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Catalog 1955-1957 Thunderbird Parts 2019

power steering control valve ball stud repair kit upper and lower control arm bushing power steering control valve parts 1955 gas tank filler neck hose wiper motor conversion kit 1955 gas tank filler neck gas tank filler neck grommet front fender apron rh 16102 a gas tank filler neck hose rubber gas tank filler neck gas tank filler neck rubber clutch release lever shaft 2 12 gas tank filler neck grommet rear axle bearing retainer oil pan drain plug gasket 57 rear bumper brackets oil pan drain plug upper control arm rh master cylinder filler cap front fender apron rh power steering ram cylinder 6 volt battery hold down clamp battery hold down clamp wiper motor conversion kit master cylinder push rod bushing rear spring shackle kit power brake booster kit spark plug wire sets brake booster mounting bracket oil pressure sender switch gas tank vent hose master cylinder push rod power steering pump rebuilt power steering return hose oil bath air cleaner lower control arm bushings stainless steel brake lines license plate light lens lower control arm bumper upper lower control arm kits 12 volt am fm radio oil pick up tube power steering control valve repair kit power steering pump seal kit back up lamp switch power steering control valve seal kit engine dress up kit power steering control valve ford engine dress up kit rear license plate bracket front disc brake kit rear lower control arm front air cleaner to hood seal spare tire hold down clamps ford power steering return hose clamp

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when you think concours quality parts for your thunderbird o rdering i nformat i o n think concours quality parts ordering by internet the value of your classic ford ultimately depends on the quality of its parts we were so dedicated to concours quality that we named our company after this concept whether you are just out for a sunday drive or showing your thunderbird in a local or club concours d’elegance it is important for you to have concours quality authentic parts on your ford after 40 years of showing fords and thunderbirds as well as selling parts for them we know the difference between just “parts” and “concours quality parts” when ordering from our easy to read catalog you receive only the best parts available the numerous parts that we reproduce as well as other parts we sell are equal to or better than the original ford parts in materials fit and workmanship log on to www.concoursparts.com and place your order 24 hrs a day credit card

weatherstrip kit seals gaskets w eatherstrip k it e sav 1955 kit 18 it if you are repainting your t-bird or just want to “spruce” it up this kit is a must includes all the usual weatherstrips gaskets that are needed and it saves you money 1955 #55-wk .169.95 1956 #56-wk .189.95 1957 #57-wk .189.95 includes the following 31 pr #20530/31 door weatherstrips 32 #20570 “dogleg” weatherstrips 31 #43720-a trunk weatherstrip 31 set #22427-k door handle pads 4 32 #22478 door handle button seal 31 #18919-ar antenna pad 31 #43625-ar trunk lock pad 31 #17696-cr o.s mirror gasket 32 #13217-a park lamp pad 32 #13211-ar park lamp lens gasket 32 #13420-ar tail lamp pad 32 #13461-ar tail lamp lens gasket 32 #15533-ar back-up lamp pad 32 #15510-ar back-up lamp lens gasket 31 pr #40629-ar gas door bumpers 31 #9080-r gas filler neck grommet 31 #16740-ar hood pad 32 #17541-r windshield wiper pivot gaskets 31 pr #17666-ar windshield washer

f ront s u spension p arts suspension shock absorbers front coil spring kit 3012 kit contains 2 ea #3010 coil springs 2 ea #3011 coil spring insulators 1 ea #3012 coil spring spacer lh only 3010 3011 55/57 kit 149.95 individual parts 3010 3011 3012 spring front 2 req’d ea insulator front spring upper 2 req’d ea spacer frt spring upper lh spring only ea 71.35 4.25 9.95 kyb front rear gas shock kit s ga ks c sho kit contains 2 ea #3014 front shocks 2 ea #3015 rear shocks all necessary hardware to attach 3013-k-kyb 3013-k-kyb-ga 55/57 heavy-duty gas gr-2 kit 55/57 heavy-duty gas-a-just kit 179.95 259.95 individual gas shocks/parts 3013-k-kyb kyb’s gr-2 gas shocks are specially designed to deliver a smoother more comfortable ride a patented check valve minimizes foaming and aeration to make sure the ride stays smooth 3014-kyb 3015-kyb 3014-kyb-ga 3015-kyb-ga 3017

1955 e xhaust s y stem ‘typical’ 55 exhaust system 1955 exhaust system parts list 5230 5230-s 5246 5246-sf 5248 5248-sf 48 5251-ar 5255-5l 5255-5ls 5255-5r 5255-5rs 5259-br 5259-brs 5261-ar 5263-5 5263-5s 5270-r 5270-rs muffler ea muffler stainless steel ea muffler inlet pipe rh steel ea muffler inlet pipe rh stainless with stainless steel flanges ea muffler inlet pipe lh steel ea muffler inlet pipe lh stainless with stainless steel flanges ea clamp tail pipe intermediate ea tail pipe front half lh ea tail pipe front half lh stainless ea tail pipe front half rh ea tail pipe front half rh stainless ea hanger assy rear muffler ea hanger assy rear muffler stainless ea hanger assy rear of tail pipe attaches to bumper guard ea apk-124 55 kit rear exhaust hanger

