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ced7000t due to popular demand ced introduces the ced7000t tactical timer this sleek allblack version of the ced7000 has been in hot demand by law enforcement military around the world for the past few years now due to its success we have decided to offer it to all our customers the ced7000t offers the same function and design as the original ced7000 but in a sleek all-black design ced7000t $119.95 the ced7000rf model includes wireless remote capability that allows the ced7000 timer to be synchronized wireless connection to a ced bigboard or ced time keeper for displaying results from 30 to 50 yards away from the host timer the rf model is an optional upgrade that can be ordered at the original time of purchase or upgraded at a later date new features and functions memory storage/recall for review of 10 strings and an unlimited number of shots custom par for single or multiple par time settings with variable delay intervals and the first-ever hundredth-of-asecond setting dual

ced universal pocket scale the ultimate digital scale the ced universal pocket scale provides a wide range of units of weight accuracy fast response time and is easy to use universal in that this precision instrument not only measures up to 3,000 grains at 0.10 increments a first in the shooting industry but it also provides measurement in gram ounce troy ounce carat and pennyweight as well finally a truly universal electronic scale designed for compact mobility a simple calibration procedure will prepare the scale for accurate weighing no matter how often it has been handled or moved with protective windshield calibration weight two powder pans and durable storage case all included the ced universal pocket scale is truly the ultimate ·easy to operate calibrate ·easy to change between units of weight ·capacity up to graduation 3,000 grains 0.1 gn 200 grams 0.01 g 1,000 carat 0.05 ct 128.0 pennyweight 0.002 dwt 7.0 ounce 0.01 oz 6.4 troy ounce 0.01 ozt ·tare full capacity

sti on sale team sti 3-in-1 jacket now be one of the first in the usa to own the same high quality 3-season 3-in-1 color-blocked jacket designed for the sti euro team this custom-designed team sti coat is made of high quality taslon fabric with a removable fleece lining that doubles as a zippered fleece sweater loaded with exciting features that include multiple front chest side pockets including asec ret valua b les pocket and a shoulder sleeve timer pocket cinched adjustable waist removable hidden hood removable fleece lining jacket and four sti embroideries all wrapped up into a comfortable 3-season jacket that you will be proud to wear available in sizes s xxl stijac $159.00 sale $69.95 deer harness unless you hunt from your pickup or atv you know what s involved to get your deer out of the woods true deer hunters get back there on foot knowing that the chances of bagging a real trophy increase when they walk that extra mile designed by a hunter who does just that our

daa golden multi gauge never be without the right test gauge again this compact 4-pocket gauge offers all four popular calibers in one piece 9mm .38super .40sw and .45acp the gauge is machined from top quality aluminium and anodized in gold color the gauge pockets are finished using clymer chamber finishing reamers to ensure absolute correct dimensions the multi gauge measures only 16x 52x32mm and is small enough to fit into any pocket or tool box the height is purposely cut shorter than other gauges so that the tip of the bullet head sticks out if a bullet gets stuck as reloaded ammo often does it can simply be pushed loose from below with a finger without the need of a tool it includes a small eyelet for hanging the gauge on a key chain a must have item in every range bag daagmg $29.95 double-alpha academy pdr holster the new daa production division race pdr holster is the latest word in competition holsters specifically tailored for the special needs of production division ipsc

daa race master magazine pouch we are proud to present the daa race master magazine pouch first of its kind this hi-tech magazine pouch was designed by saul kirsch using advanced cad-cam software it is the perfect complementary equipment for the now hugely successful daa race master holster like the innovative race master holster itself the race master pouch is a completely original design unlike anything else seen on the market to date it is constructed from aluminum rather than plastic and this allows a design and performance never before possible in a competition mag pouch it offers a wider and more diverse range of adjustability and mounting options ­ and more important locks rock-solid in the chosen position not losing its settings until the user chooses to change them its wide range of angle adjustments allows the user to position his magazine just so this feature combined with a unique and superior retention system creates a smoother and more consistent release leading to a

dillon hp1 electronic hearing protection the dillon hp1 electronic hearing protectors are the latest technology has to offer using advanced digital technology the hp1 amplifies weak sounds while at the same time blocking out loud harmful noise the hp1 is designed to never completely shut off but instead compress harmful noise to a safe comfortable level the hp1 transmits a high-quality wide-frequency-range sound not the hollow tinny sound common with other electronic hearing protectors now with new auto shutoff circuitry specify blue or black color hp1 $135.00 eparate segmented volrotection rating nrr 21 ·s · p ume allow user to e xternal battery compartment allows easy · access to batteries as well as isolating the bat adjustcontrols volume independently requires four aaa batteries not included proven in the real world on the job and in the tactical arena glock all models complete set of sharp corners serrations undercuts and odd angles because they are distracting notesonthe

