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8 to study the ways in which natural and social phenomena can be portrayed in quantitative terms and to understand the effects and limits of the use of quantitative data in forming policies and making decisions 9 to study one discipline in depth to gain an understanding of that discipline’s methodologies and modes of thought areas of application and relationship to other areas of knowledge 10 to explore the relationships between academic work and one’s responsibility to contribute to the world beyond the campus summary of colby values academic integrity intellectual integrity is a fundamental value of all academic institutions and is at the heart of the primary teaching learning and research activities of the college misrepresenting one s work using sources without appropriate attribution and giving or receiving unauthorized aid on assignments and examinations are dishonest acts that violate the core value of intellectual integrity diversity colby is dedicated to the

anthropological lens to discussions of violence and democracy and gaining a basic knowledge of political issues facing the contemporary andean region students will gain critical reading and discussion facilitation skills while refining their writing skills through the production of review essays prerequisite anthropology 112 four credit hours [ay236 illegal drugs law and the state drawing on legal and political anthropology we will examine the legal regimes and cultures of control that target the commerce and consumption of illegal drugs we will consider the evolution of these policies their role in the construction of the state and their impact in a variety of historical moments and social worlds case studies will include prohibition cocaine medical and recreational use of marijuana and alternative forms of political power facilitated by the drug trade with a special focus on latin america students will gain critical reading and presentation skills and will refine their writing and

analytical writing as well as class discussions and formal presentations students not only develop a greater understanding of cinema but also enhance their written critical and verbal skills prerequisite cinema studies 142 or equivalent four credit hours wurtzler ci491f 492s independent study individual topics in areas where the student has demonstrated the interest and competence necessary for independent work one to four credit hours faculty classics chair professor hanna roisman professors hanna roisman and joseph roisman associate professor kerill o’neill the classics department offers courses listed in this catalogue under ancient history classics greek and latin the department of classics encourages the study of the civilizations of greece and rome the study of classics and classical civilization is an interdisciplinary endeavor based on courses in languages literature history archaeology philosophy political science religion and art classics and classical

working with the kind of divergent thinking that makes poetry possible students will also undertake a more sophisticated investigation of the interplay of syntax with lineation the nuances of pacing and structure the resources of associative thinking the gambits of rhetoric and the complexities of tone final portfolio emphasis on revision prerequisite english 279 four credit hours blevins p harris en380fs creative nonfiction run as a writing workshop that helps student find their own voices as well as their most distinctive and authentic material a sequence of writing assignments and revisions provides practice in various aspects of creative nonfiction including essays of time and place memoirs profiles and opinion pieces these lead up to a longer personal essay on a topic of the student s choice prerequisite english 115 or equivalent four credit hours a burke n harris en382f environmental writing writing on place creative writing using the workshop method to teach students about the

240 314 355 359 ethics on the continent from kant to levinas karl marx and marxist philosophical thought kant and german idealism 19th-century philosophy religious studies 182 jews and judaism in the modern world sociology 215 classical sociological theory course offerings gm120f gaga and kafka writing the self why does lady gaga have a tattoo of a letter written by german modernist author rainer maria rilke why is a letter that franz kafka wrote to his father published as a piece of literature through stories pamphlets music and philosophical texts we investigate voices forms and content as the means through which authors make public their political religious or gendered identity we uncover the continuities between writing the self today—via 140-character tweets or the choicest picture on facebook—and the writings that have made literary stars or political martyrs of authors past conducted in english four credit hours l,w1 shahan gm125f elementary german i introductory

students opportunities to express their creativity learn the fundamentals of design and abstraction and take their first steps into the technical knowledge required to make their own contributions to the merging of digital technology with the creative arts see computer science 157 music 157 and theater and dance 157 for course descriptions satisfies the arts a and quantitative reasoning q requirements twelve credit hours a [is175 ancient greece nature and culture in classical athens an interdisciplinary introduction to the world of ancient greece a three-course cluster focusing on historical philosophical scientific and literary texts to examine how the greeks made sense of themselves and their social and natural worlds see anthropology 175 philosophy 175 science technology and society 175 for course descriptions.satisfies the historical studies h literature l and social science s requirements twelve credit hours l internships 090 internship a carefully directed work experience in a

pl311s philosophical approaches to global justice recent political theorizing as it relates to cultural and social differences and global poverty topics include john rawls s conception of just institutions martha nussbaum s capabilities approach utilitarian arguments regarding global poverty and contemporary writing on recognition for minority and indigenous cultures we will also ask whether the nation-state as we know it can be morally justified in an age of globalization and we will consider arguments regarding the ethical value of patriotism nationalism and cosmopolitanism includes a civic engagement component prerequisite two courses in philosophy four credit hours i moland [pl314 karl marx and marxist philosophical thought beginning with marx s and engels s primary texts the influence of marxist philosophical thought on economic theory revolutionary theory mao guevara castro luxembourg gramsci cultural criticism marcuse adorno feminism hartmann and aesthetic theory jameson

use and dysfunctional family systems students will demonstrate understanding through in-class exercises individual and group problem solving participation in general discussion and weekly response papers previously offered as so397 prerequisite a lower-level social science course three credit hours archibald so375s contemporary family relations mothers and daughters an advanced seminar exploring the western mother-daughter relationship through sociological case studies ethnographies and survey research draws upon myth memoir fiction and poetry systemically considers racial and ethnic variations looking at social science materials and literature representing the experiences and insights of euro-american african-american asian-american latina native american and recent immigrant women and children considers alternative family arrangements such as single-parent mothers and lesbian mothers examines issues of development and stresses on families and relationships prerequisite a 200-level

students maintain and update the college s physical plant and sophisticated equipment and retain flexibility for currently unforeseen but essential investments that will be needed to keep colby in the forefront of innovation and excellence in national liberal arts colleges general information student financial services is located on the first floor of the garrison-foster building staff members are available on weekdays between 8:30 a.m and 4:30 p.m to answer questions about student accounts financial aid student and parent loans and college financial policies student affairs and campus life the colby experience student life at colby is centered on the notion that learning extends beyond the classroom into all aspects of the college experience as shaped by the college’s mission and precepts a colby education is characterized by academic rigor a strong community a friendly campus atmosphere global reach and active engagement with diversity of thought and human difference student

research associate in education sarah c gibbs m.s 2007teaching assistant in biology tracey r greenwood b.a 2007teaching assistant in biology scott l guay m.a 1993senior teaching associate in biology christiane guillois ph.d 2010research associate in english charles w jones 1998instrument maintenance technician joshua kavaler ph.d 2012 research scientist in biology edmund klinkerch b.s 2009teaching assistant in chemistry tara jean kraus b.s 2012teaching assistant in chemistry lisa m lessard b.a 2000teaching associate in physics and astronomy darla linville ph.d 2010-2012 research associate in education wei liu ph.d 2011-2012 research associate in science technology and society lisa m miller m.s 1999senior teaching associate in chemistry rafael ramiro moreno m.b.a 2011-2012 research associate in administrative science amanda murphy ph.d 2012research associate in russian benjamin p neal m.s 2012research scientist in environmental studies bruce f rueger ph.d 1984visiting