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jp fire control components and kits jp trigger parts have quickly become the finest the industry has to offer used by many manufacturers for its superior functionality compared to traditional components a properly installed jp trigger is the choice of serious shooters for any application the only way to improve upon the performance and accuracy of the jp trigger is with other fine jp fire control components outlined below including hammers and springs jp ez triggertm system the original jp fire control kit has long been the benchmark for all single-stage ar triggers in terms of precision reliability durability safety and longevity in the market now jp has combined the versatility of their component parts with the convenience of a module in the new jp ez triggertm this innovative new trigger can be installed in about five minutes without any gunsmith fitting or modification of parts it really is the best of all worlds a superb trigger job on par with our own professional inhouse installation the speed and ease of a module and the versatility of a components trigger the new jp ez triggertm represents the best performance value and strikes the best compromise between safety performance value and mission-specific versatility once you try it we know you will agree jp drop-in .156 small pin ar fire control kit jp .169 colt large pin ar fire control kit ar-15 .154 small pin trigger kit adjustable/reversible selector adjustable ar safety for ambi use lever and screw only reduced power spring kit for ar-15 223 commercial ammo only enhanced ignition reliability spring kit with red hammer spring jpfcp-1ez $259.95 jpfcp-2ez $259.95 jpfc-1 $119.95 jpfc-s $49.95 jpfc-sl1 $17.95 jps3.5 $9.95 jps3.5t $9 95 jp/vtac modular hand guards and accessories beyond particular attention to safety integrity and precision the design of the jp hand guard boasts unmatched user versatility and customizability of mounted components precision available to suit a variety of applications to maximize the functionality of the jp hand guard system jp offers a variety of attachable picatinny rail pieces ranging from 12:00 rails to modular segments new for 2010 jp xl hand guard at 15.5 long it is 3 longer than the existing long hand guard developed in response to customer demand for a longer guard that would cover the gas block on a rifle length gas system m series fits ar-15/m16 platform or similar ar-15/m16 full length oal 12.5 matte finish jphg-1m ar-15/m16 carbine length oal 7.0 matte finish jphg-4m ar-15/m16 mid-length oal 9.125 matte finish jphg-5m ar-15/m16 new for ar-15 application 15.5 tube length jphg-6m $184.95 $184.95 $184.95 $199.95 d series fits dpms lr-308 platform or similar dpms lr-308 or knights sr-25 only full length oal 12.5 matte finish dpms lr-308 carbine length oal 7.0 matte finish dpms lr-308 mid-length oal 9.125 matte finish dpms lr-308 new for dpms lr-308 platform or similar 15.5 tube length jphg-1d jphg-4d jphg-5d jphg-6d $184.95 $184.95 $184.95 $199.95 a series fits armalite ar-10 platform or similar armalite or bushmaster/rock river ar-10 full length oal 12.5 matte finish armalite/bushmaster/r river ar-10 type mid length oal:9.125 matte finish jphg-1a $184.95 jphg-5a $184.95 jp rifle compensators jp tactical compensators bennie cooley signature series in response to rule changes regarding compensators on rifles for tactical match use jp developed an allnew recoil eliminator design rifle compensators used for tactical matches such as the sof wc 3-gun and uspsa limited class must meet the new 1 by 3 size in addition some people prefer a slimmer more compact configuration in their rifle compensator but didn t have a worthy alternative since jp did not make a compensator like this and most of the existing ones had serious performance issues jp set about solving that problem top professional shooter bennie cooley contacted jp to develop a truly high-performance matchlegal tactical rifle compensator with his valuable input jp produced a design that maximizes the potential of the size limitation while maintaining nearly the same recoil reduction and neutrality that has characterized the original jp recoil eliminator bennie was fully impressed with the new compensator and has endorsed it as his choice for action rifle competition all jp compensators are sof/tactical/uspsa limited legal tactical compensator 1.0 x 2.25 tactical match legal size 1/2x28 tpi .750 attachment od matte black jptre-2 $89.95 tactical compensator 1.0 x 2.25 tactical match legal size 5/8x24 tpi .750 attachment od matte black for factory threaded 308 rifles jptre-324 $89.95 1-888-628-3233 order online www.cedhk.com 1913 mil-std gauged rails and hand guard accessories 2 tactical rail for hand guard jptr-s 4 tactical rail for hand guard jptr-l 7 carbine length rail for hg-1 hg-4 or 5 type series jptr-c 9 rail for mid-length hand guard hg-1 or hg-5 series only jptr-m 12 full length rifle rail for hg-1 series only jptr-r front sight tactical rail jptr-fs $28.00 $45.00 $70.00 $75.00 $80.00 $28.00 instructional dvd this dvd includes a wealth of information that will enable you to get peak performance from your self loader it is produced and delivered by john paul of jp enterprises inc the company considered by most to produce the gold standard of m-15 type self loading rifles all the things you need to know to live happily ever after with your gas operated rifle dvd-jpggb $29.95 60 gasgunbasics by jp 59