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Catalog D-400 Heavy Duty Catalog

terminal blade adapter 55023 10 5543 15 recessed faceplate mom off mom toggle switch 31784 crimp on connectors mom off mom switch dpdt switch has the mom on mom automotive low voltage disconnect switch on of on toggle switch wiring diagram cole hersee co 87 dodge truck catalog 87 dodge truck parts catalog pl 118 ac001 pl 20 rc eaton 2 speed axle shift c7 c8 c9 eaton axle shift motor overdrive kickdown switch eaton two speed 55015 03 3 way lighting toggle switch off on mom toggle switch eaton two speed shift motor oil pressure switches gmc chrysler oil pressure switch replacing gear shift lever eaton 13 speed replacing dodge gear shift lever 2 terminal oil pressure switch ford golf cart service neutral safety switch chrysler ford two speed axle wiring electric golf cart ford two speed axle motor neutral safety switch where parts for kenworth truck accessories for dodge trucks 19 32 uns 2a dpdt heavy duty heavy duty universal lock actuators heavy duty wire former high tension heavy duty pin mounting cole hersee 2484 cole hersee cole hersee 956 cole hersee 95874 cole hersee 24848 cole hersee 96101 cole hersee pvc cole hersee 75600 01 cole hersee 9183 2612 cole hersee cole hersee 75907 cole hersee 9242 04 cole hersee 48000 cole hersee 71033 02 1 pole female connector cole hersee 12v cole hersee body solenoid

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index part number section page part number section page part number section page part number section page 3 4-digit numbers 407-01 407-03 563 956-3124 956-3125 956-3126 956-3130 956-3134 956-3137 956-4100 956-4104 956-4107 956-4111 956-4113 956-4116 956-4124 956-4138 956-4148 956-4154 956-4198 956-4304 956-4307 956-4311 956-4704 956-5109 956-5307 956-6104 956-7304 1102 1102-f 1107 1107-f 1107-m 1109 1110 1134 1145 1156 1158 1159 1160 1214 1222 1232 1233 1235 1236 1238 1253 1254 1255 1257

vehicle connectors a4 automotive trailer connectors see also on page 4 `1 to 6-pole connectors a 12501 plug in-line trailer connectors flat profile design provides a robust 7-pole or 12-pole connection housings are molded thermoplastic material resistant to ultraviolet solar radiation nickel-plated brass terminals with split contact pins give a positive connection insulators between each terminal provide protection from short circuits spring-loaded socket lid protects the terminals when not in use insulated cable clamp secures the cable minimizing vibration and strain terminal covers are easily removed for access to terminals universal trailer connectors weatherproof connectors wire lead assemblies polarized to assure proper mating of circuits molded bodies color-coded 16awg wire 6 long 152.4mm conductors are properly aligned and bonded into the insulation to assure minimal voltage drop and for ease in connecting circuit identification 1 left turn signal 2 accessory 3 ground 4

b ignition key switches keys for cole hersee ignition switches hencol keys 83357 short 95030-a 95512-a 95514-a 95515-a 95516-a 95517-a 95522-a 95523-a 95524-a 95525-a 95526-a 95527-a 95528-a 95561-01 95564-01 95616 95616-01 95617 95663-01 95663-04 956-9100 patented hencol lock and key system gives trouble-free performance heavy gauge steel plated to resist corrosion b5 accessories protective boots mounting nut containing a durable rubber with a self-closing key slot 83285-01 aluminum 3/4 20 thread 7/16 11.1mm thickness 83288 chrome-plated brass 13/16 24 thread 17/32 13.5mm thickness 83353 long in tables on page 14 this key is denoted `hencol l long key is on these switches 95511-b 95521-b 95520-b 95597 plastic cap 97298 captive black protective cap used with facenut 83295-a tumbler lock key blanks 83406 for these ignition switches facenuts hole to part no thread clear 83296 1 24 21/32 83346 7/8 24 5/8 83348 3/4 24 5/8 8367 3/4 20 5/8 83337 13/16 24 5/8 83295-a 13/16 24 5/8

rocker toggle switches c10 heavy duty toggle switches standard or long handle universal application silver contacts mounting stem is nickel-plated brass 15/32 32 thread 15/32 11.9mm long and fits panels up to 9/32 7.1mm except where stated otherwise phenolic housing with plated steel cap nickel-plated brass mounting hardware blade terminals .250 quick connect screw terminals 6-32 screws 25a at 12v dc 15a at 24v dc c 55023 on-off up on down off two screw terminals with 2 blades attached 55055 on-off long handle bp up on down off two blade terminals silver contact surfaces spst momentary standard handle 11/16 17.5mm long 55020 off-mom on bp up off center mom on two screw terminals silver contact surfaces 55020-04 off-mom on pvc coated moisture and dirt-resistant pvc coated and sealed with an o-ring seal in the stem up off down mom on two 8 203.2mm leads silver contact surfaces long handle 1 1/2 38.1mm long pvc coated housing with wire leads 55052-01 on-mom off long handle up on

