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it came it revved it conquered ❚ radiator grill and wire mesh guard made of high-quality metal ❚ lateral flexible metal tube exhaust pipes ❚ double-wing engine hoods that fold in opening and are fastened by leatherbelts spring-hooks to hold the engine hood in closing ❚ starting number printed by the tampon method by 1931 alfa romeo and bugatti had become serious opponents for mercedes-benz on the race track professor ferdinand porsche head of mercedes-benz’s racing car development responded by reducing the weight of the ssk known as “white elephant“ because of its mighty appearance overwhelming power and white painting over 125 kg were shed after holes were drilled in the frame and every other possible place that was not safety-relevant as a result the ssk transformed into the sskl super sport kurz leicht super sport short light with this new racing car afred neubauer head of the racing department and his very small crew undertook their greatest racing adventure ever at the mille miglia in 1931 11th of april 3:20 pm rudolf caracciola and his co-driver wilhelm sebastian started off with 6seiter_sskl_engl.indd 4-6 the number 87 against their italian competitors they appeared unbeatable from early on the 1,635 km roadway stretched from brescia to bologna florenz and rom then the racers had to cross the abruzzo region and continued along the adriatic coast to ancona where they turned to headed back to bologna ferrara treviso and finally brescia 12th of april 7:22 am after 16 hours 10 minutes and 10 seconds the victor of the mille miglia crossed the finish line he set an outstanding new track record averaging 101.1 km h to make the sensation complete it was the first time in the history of the mille miglia that the championship was won by a non-italian driver in a car of foreign make rudolf caracciola the titan of the steering wheel in a mercedes-benz sskl it was a time when economic depression ❚ true-to-the-original cockpit with all instruments and an exact-detailed dashboard ❚ movable wind shields ❚ steering wheel and seats covered with genuine leather ❚ movable hand levers for acceleratonand ignition adjustment ❚ six cylinder in-line-engine with the compressor and all aggregates cabeling and pipes ❚ movable tank cap of stainless steel ❚ leather folded top not expandable ❚ two spare wheels fastened by a toggle scew was plaguing the world there was little support that mercedes could have granted to its racing team the team didn’t even had enough men for all the refuel stops so the small crew had to take shortcuts so that they could reach the next refuel stop before caracciola we are celebrating the 75th anniversary of this terrific victory in 2006 cmc observes the occasion of this event with a perfect replica of the unforgetable champion car after extensive and time-consuming research cmc is able to uncover many details that are important in presenting the original look of the 1931 mille miglia victor all these details are incorporated into the precision model that cmc is offering to you this allmetal model is composed of 1,885 parts only about 5 original sskl vehicles were ever built our true-to theoriginal miniature is the closest thing to its big brother that one can get let it take you back to the old days of the screaming compressor engine item-number m-055 scale 1:18 16.10.2006 16:26:51 uhr