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Catalog 1955-1957 Thunderbird Parts 2015

Restoration parts & accessories for 1955-1957 Thunderbird

drag link ball stud repair kit power steering control valve ball stud repair kit electric wiper motor conversion kits upper and lower control arm bushing stainless steel tube in tube steel to steel connector 3 wire to 2 wire 2 wire to 3 wire power steering control valve parts search by part number meaning and the parts of the card catalog parts of a parts catalog parts of the body 1955 gas tank filler neck hose wiper motor conversion kit 1955 thunderbird power steering hose kit gas tank filler neck gas tanks filler neck front fender apron rh 16102 a gas tank filler neck grommet rubber gas tank filler neck gas tank filler neck rubber gas tank filler neck hose front fender splash shield 2 12 gas tank filler neck grommet 57 rear bumper brackets clutch release lever shaft power steering ram cylinder 6 volt battery hold down clamp front fender apron rh upper control arm rh master cylinder filler cap 55 fairlane headlight door tie rod adjusting sleeve rear axle bearing retainer front inner fender panels rear spring shackle kit lower control arm bush lower control arm bushing lower control arm bushes lower control arm bushings oil pan drain plug gasket ford crest wheel cover oil pan drain plug oil bath air cleaner power steering pump rebuilt wiper motor conversion kit oil pressure sender switch lower control arm bumper lower control arm inner bush power brake booster kit oil bath air cleaners master cylinder push rod power steering return hose master cylinder push rods

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w hen y ou t hink c o nco o urs q ua a lity p a rts foryo ur t hunderbird 2 ordering information think co onco ours qua ality pa arts ordering by internet the value of your classic ford ultimately depends on the quality of its parts we were so dedicated to concours quality that we named our company after this concept whether you are just out for a sunday drive or showing your thunderbird in a local or club concours d’elegance it is important for you to have concours quality authentic parts on your ford after 40 years of showing fords and thunderbirds as well as selling parts for them we know the difference between just “parts” and “concours quality parts” when ordering from our easy to read catalog you receive only the best parts available the numerous parts that we reproduce as well as other parts we sell are equal to or better than the original ford parts in materials fit and workmanship log on to www.concoursparts.com and place your order 24 hrs a

weatherstrip kit seals gaskets weatherstrip kit evas 1955 kit 18 it if you are repainting your t-bird or just want to “spruce” it up this includes all the usual weatherstrips gaskets that are needed and it 1955 #55-wk .169.95 includes the following ✓1 pr #20530/31 door weatherstrips ✓2 #20570 “dogleg” weatherstrips ✓1 #43720-a trunk weatherstrip ✓1 set #22427-k door handle pads 4 ✓2 #22478 door handle button seal ✓1 #18919-ar antenna pad ✓1 #43625-ar trunk lock pad ✓1 #17696-cr o.s mirror gasket ✓2 #13217-a park lamp pad ✓2 #13211-ar park lamp lens gasket ✓2 #13420-ar tail lamp pad ✓2 #13461-ar tail lamp lens gasket ✓2 #15533-ar back-up lamp pad ✓2 #15510-ar back-up lamp lens gasket ✓1 pr #40629-ar gas door bumpers ✓1 #9080-r gas filler neck grommet ✓1 #16740-ar hood pad ✓2 #17541-r windshield wiper pivot gaskets ✓1 pr #17666-ar

front suspension parts suspension shock absorbers front coil spring kit 3012 kit contains 2 ea #3010 coil springs 2 ea #3011 coil spring insulators 1 ea #3012 coil spring spacer lh only 3010 3011 55/57 kit 145.50 individual parts +3010 3011 3012 spring front 2 req’d ea insulator front spring upper 2 req’d ea spacer frt spring upper lh spring only ea 68.29 4.45 9.95 kyb front rear gas shock kit s ga ks c sho kit contains 2 ea #3014 front shocks 2 ea #3015 rear shocks all necessary hardware to attach 3013-k-kyb 3013-k-kyb-ga 55/57 heavy-duty gas gr-2 kit 55/57 heavy-duty gas-a-just kit 159.95 249.95 individual gas shocks/parts 3013-k-kyb kyb’s gr-2 gas shocks are specially designed to deliver a smoother more comfortable ride a patented check valve minimizes foaming and aeration to make sure the ride stays smooth 3014-kyb 3015-kyb 3014-kyb-ga 3015-kyb-ga 3017 kyb front

1956 5202-a 5203 5205-r 5207-r +5230 +5230-s +5246 +5246-sf +5248 +5248-sf 5251-ar 5251-ars exhaust system parts list exhaust deflector rh ea exhaust deflector lh ea apk-2 bolt kit 56 to attach #5202-3 contains 6 ea carriage bolts nuts locks 18 pcs 2 sides bracket tail pipe hanger to frame interm rh bracket tail pipe hanger to frame interm lh muffler ea muffler stainless steel ea muffler inlet pipe rh steel ea muffler inlet pipe rh stainless with stainless flange ea muffler inlet pipe lh steel ea muffler inlet pipe lh stainless with stainless flange ea clamp tail pipe intermediate rear ea clamp as above stainless ea 35.65 35.65 5259-brs 5261-cr 5261-crs 5263 7.50 5.40 5.40 67.95 249.90 34.95 79.95 34.95 hanger assy as above stainless ea 56 rear tail pipe hanger