e solenoids relays continuous duty 85a except where noted normally open contacts spst one circuit off on housings plated steel phenolic where noted contacts copper 5/16 -24 thread hexnuts and lockwashers included 200a solenoids have silver contacts coil ignition and ground terminals steel 10-32 thread hexnuts and lockwashers included bracket mounting holes 5/16 x 19/32 7.9 x 15.1 on 2 13/64 centers 56.0mm e1 steel phenolic body solenoids 24144 200a electrical rating 200a carry only not to break 200a at 24v dc silver contacts 2 3 1 4 36v insulated 24080 pvc coated model see 24135 2 3 24v grounded 24124 2 1 4 1 3 24080-01 ul-listed same as 24080 but ul and ce rated continuous rating 65a at 36v dc intermittent rating 120a make 65a break 10 sec on 30 min off marine marine listed listed 12v insulated 24115 2 24v insulated 24063 pvc coated and ul-rated model see 24063-08 2 3 1 3 bat 1 4 24059 bp pvc-coated models see 24117 24117-01 2 3 24107 2 1 4 1 3 bat 24059-08 ul listed bp

momentary switches horn buttons 96101 surface mount bp 5a at 12v dc two screw terminals black plastic button 13/16 20.6mm diameter f momentary grounding switch 9059 snap mount 5a at 12v dc chrome-plated brass button with chrome-plated faceplate one bullet terminal snaps into 15/16 23.8mm diameter hole self-grounding in metal panels contacts normally open contacts close terminal to ground with plunger depressed spring return to open 96100 clamp mount 5a at 12v dc same as 96101 but with clamp that allows attachment on a steering column up to 1 1/2 38.1mm diameter compact design 5a at 12v dc except where stated normally off is push to mom on spring return to off normally on is push to mom off spring return to on toggled type is push to on push to off 96102 large button clamp mount 5a at 12v dc two screw terminals ivory plastic button 1 3/4 44.5mm diameter clamp allows attachment on a steering column up to 1 1/2 38.1mm diameter 9075 normally on snaps into .80 .85 20.3 21.6mm

push-pull rotary headlamp switches 3-position on1 ­ off ­ on2 three screw terminals plated steel case h h7 rotary temperature rheostat switches 24054 10a 10a at 12v dc lever actuator mounting stem 1/2 20 thread off battery left rheostat switches for 12v dc systems ceramic insulator with embedded coil for effective heat dissipation 7/16 -28 thread mounting stem 15/32 11.9mm long plated steel case 1.32 33.5mm diameter .88 22.4mm long black plastic knob with metal insert and set screw on on battery right dim/low bright high off c7 light 10a momentary 75705-01 switch diagram 10a at 12v dc mom on1 ­ off ­ mom on2 spring return to off from both positions key actuator with coded tumbler lock mounting stem 13/16 24 thread internal o-ring seal various switch diagram 2i3screw terminals 7493 8 ohm with black knob 7493-07 8 ohm imprinted with black knob imprinted panel lamps off mom on mom on 2 blade terminals 7496 8 ohm with black knob d13 ignition switch diagram 90005-03 reversing

j circuit protection wiring accessories quick-tap wire splicer part no 30223 does it all to make a tap splice with the splicer open press the existing circuit wire red wire in the picture into the outer channel press the tap wire yellow into the inner channel snap the splicer cover into place squeeze with pliers 30245 quick-connect bullet socket mates with bullet terminals 31731 and 31739 self-stripping connector provides fast and easy connect and disconnect for many vehicle applications including vehicle to trailer connections for 18awg to 14awg wires 20 per pack 31731 16-14awg blue bullet terminal for use with 30245 50 per pack 31739 22-18awg red bullet terminal for use with 30245 50 per pack inline fuse/breaker holders to make an inline splice with the splicer open press one wire yellow into the outer channel press the other wire red into the inner channel snap the splicer cover into place squeeze with pliers 30147 for atc/ato type bp accepts ato and atc fuses and circuit

monitoring devices faceted lens k pl-85 series 12v #67 bulb supplied 15/16 23.8mm diameter lens gasketsealed 7/8 22.2mm diameter mounting stem 3/4 19.1mm long plated brass bezel 1 1/4 31.8mm diameter faceted outer lens surface pl-85-ac amber lens pl-85-gc green lens pl-85-rc red lens pl-16 series with smooth lens marine construction 16awg 1.0mm2 insulated stranded copper leads 8 203mm long many items are available with custom imprinting contact cole hersee double contact metal socket 17/32 13.5mm diameter lens chrome-plated brass bezel 1 1/8 28.6mm diameter 7/8 22.2mm diameter mounting stem 1 1/8 28.6mm long 12v #68 bulb supplied moisturerepellent insulator available with custom imprinting contact cole hersee pl-16-ac amber lens pl-16-gc green lens pl-16-rc red lens pl-35-rc with honeycomb lens stainless bezel red lens with honeycomb pattern on the internal side smooth outer surface satin finish stainless steel bezel 3/4 19.1mm diameter 1/2 12.7mm diameter mounting stem 3/8

m additional information sp dp switches with 8 terminal locations some switches have a maximum of eight possible locations for terminals switches of this type include m-58031 series and 58326 series rocker switches diagrams represent both momentary contact or maintained contact switches l b l 1 4 5 6 l 2 3 b l diagram p b 8 7 5 6 blbl diagram l 2 3 diagram q b 8 7 b l 2 3 5 6 bllbl 1 diagram m 2 3 diagram r b 8 7 b l 2 3 4 5 6 l b l diagram n diagram sblbl 8 1 2 3 7 4 5 6 l blbl 2 3 5 6 b l diagram o diagram t 94 cole hersee co 20 old colony ave boston ma 02127-2467