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® ❚ masterly manufactured engine hood of metal on filigree hinges ❚ accurate display of the open work ventilation slots ❚ special board for jerry can and wooden hinged toolbox containing miniature tools the unforgettable “white elephant” mercedes benzsskl millemiglia 19 31 extraordinary in a class of the exquisite ❚ authentic replication of the weight-reduced steel frame and its exact hole pattern ❚ on display is the sskl without painting so that you can see exactly all the materials used – brass die-cast tinplate aluminium and stainless steel technical data of the the original vehicle ❚ novelty stainless-steel spokes mounted on the aluminium rim by hand and with a nipple-stem at each base for the very first time one more reason for not missing this anniversary model 6seiter_sskl_engl.indd 1-3 ❚ six cylinder in-line-engine with overhead camshaft ❚ compressor that can be activated when required ❚ displacement 7,059

it came it revved it conquered ❚ radiator grill and wire mesh guard made of high-quality metal ❚ lateral flexible metal tube exhaust pipes ❚ double-wing engine hoods that fold in opening and are fastened by leatherbelts spring-hooks to hold the engine hood in closing ❚ starting number printed by the tampon method by 1931 alfa romeo and bugatti had become serious opponents for mercedes-benz on the race track professor ferdinand porsche head of mercedes-benz’s racing car development responded by reducing the weight of the ssk known as “white elephant“ because of its mighty appearance overwhelming power and white painting over 125 kg were shed after holes were drilled in the frame and every other possible place that was not safety-relevant as a result the ssk transformed into the sskl super sport kurz leicht super sport short light with this new racing car afred neubauer head of the racing department and his very small crew undertook their