01402 1970 nv01402h 1970 ca37783 1970 ca37783h 1970 nv01399 1970 nv01399m 1970 nv01401 1970 nv01401h 1970 nv01405 1970 nv01405h 1970 nv01403 1970 nv01403h 1970 1971 nv11955 1971 nv11953 1971 nv11958 1971 nv11958h 1971 nv11957 1971 nv11957h 1971 1972 nv28024 1972 nv28027 1972 nv28027h 1972 nv28025 1972 nv28025h 1972 4 6 cylinder with warning lamps 4 6 cyl w/warning lamps hei 6 cyl w/warning lamps idle stop solenoid 6 cyl w/warning lamps idle stop sol hei 396 with warning lamps 396 with warning lamps hei 396 w/warning lamps idle stop solenoid 396 w/warning lamps idle stop

oe style wiring harnesses nv29902 nv58921 1970-72 parking brake light jumper wire 1962-66 tachometer harness keep your under dash area cosmetically correct with this exact reproduction harness for use with 1962-65 dash tach and all 1965-66 steering column mounted tachometers regardless of the red line not for use on aftermarket tachometers dash tach nv21812 1962 34.99 ea nv33545 1963 34.99 ea nv47918 1964-65 34.99 ea steer column tach nv58921 1965-66 34.99 ea cx1069 correct jumper wire for use with 1970-72 novas if your parking brake light isn’t working you may want to replace the jumper wire check a schematic diagram to ensure correct installation this is an inexpensive way of repairing a non-functional parking brake light nv01580 1970-72 8.99 ea 1962-68 dash to back-up switch harness classic industries® now offers dash harness to back-up switch harnesses for use on 1962-68 models the back-up switch nv58920 wiring harnesses are manufactured to exact

universal wiring harnesses bring your classic nova into the 21st century with a complete wiring harness update kit this kit accommodates all the popular accessories you may desire including ac custom gauges hei ignition tilt steering columns modern charging systems and also allows for complete flexibility in the engine compartment such as a v8 engine swap with this amazing kit popular accessories creature comforts or high performance modifications are made very easy one kit does it all custom wiring from classic each wiring harness assembly includes these features specialty aftermarket complete wiring harnesses for novas are now available imagine replacing every harness on the car with a pre-assembled 18 circuit harness the factory assembled wiring harness includes a completely terminated fuse block along with the following features each harness includes automotive blade type fuses flashers horn relay tachometer lead ballast resistor for point type ignitions

universal wiring harnesses 1962-72 nova classic series update style wiring harness for resto-custom 12 circuit harnesses include air conditioning/heat brake lights coil horn electric fan emergency flashers dash instruments headlights radio constant and ignition hot turn signals wipers dome light tail lights third brake light charging electric choke and starting 1966-67 12 circuit harness instrument cluster wiring is designed with a “cluster harness disconnect” system for easy service and assembly all original terminals connectors and light sockets are also supplied for original cluster gauges any aftermarket gauge system can be easily and neatly wired in engine wiring includes connectors for points type and hei distributors power and tach connectors supplied for gm hei distributors alternator connectors supplied for gm “si” series internal regulator alternators this 12 circuit harness is for 1966-67 nova models this vehicle specific harness makes easy work

universal wiring 1967-69 wire harness clamp this is an aftermarket upgrade of the plastic wire strap on the inner fender well made of stainless steel this clamp will not only hold your wire harness in the engine compartment it will look great also 13969 1967-69 19.99 ea 40102 remote master disconnects 12 18 circuit universal fuse blocks use these 12 or 18 circuit oem style pre-wired fuse blocks to replace your existing fuse block or 30001 as a starting point for custom wiring all you have to do is terminate your circuit wire and attach it to the fuse block pre-wired and labeled for the following circuits air conditioning/heat gauges dash instruments brake lights headlights coil horn dome light radio electric fan turn signals emergency flashers wipers and alternator the 18 circuit fuse block also includes circuits for power windows door locks and other optional accessories kits includes mounting bracket fuses flashers horn relay terminals and full instructions important no

upgrade consolidate control your nova’s wiring with digital power isis is an intelligent wiring system that can replace or enhance the traditional point-to-point wiring in any vehicle – regardless of make model or year it uses modern technology to not only control standard features like head lamps turn signals and electric fans but also allows the flexibility to easily add features like power windows iphone control and advanced anti-theft security isis makes it easy to add these features and more all while simplifying the process of re-wiring your car adding circuit diagnostic capabilities and creating a more reliable and dynamic wiring system all wiring harnesses and modules are made in the usa the isis base system can be used in conjunction with any isis accessory module control up to 20 electrical circuits with this system alone pre-configured to control ignition headlights parking lights high beams horn electric fans self-cancelling turn signals hazard

accessory modules inlink remote control smart phone control touch to control your vehicle inlink key fob control module intouch mobile for ipod iphone or ipad intouch max 7 touch screen control up to 16 different functions with the inlink 4-button key fob consolidate vehicle security remote lighting door opening and similar systems and control them with an encoded signal from 100 feet away features a simple plug-and-play installation includes 2 key fobs batteries and installation guide mp50105 inlink control module 237.99 kit unlock doors turn on lights roll down windows – control virtually any electrical accessory through an encrypted wi-fi connection with this simple user interface for your iphone ipad or ipod touch includes mobile radio interface card and operating instructions mobile app requires ios 3.1.3 or newer mp50106 intouch for apple devices 401.99 ea the intouch max 7 touch screen gives you complete control of your vehicle accessories and access expanded