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Catalog Nova / Chevy II Emblems & Decals 2015

1974 nova spirit of america decal kit keep your gm car all gm 1967 chevy ii nova chevrolet bow tie emblems chevrolet bow tie emblem 67 nova quarter panels red chevrolet bow tie emblems red white and blue emblem space saver spare tire 1965 chevy ii 67 chevy ii trunk lid 66 chevy ii nova 63 chevy ii chevy nova ss grille 1967 nova ss chevy nova ss grill 427 fender emblems 427 fender emblem 396 turbo jet emblem 396 turbo jet emblemes trunk lid emblems bow tie emblem nova quarter panels 1973 nova ss nova quarter panel quarter panel emblem quarter panel emblems chevy nova quarter panel 1973 74 nova cross flag decal air cleaner emblem jack instructions decal air cleaner decal air cleaner decals black chevy ss grill emblem front fender emblem front fender emblems custom grille emblems custom fender emblems chevy air cleaner emblems 74 nova hatchback 360 air cleaner decal 65 nova ss door panel emblem chrome front fender emblem 302 air cleaner decal door panel emblems valve cover decals valve cover decal valve cover decale 72 nova front fenders 350 original air cleaner decal custom air cleaner decals chevy big block engine emblems bow tie decals chevy 350 valve cover decal

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Featured catalog pages of Nova / Chevy II Emblems & Decals 2015

fender emblems custom adhesive-back numbers customize your car with these die cast metal chrome plated and recess painted numerals all of these numerals have a strong self-adhesive back with no studs so there is no need to drill holes in your car available in black or white 1964-67 502 fender emblem 1964-67 572 fender emblem these 502 fender emblems are designed in the periodcorrect style for 1964-67 chevy ii/nova models c50264 1964-67 29.99 pr these are 572 fender emblems in the 1964-67 early style design attach with two studs on the back as original c57264 1964-67 39.99 pr 1968 502 fender emblem these 502 fender emblems are designed in the period-correct style for 1968 chevy ii/nova models sold in pairs c50268 1968 49.99 pr 1969-74 572 fender emblem these are 572 fender emblems in the 1969-74 late style design attach with two studs on the back as original c57269 1969-74 49.99 pr important each number is approximately 1-3/8 long by 5/8 tall black numbers cm5185d 2 cm5185e

emblems and nameplates r404 1968 chevy ii by chevrolet trunk emblem 1962-79 emblem speed nut kits reproduction emblem for all 1968 chevy ii models each emblem includes mounting hardware for quick and easy installation manufactured in the usa cm3070 1968 39.99 ea 1977 “chevrolet concours” trunk emblem oer® reproduction trunk emblem for 1977 nova concours models features correct chrome finish and proper script font for an authentic appearance attaches to the passenger side of the trunk lid with an adhesive back installation as original 20014406 1977 29.99 ea speed nuts for various gm and reproduction emblems that include 1/8 3/16 or 5/16 mounting studs includes rubber gasket attached to nut 4 piece kits r402 1962-79 1/8 4.99 kit r403 1962-79 3/16 2.99 kit k423 1962-79 5/16 5.99 set 8 piece kits r401 1962-79 1/8 9.99 kit r404 1962-79 3/16 6.99 kit k424 1962-79 5/16 9.99 set 1968-72 nova by chevrolet trunk emblem oer® reproduction trunk lid

valve cover decals restore your chevy ii or nova back to it’s original condition with classic industries® reproduction valve cover decals each decal is reproduced to exact dimensions the larger valve cover decals have a glue backing for easy application the smaller decals are a water based application we carry a large variety of early chevrolet valve cover decals for most engine sizes see listing below for current availability always be sure to clean the entire surface before applying decals to valve covers 1969 rear valve cover decals dc119 dc780 decal is applied to rh rear valve cover yellow decal with black lettering dd11 1969 396-375 hp m/t jh 3.99 ea dd12 1969 396-350 hp a/t ji 3.99 ea dd13 1969 396-375 hp a/t jl 3.99 ea dc221 super high-thrift decals dc363 dc780 dc366 dc64 dc366 194 hi-thrift 4.99 ea 194 hi-thrift 120 hp 4.99 ea 153 super-thrift 4.99 ea dc63 dc844 turbo fire decals dc119 dc221 dc222 dc63 dc36 dc114 dc125 dc223 283 turbo fire 283 turbo fire

