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special editions extraordinary m-117 mille miglia #658 fangio m-118 mille miglia #701 kling in a class of the e xquisite m-119 mille miglia #704 herrmann m-120 engine with showcase scale 1:18 mercedes-benz 300 slr special

mercedes-benz 300  slr mille miglia the annual endurance race of the mille miglia attracted a very impressive group of competitors in 1955 mercedesbenz had big plans up its sleeve so it sent over a fleet of four racing cars all of the type 300 slr which was to make its debut here with the allotted starting number 658 the first car of the mercedes team started off at 6:58 am starting number starting time and it was piloted by j.m fangio without a co-pilot with starting number 701 karl kling took off on the next 300 slr at 7:01 am followed by hans item no m-117 herrmann and his co-pilot hermann eger at 7:04 am with starting number 704 finally the young daredevil stirling moss and his co-pilot denis jenkinson left the start line with starting number 722 at 7:22 am the outcome of this race became world-famous and went down in racing history subsequently stirling moss turned out to be the triumphant winner cmc recreated his 300 slr some time ago item number m-066 cmc’s

no 658 fangio no 701 kling no 704 herrmann other three cars of the mercedes-benz slr team each item is a worldwide limited edition of 2,000 pieces only j.m fangio finished 2nd in the race item number m-117 karl kling was caught in an accident and had to retire item number m-118 likewise hans herrmann was unable to finish the race due to a fuel spill from the loosened fuel filler cap that forestalled any efforts to carry on item number m-119 inside look through the open drivers door into the cockpit all instruments became recreated true to the original item no m-118 and item no m-119 composed of more then 1,500 single parts a miniature of the premium class fangio and kling drove without a co-pilot their cars were equipped with a metal cover over the co-pilots seat kling`s car had an additional stone guard in front of the wind shield scale

mercedes-benz 300 slr engine with showcase detailed hand-assembled engine replica of the mercedesbenz racing sports car 300 slr replicated with top-notch craftsmanship this 8-cylinder in-line-engine was largely identical with the engine of the grand prix racing car w196 the manufactured product might look slightly different with a capacity of 310 hp it reached a top speed up to 300 km/hr the sheer prowess of the engine along with its reliability and stability led the 300 slr to the world sports car championship in 1955 item no m-120 a typical characteristic of the 300 slr engine are the sidewise installed double exhaust pipes with the small exhaust silencers mercedes-benz and the design of the enclosed product are subject to intellectual property protection owned by daimler ag they are used by cmc gmbh co kg under license 8-cylinder in-line-engine installation position tended 53° to the right felicitous presentation of the mechanical fuel injection pump from bosch cmc gmbh co kg