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Catalog 1958-1966 Thunderbird Parts 2018

thunderbird rear quarter upper trim caps radiator support to hood seal power steering control valve parts gas tank filler neck grommet 1966 ford thunderbird lower control arm bushing autolite spark plug decal 12259 wire set spark plug rear axle bearing retainer convertible top weatherstrip kit seat hinge cover trim brake booster check valve rear license plate lamp bracket power brake booster repair power steering pump rebuilt gas tank filler neck grommet ford gas tank filler neck grommet gas tank filler neck grommet 39 ford power brake booster check valve power brake booster repair kit power steering ram cylinder gas tank drain plug gas tank installation kit ford gas tank filler neck spark plug wire kit gas tank filler neck lower control arm bushing 58 62 hood release cable ford steering gear sector shaft rubber gas tank filler neck gas tank filler neck rubber 2 12 gas tank filler neck grommet ford power steering gear sector shaft bearing upper control arm bushing gas tank filler neck repair power steering return hose gas tank filler neck hose upper control arm bushing bolt ford power steering return hose clamp master cylinder push rod bushing clutch master cylinder push rod lower control arm bushings power steering control valve 58 ford inside rear view mirror ford power steering pump reservoir power steering control valve seal kit power steering control valve rebuild kit rear lower control arm ford power steering control valve power steering pump reservoir air cleaner wing nut master cylinder push rod front of rear spring bushing power steering control valve 59 ford rear lower control arm front 59 ford power steering control valve

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w hen y ou t hink c oncours q uality parts f or y our t hunderbird 2 order information think concours quality parts ordering by internet the value of your classic ford ultimately depends on the quality of its parts we were so dedicated to concours quality that we named our company after this concept whether you are just out for a sunday drive or showing your thunderbird in a local or club concours d’elegance it is important for you to have concours quality authentic parts on your ford after 40 years of showing fords and thunderbirds as well as selling parts for them we know the difference between just “parts” and “concours quality parts” when ordering from our easy to read catalog you receive only the best parts available the numerous parts that we reproduce as well as other parts we sell are equal to or better than the original ford parts in materials fit and workmanship log on to www.concoursparts.com and place your order 24 hrs a day credit card

new s color carpeted floor mats ‘58-‘60 floor ‘61-‘63 61/63 logo ‘64-‘66 64/66 logo 58/60 logo cfm-58-60 cfm-61-63 cfm-64-66 rubber floor mats with t-bird logo a7-bb-58/60-aqu a7-bb-58/60-blk a7-bb-58/60-blu a7-bb-58/60-red aqua with logo set black with logo set medium blue with logo set red with logo set of of of of 4 4 4 4 94.95 94.95 94.95 94.95 a7-bb-61/63-aqu a7-bb-61/63-blk a7-bb-61/63-blu a7-bb-61/63-red aqua with logo set black with logo set blue with logo set red with logo set of of of of 4 4 4 4 94.95 94.95 94.95 94.95 a7-bb-64/66-aqu a7-bb-64/66-blk a7-bb-64/66-blu a7-bb-64/66-bur a7-bb-64/66-red aqua with logo set black with logo set blue with logo set burgundy with logo set red with logo

you are repainting your t-b ird or just want to “s pruce ” it up t his k it isam ust 1961 e xterior c hrome t rim k it p2 p2 p1 p8 p1 p2 ea ea ea ea ea ea 16098 apk-28 16644-a 290a76-c 43501-ck 517a08-b fender script barrel nuts hood bezel quarter panel ornament trunk ornament with cover cpe only roof side ornament retainer cpe only 61-bb-ck-cp 61-bb-ck-con 61 coupe .kit 61 convertible .kit 349.95 194.95 1961-1963 exterior chrome kit if 1962 e xterior c hrome t rim k it ea ea ea ea ea ea 16098 apk-28 16644-a 290a76-b 43501-ck 517a08-b fender script barrel nuts hood bezel quarter panel ornament trunk ornament w cover cpe & landau only roof side ornament retainer cpe only 62-bb-ck-cp 62-bb-ck-con 62-bb-ck-lan 62 coupe .kit 62 convertible .kit 62 landau .kit 393.95 234.95 319.95 1963 e xterior c hrome t rim k it p1 p3 p3 p2 p1 p2 ea ea ea ea ea ea 16644-a

brakes/front suspension 2814-a 2814 2814-b clip brake hose or cable 2814-a 2814-b 58/63 park brake cable ea 58/60 brake hose 63/66 brake hose ea 1.65 1.65 2628 2628 rod parking brake equalizer 2628 58/66 ea 14.85 b8s-3643 3a006 b8s-3643 c5az-3a006-c 3a006-ar 2a635-s2581 2a635 3a006-ar cap power steering pump reservoir 58/65 with eaton pump ea 65/66 with ford pump “angular” neck ea 65/66 gasket p/s dipstick ford pump ea 19.95 14.95 .95 2a635-s2580 rear cable parking brake 2a635-s990 2a635-s2031 2a635-s2046 2a635-s2108 2a635-s2581 2853 2853-b60 c5az-3a006-c 2853-s989 2853-b60 2853-s2107 58 1 req’d .ea 59 exc 430 2 req’d .ea 60 exc 430 2 req’d .ea 61/62 2 req’d .ea 63 2 req’d .ea 38.95 38.50 38.95 35.95 37.95 b8a-3021-k front cable

