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speed limiter the rpm limit of the engine parts of a parts catalog mercedes benz 300 sl were is the front of car engine remove the rear seat the front axle catalog of wheel with 5 spokes the word on the wood look at the engine wire and cable catalog black and white catalog black and white catalogs the end of time parts of the engine right of the way the contents of the bearings and parts race race car cover car steering wheel stainless steel wire car mesh car steering wheel covers car covers that look like race car cars technical data car engine cooling system ferrari 250 gt aston martin db aston martin db 2 engine mercedes benz front drum brakes front drum brake oil filler neck 4 spoke steering wheel transverse control arm who would have thought wire spoke wheels ford gt 40 engine spoke and nipples spokes and nipples 12 cylinder engines 12 cylinder engine stainless steel plate stainless steel plates name of parts of a 4 cylinder engine new cars catalog ready to race engines right hand drive gas and oil finish line seat covers front and rear shocks as it was world class wire and cable automotive wires and cables wire and cable management wires and cables wire and cable cables and wires

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our philosophy for 20 year now cmc – classic model cars stands for scale miniatures of the top class we try to make each new development a little better than the one before only this way a constantly progression is possible we think our model history which can be found on built of top-of-the-line materials the last pages of our anniversary catalog does reflect this philosophy very clearly to keep a leading role in model building we dedicated ourselves to several principles seats and interior covered with leather or textile stainless steel spokes aluminium rims highly detailed cast part and only the best paint that`s our demand housing lamp frame glas element safety guard o ur p h il osophy cap hand-crafted with elaborate detailing all our models are completely hand mounted from qualified employees one of our latest developments includes finally often more than 1.500 single parts 4|5 we use for all our models first class paints from the world leading manufacturers such as du

bird`s eye view of the le mans racing car with the legendary starting number 19 alfa romeo 8c 2900 b speciale touring coupÉ rear view of the le mans car 1938 alfa romeo 8c 2900 b „speciale le mans” ready to race the le mans car with its unique streamlined body technical data of the original vehicle 8-cylinder in-line-engine with crankcase that is made of 2 light metal blocks each block includes four cylinders two roots turbo chargers maximum output bore x stroke displacement compression ratio top speed 220 hp at 6,000 rpm 68 x 100 mm 2,905 2,927 ccm 6.3 1 approx 245 km/h wheel base 2,799 mm track front 1,349 mm track rear 1,349 mm scale 14 15 the 1938 le mans racing version the drivers raymond sommer and clemente biondetti led the race till hour 20 with an uncatchable lead of approx 160 km a burst tire set a sudden end to all hopes and dreams

the development of the atlantic coupé was intellectually indebted to ettore bugatti’s son jean only 26 years old he came up with a masterpiece that made automobile history what he presented was a design that had never been seen before and it outshined anything else the car has upheld its halo and fascination to this day by the way the dorsal seam that goes from its wind shield to the rear end is just a style element it`s finely recreated cockpit the dashboard looks true to the original with all instruments and control elements the spare wheel in the rear end hutch can be taken out the gas cap and the cap of the cooler are removable too reminiscent of the seam that held the two body half of the prototype car “aerolithe” together our original was the third and last produced atlantic delivered in may 1938 to the english businessman r.b pope he kept the car for nearly 30 years we spared no cost and effort to find out and realize all single details of r.b pope`s

exact replication of the cockpit the seats are covered with leather and the dashboard is fully instrumented twelve cylinder v-engine complete with all aggregates pipes and cabling large drum brakes with star-shaped air inlets the testa rossa literally “red head” in english owes its name to the valve covers of its 12-cylinder engine being painted red as one of the most hot-blooded and successful race cars of all time it led ferrari to win several sports car world championships and three le mans victories 1958 60 61 among others there is good reason that this car is one of the best-remembered classics in automotive history with its prowess its unique beauty and elegance the testa rossa touched off a fascination that has stayed with racing enthusiasts around the world to this day sergio scaglietti an exceptionally gifted automobile designer had formula 1 in the back of his mind when he started his work on the body design the distinctive front styling proved to be a

due to a change of rules ferrari found itself devoid of a car suitable for the 1968 season of international sports car racing much to the surprise of the international racing world however by the end of 1968 the scuderia had come up with a prototype 312p for the 1969 season a new aerodynamic configuration that is replicated down to the minute detail functional front and rear single wheel suspension on double wishbones with metal coil springs and telescopic shock absorbers 1969 ferrari 312p starting number 25 the first sports car that they built for the forthcoming races had an open-top spyder body and a twelvecylinder three-litre engine with a maximum output of 420 hp a showdown came on march 31 1969 when the 312p was pitted against hotly-favored rivals such as the porsche 908 ford gt 40 and the alfa romeo tipo 33 at the world-famous 12 hours of sebring endurance race eventually the 312p team of chris amon and mario andretti clinched an impressive second place in the overall standings

