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nova decals dc205 1962-64 generator warning tag this reproduction warning decal was originally found on 1962-64 chevy ii models it’s the warning to not connect the radio bypass condenser to the field terminal dc53 1962-64 4.99 ea dc338 1962-65 air conditioning warning decal dc210 this reproduction decal came standard on 1962-65 chevy ii models when factory equipped with air conditioning explains and cautions the consumer not to disconnect lines and wear safety goggles also tells owner to follow procedures in manual exact reproduction of the original dc49 1962-65 4.99 ea 1962-72 dealer aluminum service tag dc210a dc890 1962-67 oil filter/cap decals correct reproduction oil filter canister decals the decals specify the type of oil filter as well as the replacement style the oil cap decals are also available dc205 1962-64 oil filter canister decal 4.99 ea dc338 1962-63 oil filler cap decal 4.99 ea dc210 1964-67 oil filter canister decal 4.99 ea dc210a 1964-67 oil filler cap decal 4.99 ea this decal showed proof that the dealership mechanics did all the work they claimed they did reproduction of the original dealership service department decal which was applied in most cases to the trailing edge of the door on vehicles which had just received factory service repairs dc62 1962-72 4.99 ea dc322 1962-66 battery warning decals f emblems decals correct reproduction battery warning decals which signal the warning when connecting your terminals to the battery double check your connections dc890 1962-63 battery warning decal 4.99 ea dc322 1964-66 battery warning decal 4.99 ea dc416 dc462 1962-65 crankcase service instructions berger chevrolet prescribed power decal reproduction of the tag originally installed from the factory on 1962-65 chevy ii/nova models which shows a diagram with instructions for the crankcase vent valve dc559 1962-65 4.99 ea reproduction of the now rare “prescribed power” decal applied on performance vehicles delivered by the grand rapids mi chevrolet dealer dz209 4.99 ea 174 engine decals 1962-75 anti freeze tags this decal offers a caution directed toward the owner of the vehicle stating what the coolant level should be and what part number to use when replacing the antifreeze dc416 1962-64 anti freeze tag 4.99 ea dc462 1962-75 dealer gm tag 4.99 ea toll free order line 800.854.1280