rear springs/engine c4dz-5724-a 5724-k 5724 clamp kit rear spring 5724-k c4dz-5724-a 59/60 as req’d 2 ea 61/66 as req’d 2-1/2 ea note includes #5334 rubber liner 7.95 9.95 b8az-6008-a 6008 gasket set engine overhaul b8az-6008-a 6008-430 58/66 352 390 kit 59/60 430 kit 145.95 179.95 5736 5736 retainer rear spring mounting 5736 59/60 4 req’d ea 5741-b 5741 5741 5741 c1aa-5741-a 8.75 ‘typical’ 61-63 c1aa-5741-a 6028/9 insulator rear spring mounting 59/61 before 2-1-61 4 req’d ea 61 after 2-1-61 approx 4-3/4” long with metal insert as original 4 req’d ea 62/66 approx 7” long 4 req’d ea 16.95 11.50 44 5741-b 5.49 support bracket motor mount to frame b9s-6028 6028-b 6029-b c4sz-6028-c c4sz-6029-c 59/60 61/63 61/63 64/66 64/66 rh or lh 430 ea rh

9b549 9b549 9b549 9550-a 9550-a dash pot 58/66 ea bracket dash pot 58/66 ford carb ea 9577-a 9577 9577-a 9577-b 58/62 65/66 ea 63/64 ea edj-9601-a c3az-9601-b c5zz-9601-pr 9601-a 9a589-f spacer carburetor to manifold 58/61 ea 66 390 428 ea 59.95 59.95 9601 58/66 with holley 4b carb .kit 54.95 58/66 with ford 4b carb .kit 44.95 58/66 3-2bbl carbs .kit 34.95 note also refer to #9503 if you need a sec diaphragm 58/60 .ea 61/63 exc 3-2v carbs .ea 61/63 with 3-2v carbs .ea 64 .ea 65/66 .ea 61/64 v-8 with dress up kit “hi-po” type 13.69 o.d x 2-1/2 high .ea 15.00 13.95 29.70 13.95 18.95 11.50 9603-br wing nut chrome for top

13480 b8s-13410 13410 b8s-13410 13420 13480 13420-d 13480 c5sz-13480-b pigtail & socket parklight assembly 58/60 exact repro ea 11.95 39.95 pad tail lamp body mounting 60 6 req’d ea 61 grey ea 62/63 white ea 8.25 7.50 7.25 c6sz-13482-a 13482-a c6sz-13482-a 13434-c relay stop light 65 to 11/17/65 ea late 65/66 with 4-wire pigtail ea 49.95 65.00 13434-d c1sz-13a480-a housing tail lamp 13434-c 13434-d 58/64 ea 65/66 mounts under dash on brake pedal assy 23.50 13482 13434 switch stop lamp 61 ea 62/63 ea tail lamp c0sz-13420 13420-d 13420-c c0sz-13420 c5sz-13480-b 67.95 89.95 13a480 retainer tail lamp bucket c1sz-13a480-a c2sz-13a480-b 61 ea 62/63 ea 25.50

mirror/bumper 17700-r 17700-c c4sz-17758-fk 17700-d 17700-b 17700 mirror inside 17700-r 17700-b 17700-c 17700-d 58/59 mirror & stem .ea 27.80 60 “day-nite” twist type .ea 69.95 49.95 61/66 “day-nite” w push button .ea 45.00 61/66 “day-nite” twist type .ea note: see #17690 #17698 for 61/66 mounting ball & bracket note: see #17702 for 58/59 mounting bracket assembly c4sz-17758-rk 17758 kit bumper bolt c1sz-17758-fk c1sz-17758-rk c4sz-17758-fk c4sz-17758-rk c2sz-17690-f 17690 c2sz-17690-f 17698 17698 .kit .kit .kit .kit 24.95 27.95 26.95 21.95 arm inside mirror 61/66 pr 18.95 bracket inside mirror 61/66 glues to windshield chrome ea 17758-a 10.35 76 17758-a 17758-bb 17763 b8s-17702-a b8s-17702-a front rear front rear 17698 17758 17702

22428-dk 22428-bk 22051-k door parts 22051 22051-k 22051-dk 58/64 pr 65/66 dual side pr 22075 4.25 5.95 22428-bk 22428-dk 22454 58/60 ea 61/63 ea 3.95 5.95 spring door lock operating lever 58/60 ea pad kit outside door handle 58/60 set of 4 64/66 set of 4 b8sz-22454-ar 22075 c0ab-6422058-a shim striker plate b8sz-22058 c0ab-6422058-a 22075 22428 key blanks ignition trunk b8sz-22058 22058 22051-dk 8.50 10.35 c4sz-22454-c c1sz-6322454-a door handle button b8sz-22454-al b8sz-22454-ar c1sz-6322454-a c4sz-22454-c 58/60 lh ea 58/60 rh ea 61/63 ea 64/66 ea 19.95 19.95 36.95 17.95 .95 22624-d 23370 357550-s c1sz-22268/9-b 22268/9 deflector vent window 61/63

517a18-c 53310 53310-a 53310-b back panel gear housing 59/63 ea 64/66 ea 517a18-b 194.50 189.95 convertible tops we offer the finest most authentic thunderbird convertible tops available anywhere all tops are vinyl with plastic rear window and black underside 217-bb-58/60-b 217-bb-58/60-w 217-bb-61/63-b 217-bb-61/63-w 217-bb-64/66-b 217-bb-64/66-w 58/60 black ea 299.95 58/60 white ea 299.95 61/63 black ea 299.95 61/63 white ea 299.95 64/66 black ea 299.95 64/66 white ea 299.95 note they carry a 3 year warranty on material and workmanship for the top itself and no warranty on the plastic rear window 517a18-a 517a18 517a18-a 517a18-c 517a18-b ornament side roof 64 all with painted roof ea 65 all with painted roof ea 66 all with