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table of contents section page section page f push-pull switches p f1 f2 f3 f4 55 56 57 58 circuit protection wiring accessories one circuit switches two circuit switches marine construction switches special application switches g momentary switches circuit breakers p1 blocks busbars p2 terminal blocks p3 connectors terminals fuses p4 clamps cleats clips ties p5 accessories p6 121 126 128 130 134 135 normally off push-button switches g1 normally on push-button switches g2 two circuit push-button switches g3 marine construction push-button switches g4 special application momentary switches g5 flexible caps g6 door momentary switches g7 59 61 62 62 64 66 67 q electrical connectors h solenoids relays tractor-trailer connectors q1 1 to 6-pole connectors q2 socket plug interiors q3 automotive trailer connectors q4 farm equipment connectors q5 accessories q6 information q7 137 141 143 144 146 147 149 solenoids ­ steel or phenolic body h1 solenoids ­ pvc coated h2 solenoids ­ plastic body h3 modules h4 relays h5 solenoid information h6 71 76 77 79 80 83 r special purpose switches j battery-related products mechanical neutral safety switches r1 neutral safety back-up switches r2 overdrive kickdown switches r3 heavy duty weather-resistant switches r4 foot-operated turn switches r5 voltage reducers r6 151 153 154 154 155 155 low voltage disconnect switches master disconnect switches battery selector/master disconnect switches battery isolators accessories j1 j2 j3 j4 j5 85 87 91 92 94 s knobs nuts standard knobs s1 facenuts hexnuts s2 157 159 k electronic devices t 97 99 displays literature low voltage disconnect switches k1 modules k2 l stoplamp switches clamshell packaging t1 display cards t2 merchandising aids t3 demonstration kits t4 literature t5 161 162 162 163 163 hydraulic switches l1 mechanical switches l2 103 104 m monitoring devices temperature switches m1 oil pressure switches m2 miscellaneous switches m3 105 106 107 n warning devices pilot lights panel lamps sockets warning devices n1 heavy duty pilot lights n2 marine pilot lights n3 hooded panel lamps n4 lamp sockets accessories n5 109 111 114 115 116 cole hersee co 20 old colony ave boston ma 02127-2467 t 617.268.2100 f 617.268.9490 www.colehersee.com