red like fire 90-years-old maserati was reason enough for cmc to focus on this make which is undoubtedly one of the most venerable italian manufacturers of racing cars cmc celebrated its 90th birthday with a replica of the 250 f after all this racing car is deemed the most beautiful monoposto that had ever hit the racetrack in addition 1957 was a very remarkable and eventful year in the company history back elaborated detail-exact cockpit precise display of the dashboard and the pedals and slotted link for the gear lever true-to-be-original recreation of the complete 6-cylinder-inlineengine with all aggregates then on august 4 more than 200,000 spectators witnessed the start of the grand prix of the century at the nürburgring after an acrimonious fight with his chief rivals mike hawthorn and peter collins each of whom drove a ferrari 801 f1 juan manuel fangio was able to celebrate one of his mot thrilling wins in his more light-weight maserati 250 f with a lead of barely 3.6

various setbacks with the w 25 forced daimler-benz to change in order to keep pace with auto union a decision was made to begin the new season with a fully revamped race car the new w 125 was ready by the beginning of 1937 donington gp racing car 1937 #4 richard seaman it soon became apparent that daimler-benz had created a masterpiece since the german race cars were now so advanced ahead of their competitors grand prix racing was really a duel between mercedes-benz and auto union the w 125 marked the technical zenith in the construction of racing cars at that time rudolph caracciola drove the w 125 to four victories and became the european champion of 1937 the w 125 miniature is hand-assembled and crafted as a treasured collector’s item our devotion to detail is evidenced in the 51 small and 27 large metal rivets and the replication of the 41 cables and wires donington gp racing car 1937 #3 manfred von brauchitsch technical data of the original vehicle

kling`s car had an additional stone guard in front of the wind shield 66 67 inside look through the open drivers door into the cockpit all instruments became recreated true to the original fangio and kling drove without a co-pilot their cars were equipped with a metal cover over the co-pilots seat the annual endurance race of the mille miglia attracted a very impressive group of competitors in 1955 mercedes-benz had big plans up its sleeve so it sent over a fleet of four racing cars all of the type 300 slr which was to make its debut here fangio without a co-pilot with starting number 701 karl kling took off on the next 300 slr at 7:01 am followed by hans herrmann and his co-pilot hermann eger at 7:04 am with starting number 704 finally the young daredevil stirling moss and his copilot denis jenkinson left the start line with starting number 722 at 7:22 am with the allotted starting number 658 the first car of the mercedes team started off at 6:58 am starting number starting time

auto union type d 1938 2,000 pieces item no m-043 scale 1:18 auto union type c bergrenner 1936/37 5,000 pieces item no m-053 scale 1:18 auto union type c 1936/37 5,000 pieces item no m-073 scale 1:18 audi 225 front roadster 1935 item no m-075 scale 1:18 bugatti type 35 1924 item no m-063 scale 1:18 bugatti type 57 sc atlantic 1937 item no m-083 scale 1:18 bugatti type 57 sc atlantic 1937 item no m-085 scale 1:18 bugatti type 35 england 1924 2,000 pieces item no m-100 b-002 scale 1:18 audi 225 front roadster 1935 4,000 pieces item no m-075a scale 1:18 audi 225 front roadster 1935 4,000 pieces item no m-075b scale 1:18 audi 225 front roadster 1935 4,000 pieces item no m-075c scale 1:18 auto union type d 1938 1,500 pieces item no m-089 scale 1:18 bugatti type 35 poland 1924 2,000 pieces item no m-100 b-003 scale 1:18 bugatti type 35 spain 1924 2,000 pieces item no m-100 b-016 scale 1:18 bugatti type 57 sc corsica 1938 item no m-106 scale 1:18 bugatti type 57 sc motor 1938

82 83 mercedes-benz mercedes-benz w165 1939 1,500 pieces item no m-035 scale 1:18 mercedes-benz racing car transporter 1954 item no m-036 scale 1:18 mercedes-benz w154 1938 1,000 pieces item no m-038 scale 1:18 mercedes-benz w154 1938 1,000 pieces item no m-039 scale 1:18 mercedes-benz slr mclaren 2003 item no m-045e scale 1:18 mercedes-benz slr mclaren 2003 item no m-045f scale 1:18 mercedes targa florio 1924 item no m-048 scale 1:18 mercedes-benz w196r 1954/55 5,000 pieces item no m-049 scale 1:18 mercedes-benz w154 1938 1,000 pieces item no m-040 scale 1:18 mercedes-benz w196 1954 55 2,000 pieces item no m-041 scale 1:18 mercedes-benz w196 1954 55 2,000 pieces item no m-042 scale 1:18 mercedes-benz w196 1954 55 item no m-044 scale 1:18 mercedes-benz w125 1937 3,000 pieces item no m-052 scale 1:18 mercedes-benz sskl 1931 item no m-055 scale 1:18 mercedes-benz sskl 1931 techno classica 2013 item no m-055a scale 1:18 mercedes-benz w196r 1954/55 4,000 pieces item no

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