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® the dynamic duo mercedes-benz sskl 1931 grand prix of germany extraordinary in a class of the exquisite scale 1:18 cmc_sskl.indd 1 28.01.2010 9:46:02

that`s how the victor of the gp of germany 1931 looked rudolf caracciola and his winning mercedes-benz sskl also known as the strong “white elephant” a perfect alliance of man and machine became a truly “dynamic duo” cmc has recreated this victorious race car with starting number 8 true to the original this most impressive model is limited to 4,000 pieces worldwide item-no m-082 one manufacturer dominated the racing scene from the mid to the late 1920’s and even in 1931 that manufacturer was mercedes-benz with its legendary supercharged models from the ssk series the race cars of that period proved their performance in a variety of races the mercedes-benz racers were called the “white elephants” because of their overwhelming power and great size 1931 became a very special year for the talented driver rudolf caracciola and his ssk the mercedes-benz factory in untertürkheim only provided limited support because of the worldwide economic