8006-r tube h igh -e fficiency o ptima c ooling s y stem h eavy-d uty the best 8147-ar 8149-r 359279-s 63 8149-ar 8115 8145-ak radiator installation kit includes • 1 #8149-r fan shroud to radiator bracket • 1 #8115 radiator drain cock • 1 #8147-ar upper fan shroud seal • 1 #8149-ar or br lower radiator bracket • 2 #359279-s radiator to trans line fitting 8145-ak 8145-bk 55/56 with std or o.d trans 55/early 56 “air cooled” fm trans kit late 56/57 “water cooled” fm trans kit 42.50 46.95 8006-r apk-84-a apk-84-c radiators 8005-std 8005-hd 8005-he 8005-optima 8005-alum 8005-alum-p radiator 3 row core as original ea radiator “heavy duty” 4 row core ea radiator “high efficiency” 4 row core ea radiator “optima” 4 row core ea radiator aluminum radiator light weight and superior cooling ea radiator polished aluminum radiator light

g enerator /b attery 9a 10505-a/b 9b 10717-ak apk-209 10505-bf voltage regulator genuine ford motorcraft 10717-bk 10505-bf 56/57 12 volt ea note #10505-bf is a ford replacement part is accepted by c.t.c.i in concours d’elegance but in order to be eligible for the “excellence in authenticity” award you must have an original regulator 10505-a 10505-b 55 6 volt ea 56/57 12 volt ea 9a decal voltage regulator cover 55 ea 9b decal voltage regulator cover 56/57 ea apk-209 voltage regulator to inner fender panel 3 pcs 99.95 replacement type 59.95 89.95 1.25 1.50 .90 battery hold down clamp kit includes clamp proper quantities of bolts nuts washers grommets 10717-ak 10655-29n-sp 10655-2n-sp 10655-32n-sp our sealed maintenance-free batteries are 100% correct 78 10717-ck these batteries are made of premium quality materials that exceed the original

e lectrical w iring 1957 wiring 1957 wiring also used molded type terminal ends as well as the new one piece molded ends that incorporate more than one wire in the mold this is true for the horn relay terminal in the engine compartment as well as the dimmer switch inside the car our 1957 wires & looms have all of these correct features & are concours quality we also offer the correct heater motor wire so you can qualify for c.t.c.i “excellence in authenticity” award 94 7a200-r 13076-c 13077-c 13410-er overdrive wire loom .ea headlamp socket wiring rh .ea headlamp socket wiring lh .ea parklamp socket wiring rh or lh 2 req’d .ea 13410-dr tailamp socket wires rh or lh 2 req’d .ea 13341 switch wires turn indicator .ea 13412 license lamp wire socket assembly .ea 13754-b map light socket wire .ea 14302-bw wire coil to distributor

h eater ‘typical’ heater defroster 109 18458-r 18458-r cardboard diffuser heater duct ea 7.65 18472-k heater hose clamp installation kit includes • 8 ft #18472 hose • 1 ea #18473-k clamp kit 18471-r 18471-r 18472-k chamber heater air abs ea 58.95 kit note includes enough for bypass hose exac r e p ro d t uction rheat ee cor c 18472-t 18472-t 18472 18472 aluminum tie heater hoses 2 req’d 55 spark plug wire grom 2 req’d ea heater hose 5/8 8 feet req’d per foot 2.70 1.55 18476 18476 nal ‘ orig li e ’ sty 18473-k 18473-k 17.50 kit heater bypass hose clamps 6 pcs note also included in #18472-k kit 4.50 apk-212 heater water core new ea apk-212 kit to attach heater core to housing housing to firewall 14 pcs 99.95

apk-110-b apk-110-a 22400-1-rk 22400-1-rk kit outside dr handles rh & lh less buttons pr apk-110-a attaches #22400/1 to doors 55/56 8 pcs 2 sides apk-110-b attaches #22400/1 to doors 57 8 pcs 2 sides 41.95 1.75 22600-bk 1.75 d oor p arts inside door/window handle kit includes • 2 #22600-ar or br inside door handle • 2 #23342-ar or br window handle • 4 #23370 door/window handle plate • 4 #22624-d door/window handle spring 22600-ak 22600-bk 22427-k 55/56 kit 57 kit outside door handle pad kit stainless steel bushing includes • 2 ea #22428 large handle pad • 2 ea #22448 small handle pad 22427-k 55/57 kit 3.85 22810-b 22810-6-7-reb 22810-rec 22462 22454-ar 22454 124 114.95 114.95 22454-br 22478 22810-55-reb 22810-6-7-reb button assembly outside door handle 22454-ar 22454-br 55/56

353547-s 353577-s 354132-s clip temp wire to head plain ea barrel nut to retain #16098 #25622 scripts ea screw tail lamp lens 55 ea brass fitting power brake booster ea roll pin soft top steel 1/8 ea 354171-s 354171-s 354262-s 1.50 .50 .99 9.95 .80 b7a-5002-b 357001-s 357227-s 356628-s b7a-5002-b 357001-s 357002-s 357216-s 357227-s clip gen wire at fan shroud ea j-nut body to frame ea washer formed body bolt 55/56 ea washer flat body bolt 57 ea large floor grommet 1.87” ea nut with retainer 1/4 20 ea s tandard p art s 353547-s 353577-s 353624-s 353706-s 354132-s 356628-s 2 50 4.95 1.25 .90 2.25 .45 354262-s pin chrome soft top ea roll pin soft top steel 3/32 ea 354284-s 354304-s 354362-s 354713-s 7.95 .60 357412-s 357331-rs 357331-rs