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intake manifolds 1967 small block vacuum booster pipe reproduction small block vacuum booster pipe used on 1967 small block nova models ar43421 note use with k0167 k0122 and k0123 vacuum fitting k099091 arp intake manifold bolts intake manifold bolt sets arp intake manifold bolts are designed for precision and strength available in choice of black oxide finished chrome moly or corrosion resistant stainless steel as well as hex or 12-point heads both materials are nominally rated at 170,000 psi washers included reproduction intake manifold bolts featuring correct head markings for all factory aluminum intake manifolds these bolt sets are reproduced specifically for a restorer who wants cosmetically correct bolts for small block or big block engines note on all vortec applications the bolt sets will fit most aftermarket aluminum intakes small block-265-400 ar13421 black hex 23.99 ar34211 black 12-pt 24.99 ar43421 stainless hex 36.99 ar44211 stainless 12-pt 39.99 small block vortec ar13422 black hex 26.99 ar13413 black 12-pt 23.99 ar43422 stainless hex 29.99 ar43412 stainless 12-pt 32.99 small block tuned port ar13424 black hex 74.99 ar13414 black 12-pt 76.99 ar43424 stainless hex 109.99 big block 396-454 ar13521 black hex 29.99 ar13511 black 12-pt 32.99 ar43521 stainless hex 49.99 big block 502 ar13522 black hex 42.99 set set set set 1967 22.99 ea note models with cast iron intake and 325hp or 350 hp 1967-69 small block k0079 all 23.99 set 1967-68 big block k0117 23.99 set 14964 1968-70 reproduction intake manifolds reproduction aluminum intake manifolds for various applications 1968-69 396/375hp set set set set note fits big blocks with high performance cast iron or aluminum rectangular intake port heads 14964 1968-69 casting 3933163 349.99 ea 1970 396 set set set note for models with optional rpo ls6 l78 or l89 14438 1970 casting 3963569 317.99 ea set set set oil return screen set set this oil return screen set is inexpensive insurance on any modified small block chevy engine the screens install in and over the oil drain holes in the lifter valley trapping debris from valve train failure keeping it out of the oil pan includes galley plugs screens and a special epoxy for installation 225000 oil return screen set 24.99 set bow tie logo on head 1962-87 intake manifold bolt sets bow tie logo is stamped directly onto the head of the bolts which are available in attractive chrome plated or polished stainless steel versions small block 56469c 1962-87 chrome 21.99 set 56469s 1962-87 stainless steel 14.99 set big block 56479c 1962-87 chrome 34.99 set 56479s 1962-87 stainless steel 21.99 set k0123 k0167 k0122 k0124 intake manifold fittings searching for the hard-to-find intake manifold fittings classic industries offers a variety of oe style fittings to replace your corroded or missing originals exactly 1967-69 small block fitting fitting for use with 4 bbl carburetor 4 speed transmission and power brakes guaranteed to fit exactly as original k0121 1967-69 18.99 ea 1967-70 sb bb fitting fitting for use on small block and big block engines with air conditioning and automatic transmissions k0123 1967-70 19.99 ea 1967-70 sb and bb fitting fitting for use on small block and big block engines with 4 bbl carburetors and automatic transmissions k0167 1967-70 19.99 ea 1964-70 sb and bb fitting fitting for use on small block and big block engines with 4 bbl carburetors and 4 speed transmissions k0122 1964-70 18.99 ea 1968-69 r w/4 speed fitting fitting for use with all models which include a 4 speed transmission without air conditioning k0124 1968-69 19.99 ea installing aftermarket exhaust manifolds or headers on 194-292ci 6-cylinder engines requires an intake manifold heating system for proper performance the original intake and exhaust manifolds were connected with a heat riser system to keep fuel at ideal atomization temperature without this fuel puddles at idle causing poor performance hesitation under acceleration and fouled spark plugs this manifold heater plate solves this issue using temperature-regulated coolant circulated through the cooling system rather than extremely hot exhaust gas cnc-machined from 3/8 heavy gauge aluminum and includes barbed brass fittings and instructions made in usa note gaskets and mounting hardware not included 109216 109998 109999 216 ci engines 51.99 ea 235 ci engines 51.99 ea 194 230 250 292 ci engines 44.99 ea lifter valley oil baffle 225050 this aluminum lifter valley baffle simply snaps into place in the lifter valley shielding the bottom of the intake manifold from hot oil to keep incoming air cool and dense it also keeps excess oil out of the valve covers and holds lifters in their bores in case of pushrod or rocker arm failure note due to minor variations in block castings minor trimming may be required not for use with roller lifters 225050 225100 small block chevy baffle 39.99 ea big block chevy baffle 39.99 ea intake manifolds 413 engines components k ak121a intake manifold bolt sets your choice of polished stainless steel or chrome available in hex head or allen head configurations small block ak122a chrome hex 31.99 set ak122b stainless hex 46.99 set 66351 chrome allen 16.99 set big block ak121a polished hex 34.99 set ak121b polished hex 60.99 set k0121 109216 intake manifold heat plates