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® dynamic and sportsmanship audifront 2 2 5 roadster 1 9 3 5 scale 1:18 extraordinary in a class of the exquisite double-winged engine hood with louvered vents bar that swings out to support the opened engine hood six-cylinder in-line-engine with all aggregates cabeling and pipes engine compartment rear bulk of metal with handbrushed marble effect surface shaftless single wheel suspension with cross-installed bonded brake cables leaf springs of metal in the front and the rear 100 of years audi box-type metal frame with a perfect imitation of the wood sub-frame highly-detailed undercarriage displaying the filigree brake leverage of the mechanical brake system complex designed bumpers front rear of stainless steel technical data of the original vehicle removable spare wheel deposited in a concave space and covered by a rounded hood cmc_audi_6seiter_rz.indd 1-3 perfectly spoked wheels with aluminium rims stainless steel spokes and nipples all mounted by the hand ❚

from horch to audi fully instrumented dashboard accurately recreated cockpit seats are covered with leather true-to-the-original grill set in a masterfully crafted assemblage of metal work windshield with high gloss chromed metal frame and installed wiper motors doors and trunk deck are covered with leather at the inside item m-075 a black yellow – limited to 4,000 pieces item m-075 b blue silver – limited to 4,000 pieces item m-075 c red white – limited to 4,000 pieces the rise of the company “audi” is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating stories in the 100-odd years of automobile history it began with one special name august horch in june 1909 the top management of horch decided that its founder august horch had to leave the company undaunted by this twist of fate august sought to launch a new automobile plant on his own only four weeks later his dream virtually came true the “august horch automobilwerke gmbh” was officially