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® the benchmark for every sports car porsche 901 coupé 1964 extraordinary in a class of the exquisite scale

cult til art-no art-no art-no art-no m-067 m-067 m-067 m-067 abdc champagne yellow – limited to 5,000 units irish green – limited to 5,000 units sky blue – limited to 5,000 units light ivory – unlimited on the 12th of september in 1963 porsche introduced the type 901 as the successor of the porsche 356 at the iaa in frankfurt just one year later with the 901 poised to go into series-production it was presented to the public eye again at the parisian autosalon peugeot intervened because they owned the copyright for all threedigit model designations with a “0” in the middle but before porsche was able to make the amends production of the type 901 had already got off the ground on september 14 1964 and a total of 82 units were delivered by the factory all of them carried the type designation “901” subsequently the 901 became the 911 a legendary 3-digit designation that still raises the heartbeat of every sports car enthusiast back in

l today interior replicated to the exact detail with all original instruments dashboard adjustable back of the front seats body identification plate in the door frame hand-sewn side pockets of leather with authentic quiltwork fold-away sunshade and mirror detailed radio seats covered in a combination of leather and

tank top that flaps open to reveal leather cloth scratch protection retractable metal wipersantenna with rubber blades ventilation grid made of twelve horizontally and six vertically positioned stainless steel bars the bars are glue-free and welded a rhomb shaped thin metal plate photo etched completes the fence construction authentically-replicated and true-to-scale body with a brilliant paint finish open-and-close engine and trunk-hood solid metal bumpers with chromeplated

removable carpet cover and spare wheel true-to-the-original fuel tank air-powered struts identification plate removable wheels each fastened with five hexagonal nuts chromed hub cap with a porsche logo it covers the wheel by a magnetic mechanism tires cast in an authentic pattern with continental writing the rim is made of two metal parts the wheel disk the accessory box is made of metal encased in the box becomes pressed in the rims outer ring a valve becomes inserted afterwards are a box spanner an accessory tool and four hub

highly detailed six-cylinder boxer engine complete with all pipes and cabling exact replication of the undercarriage with an embossed metal plate functional and feathered single wheel suspension on a transverse control and a longitudinal control arm equipped with shock absorbers all parts made of metal technical data of the original vehicle ❚ ❚ ❚ ❚ six-cylinder boxer engine with air cooling ❚ displacement 1,991 ccm maximum output 96 kw 130 hp at 6.100 rpm ❚ top speed 210 km/h total length 4,163 mm ❚ wheel base 2,211 mm two doors 2+2-seater self-supporting coupé-body of sheet steel cmc gmbh classic model cars robert-bosch-straße 41 d-73770 denkendorf telefon 0711-4 40 07 99-0 fax 0711-45 43 78 info@cmc-modelcars.de www.cmc-modelcars.de