nova decals dc901 dc1043 dc144 dc1064 dc1044 dc1147 dc242 dc1045 dc476 dc395 dc814 dc1235 dc1033 dc134 dc158 dc371 1968-76 keep your gm car all gm decals dc423 this decal applies to the side of the air cleaner base and indicates keep your gm car all gm these decals are pressure sensitive with a “peel and stick” backing simply remove the backing and apply the decal to the side of the air cleaner base location of the decal will vary depending on the year f emblems decals important open element air cleaners did not use this decal dc470 dc1043 dc1044 dc1045 dc395 dc1033 dc371 dc371 dc1064 dc371 dc1147 dc476 dc1313 dc1235 dc158 1968 1968 1969-71 1969-70 1969 1970 1971 1972 1972 1973 1973 1974-75 1975-76 1976 194 230 250 mt 194 230 250 at 230 250 307 350/300 hp 350/300 hp 350/270 hp 250 307 350-2v 350-4v 350 250 305 4.99 ea 4.99 ea 4.99 ea 4.99 ea 4.99 ea 4.99 ea 4.99 ea 4.99 ea 4.99 ea 4.99 ea 4.99 ea 4.99 ea 4.99 ea 4.99 ea 1962-79 cooling system

nova decals dc205 1962-64 generator warning tag this reproduction warning decal was originally found on 1962-64 chevy ii models it’s the warning to not connect the radio bypass condenser to the field terminal dc53 1962-64 4.99 ea dc338 1962-65 air conditioning warning decal dc210 this reproduction decal came standard on 1962-65 chevy ii models when factory equipped with air conditioning explains and cautions the consumer not to disconnect lines and wear safety goggles also tells owner to follow procedures in manual exact reproduction of the original dc49 1962-65 4.99 ea 1962-72 dealer aluminum service tag dc210a dc890 1962-67 oil filter/cap decals correct reproduction oil filter canister decals the decals specify the type of oil filter as well as the replacement style the oil cap decals are also available dc205 1962-64 oil filter canister decal 4.99 ea dc338 1962-63 oil filler cap decal 4.99 ea dc210 1964-67 oil filter canister decal 4.99 ea

nova decals dc815 dc204 1977-79 seat belt operation sun visor sleeve seat belt operation sun visor sleeve this sleeve is applied to the sun visor of all 1977-79 gm models and offers seat belt usage instructions 1253553 1977-79 17.99 ea dc640 dc647 dc642 dc43 1967-77 space saver spare decal reproduction decal included in early chevy ii/nova models with a space saver spare tire dc815 1967-72 4.99 ea dc640 1973-77 4.99 ea dc642 1973-74 spare tire inflator 4.99 ea dc648 1962-75 washer bottle decals exact reproduction washer bottle decals for chevy ii/nova models with the various applications listed below each decal includes the correct type style with instructions for anti freeze bug removal and temperature ratings dc204 1962-66 optikleen washer decal 4.99 ea dc647 1962-66 kleerview washer decal 4.99 ea dc648 1968-75 washer bottle decal 4.99 ea dc239 dc187 1968-70 luggage rack instruction tag reproduction of the often misplaced luggage rack instruction tag for 1968-70 nova

nova decals 1968-69 astro ventilation window decal this is a reproduction astro ventilation decal which was applied to the driver side and passenger side door windows near the front lower edge of the window on all 1968 nova models and early production 1969 models dc726 1968-69 4.99 ea dc407 1962-72 rally wheel instructions dc778 dc234 this is a factory instruction card which was inserted in the glove box on vehicles which were equipped with rally wheels the card offers instructions on installing and removing the wheel trim rings dc41 1967-72 3.99 ea headlight instruction tags the headlight washer tag was strung to the windshield wiper washer switch on 1969 nova models the dimmer tag was strung from the headlamp switch knob rod dc407 1969 washer 4.99 ea dc778 1976-78 dimmer 4.99 ea dc235 dc396 1965-68 spare wheel lock instructions correct reproduction spare wheel lock instructions dc359 1965-68 4.99 ea 1962-69 air conditioned window decal give your factory ac car a