jp fire control components and kits jp trigger parts have quickly become the finest the industry has to offer used by many manufacturers for its superior functionality compared to traditional components a properly installed jp trigger is the choice of serious shooters for any application the only way to improve upon the performance and accuracy of the jp trigger is with other fine jp fire control components outlined below including hammers and springs jp ez triggertm system the original jp fire control kit has long been the benchmark for all single-stage ar triggers in terms of precision reliability durability safety and longevity in the market now jp has combined the versatility of their component parts with the convenience of a module in the new jp ez triggertm this innovative new trigger can be installed in about five minutes without any gunsmith fitting or modification of parts it really is the best of all worlds a superb trigger job on par with our own professional inhouse

airsoft the mystery of airsoft goes back for more than 30 years designed and marketed in the us by major bb gun manufacturers airsoft was rooted as a new variant in bb gun manufacturing in place of the air bb gun designed for hunting small prey the airsoft bb gun was designed for pure recreational applications it was perfect for people who wanted to target practice or do indoor shooting with friends it appeals to players who are not concerned about the high-power hunting of a bb gun or pellet gun this is exactly where airsoft bb guns fit in in many countries today airsoft has become an extension of ipsc and idpa competitive sports with clubs establishing courses of fire that resemble these sports duplicating targets poppers and even timing competitors as is done with live-fire sports airsoft has become the ideal way to continue practice during the off-season winter months while in the confines of one s own home a perfect way to introduce children into the shooting sports fun safe for

range ready cleaning kit accessories i ced/daa phosphor brushes ceddaapb $1.95 available in sizes 9mm 38 sup .40 cal 10mm .44 45 cal ­ standard 8-32 thread size specify size when ordering ced/daa stainless steel tornado brushes ceddaatb $2.95 available in sizes 9mm 38 sup .40 cal 10mm .44 45 cal standard 8-32 thread size specify size when ordering ced/daa cotton swabs ceddaacs $1.95 available in sizes .22 cal 9mm 38 sup .40 cal 10mm .44 45 cal standard 8-32 thread size specify size when ordering ced/daa .22 cal nylon brush ceddaa22nb $1.95 the .22 cal pistol brush is ideal for cleaning extractor holes and other small tight hard-to-reach areas standard 8-32 thread size range ready cleaning kit accessories ii replacement hammer head-tips brass head tip ceddaabht $4.95 steel head tip ceddaasht $3.50 nylon head tip ceddaanht $2.50 rubber head tip ceddaarht $2.50 ced/daa 12 ga shotgun 3-pack brush swab kit ceddaa12gp $5.95 contains all of the essential tools for cleaning your

ced shooter s back pack innovatively designed by shooters for shooters this handsfree approach to shooting gear storage is the most functionally unique product to arrive in years the ced shooter s back pack boasts a large center compartment for easy storage of gear a removable pistol bag insert wide padded shoulder straps detachable zippered pouches ideal for magazines sunglasses or cellular phone storage and rugged heavy-duty construction are all standard additionally a water bottle detachable brass bag adjustable accessory straps largecapacity magazine holders and a zippered compartment for papers that includes calculator business card and pen holders are all included to make this the one and only shooting gear bag you will ever again want the ced shooter s back pack adds even more great features each back pack includes a zippered ammo box compartment for easy access to over 200 rounds of ammo storage capacity and for those frequent occasions on the range when there is no place

the new ced/daa rangepack pro backpack the new generation of shooting backpacks has arrived and it is bigger and better than ever no other comes close competitive edge dynamics and double alpha academy are proud to introduce the latest and best in this style of range bags backpacks have a distinct advantage over traditional shoulder-strap bags as they distribute balance the weight more evenly making them more comfortable to carry over long distances often the case on large ipsc shooting ranges however standard run-of-the-mill backpacks don t really cut it while they may be comfortable to carry most tactical backpacks do not offer the features and design needed by competitive shooters on the range furthermore they do not always remain upright when placed on the ground the back panel of the rangepack pro is designed with dense padding to provide the ultimate support in all of the right places the thick densely padded wide shoulder straps are contoured for the utmost in comfort and