8149-ar 8100 cooling system 8149 8100 radiator cap 8100 8100-r c.t.c.i award 8149-br 8100-r bracket caged nut assy lower radiator 8149-ar chrome ford replacement ea 9.95 chrome exact reproduction ea 27.50 note our concours quality reproduction qualifies ford c.t.c.i “excellence in authenticity” award 55/56 with standard or o.d transmission 55/early 56 “air cooled” fm transmission ea 7.19 57 with standard or o.d transmission late 56/57 “water cooled” fm trans ea 10.95 note these brackets solder to the lower radiator tank include “caged” nut 8149-br apk-93 8149-r 8104-fr 8104-fr 8105-fr 8105-fr deflector radiator side air rh fiberglass repro ea deflector rad side air lh fiberglass repro ea 8149-r bracket lower fan shroud to radiator ea apk-93 lower fan shroud bracket 8 pcs 11.95 2.00 115.00 115.00 8259 8218 8cm-8115 8115 8115 8cm-8115 8124 8124 drain cock radiator or engine

10758-bk major kit battery tray assembly includes • 1 #10732 battery tray • 1 #10717-k battery clamp kit • 1 #apk-198 kit • 1 #apk-199 kit 10758-ak 10758-bk 10758-ck 55 used with 2n battery kit 56/57 used with group 29 battery kit 56/57 used with group 32 battery kit note also refer to #10757 heat shield 89.95 104.95 114.95 10732-brk 10732-ark apk-199-a apk-198-b apk-198-a 10757-br 10757-ar 10732 battery tray exact reproduction painted black with all nuts welded in 55 with 2n 6 volt battery ea 69.95 apk-198-a 55 battery tray kit 14 pcs 1.95 56/57 use with group 29 or 32 12v battery ea 69.95 apk-198-b 56/57 battery tray kit 16 pcs 4.95 note also included in #10758-k kit 10732-ark 10732-brk 10757 apk-199-b battery heat shield exact reproduction 10757-ar 10757-br 55 ea 56/57 ea apk-199-a 55 bolt kit heat shield to tray kit

14303-ar 14300-k56 14303 ground strap firewall to engine an exact reproduction 55/56 ea 57 ea apk-204 ground strap engine to fire-wall battery cable to engine 55/57 4 pcs 14303-ar 14303-br 14300-dk battery cable kits 3 10.25 11.50 1.10 concours quality battery cables our reprod 12v battery cables are a must for the serious car restorer they are exact reproductions of the originals with ford engineering numbers printed on cables includes 2 battery cables 1 starter cable 14300-k56 56 set of 3 note ‘55 with 12 volt conversion 57 set of 3 14300-dk 59.95 59.95 14304-br 14300/01 individual battery cables 14304 replacement type 14304-cr 14300 14304-er brackets battery starter cable grommets 14304-br 14304-cr 14304-dr 14304-er 14300-a 14304-dr 55/56 firewall battery shield 2 req’d ea 55/56 starter cable on bell housing 1 req’d

18495-rep 18495 water valve heater control heater 18495-rep fda-18495-d new quality reproduction ea shut-off valve can be used in place of original valve ea includes • 1 ea #18476 heater core • 1 ea #18480-k felt seal kit • 1 ea #18489 square duct • 2 ea #18488 sq duct clamps • 1 ea #18528-r grommet • 1 ea #18570-rk htr gskt set • 1 ea #18556-k defr hose kit • 1 ea #18584-r duct • 1 ea #01890-rk duct gskt kit • 1 ea #18472-k htr hose kit • 4 ea attaching parts kits apk-210 211 212 213 55/57 kit 18495-rk kit water valve manual replacement ea 79.50 215.00 apk-213 18502 clamp heater hoses to rh inner fender panel ea apk-213 kit to attach #18481-r 2 pcs 5.95 .86 18504-r 18513-r 18504-r 18513-r valve heater vacuum mounts inside heater as original nos ea inq squirrel cage fan heater motor

apk-51 25622 fender skirts 25622 rep 55/56 “thunderbird” script rear of quarter panel 2 req’d ea apk-51 kit barrel nuts to attach one #25622 4 pcs 1 side 26.95 1.00 t exacction u rod 16098 fender skirts installation kit apk-28 16098 includes • 1 ea #27974 rh fender skirt • 1 ea #27975 lh fender skirt • 1 ea #29164 rh skirt molding • 1 ea #29165 lh skirt molding • 1 ea 25648/9-rk skirt stone guard kit • 2 ea #27986 fender skirt seal • 18 ea #1939-au skirt molding screw apk-29 57 “thunderbird” script front fender with 4 studs as original 2 req’d ea refer to #25622 for 55/56 scripts apk-28 barrel nuts 4 pcs 1 side apk-29 “speed” nut kit as original style 4 pcs 1 side 24.95 1.15 1.25 27976-k 27976-k57 55/56 kit 595.00 57 kit 595.00

exterior kits apk-115-b apk-113 apk-114 apk-115-a apk-115-b apk-129 apk-131 apk-137 apk-129 apk-135 apk-138 apk-142 apk-135 apk-136 apk-137 apk-138 apk-140 apk-142 apk-272 apk-131 1.75 1.70 .65 .65 .90 1.95 apk-7 apk-9 apk-11 apk-12 apk-18 apk-19 apk-75 apk-35 apk-69 apk-70 apk-73 apk-74 apk-75 lnside mirror base screw kit 3 pcs seat backboard screw washer kit 48 pcs 1/4 panel cardboard screw washer kit 20 pcs dash “l” chrome 04358-9 kit 4 pcs 55/56 drop curtain stud kit 6 pcs 57 drop curtain stud kit 2 pcs apk-79 apk-82 apk-94 apk-95 apk-96 apk-97 apk-79 apk-82 apk-94 apk-95 apk-96 apk-97 apk-140 1.80 7.95 3.95 .95 5.95 11.45 57 inst panel eyebrow stainless screw kit 7 pcs plug buttons for floor of power seat cars 2 pcs dimmer switch plate to floor screw kit 4 pcs steering col half plate to firewall screw kit 9 pcs hood release latch end nut kit 8 pcs