nova decals pd8000 dc397 dc826 1965-69 warranty certificates pd8001 reproduction warranty certificates which were included with the new vehicle when sold each certificate is printed with permission from general motors dc397 1967 warranty 4.99 ea dc826 1965-69 warranty card 4.99 ea mark of excellence door jamb decals this decal was originally produced for the drivers side and passenger side door it is used as a reflector to allow upcoming traffic to see the car door when opened thus avoiding a possible accident pd8000 1964-67 aqua 3.99 ea pd8001 1967-70 blue 3.99 ea dc801 1971-72 vehicle maintenance decal correct reproduction vehicle maintenance decal found on 1971-72 nova models dc474 1971-72 4.99 ea dc695 l19a l19b 1962-72 dealer add-on accessory sticker 1962-68 battery owners certificate 1963-72 owners manual storage bag reproduction of the rarely seen dealer add-on option or accessory window sticker this decal was used to display a list of the

miscellaneous decals 3955720 dd15 3955721 1975-76 push start warning decal this decal was used as a warning against towing or push starting the vehicle when stalled due to possible damage to the emissions system dc613 1975-76 4.99 ea 1969 front shock decals dd15 dd16 1969 1969 dd16 3955722 3.99 pr with f41 optional 3.99 pr 1969 front coil spring tags reproduction tag included with all original front coil springs 3955720 1969 w/high performance 6.99 pr 3955721 1969 w/big block 6.99 pr 3955722yp 1969 copo 6.99 pr dd17 3955722 1969 rear shock decals dd17 dd18 1969 1969 3932771 dd18 1967-70 front coil spring decals with f41 3.99 pr 3.99 pr dd460 3792039 3932771 3925814 3955726 3982346 3955724 1967 1968 1969 1969 1970 1970 small block b/b “yenko” copo high performance 6.99 6.99 6.99 6.99 6.99 6.99 pr pr pr pr pr pr 3925816 dd662 1971-78 air shock decal decal which came with 1971-78 nova models showing maximum capacity etc dc662 1971-74 3.99 ea dc460

new car documentation dc397 dc1272 dc1271 dc826 dc1273 dc881 dc86 dc879 dc139 dc82 dc80 chevy ii vehicle warranty certificates reproduction warranty certificates which were included with the new vehicle when sold each certificate is printed with permission from general motors dc397 1967 warranty certificate 4.99 ea dc826 1965-69 warranty card 4.99 ea dc80 1962-63 service policy 3.99 ea dc82 1962-65 battery warranty 3.99 ea dc1275 dc880 dc374 f emblems decals dc1276 1962-79 new car window stickers if your chevy ii or nova is restored what’s the last thing you need to complete it a new car window sticker these new stickers include the preprinted information about gm and chevrolet all you have to do is fill in the correct information about the vehicle you can do that by obtaining information to help you decode your vin number there are various books available in this catalog to help you do it dc1272 1962 chevy ii 4.99 ea dc1271 1963-64 chevy ii 4.99 ea

body decals/stripe sets 1973 nova ss complete stripe set this set is manufactured using 3m materials just as original each set includes the striping for the front fenders doors and quarter panel officially approved by general motors for authenticity and quality 3749849 1973 white 209.99 set 3749850 1973 black 214.99 set 14463 1969 yenko stripe sets these are correct reproductions of the stripe sets yenko chevrolet used on their special order high performance 1969 yenko nova cars these high quality stripe sets contain all the applicable decals to bring your “yenko” to life whether you have an original yenko nova or are just making a clone these stripe sets will add that finishing touch to your restoration installation instructions and squeegee included available in white or black 14462 1969 black 199.99 set 14463 1969 white 199.99 set 1971-72 rally nova rear panel decals this decal is applied horizontally to the rear panel section of the 197172 nova as shown