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Catalog 1960-1972 Galaxie & LTD Parts 2015

rear wheel cylinder repair kit rear license plate light assembly power steering control valve parts chrome engine dress up parts search by part number part of card catalog of call number galaxie 500 4 door hardtop 63 galaxie 500 4 door hardtop 64 galaxie 500 xl door 63 galaxy 500 convertable 64 galaxie 500 xl convertable quarter window anti rattlers 12259 wire set spark plug 1963 galaxie 500 parts autolite sta ful batteries autolite sta ful battery 1967 galaxie 500 parts sun visor anchor pin retainer steering idler arm bushing 95 convertible top boot 428 super cobra jet radiator side air deflector door lock striker plate 1964 ford galaxie engine parts steering gear overhaul kit 63 galaxie 500 parts power steering ram cylinder 64 galaxie 500 parts molding clips rear window power steering pump rebuilt water temp gauge lense power steering hose kit oil pan drain plug gasket power steering hose kits master cylinder push rod bushing rear lower quarter panel clutch master cylinder push rod rear arm rest with ash tray 68 rear quarter panels rear main bearing seal 390 oil pan drain plug dash to engine wiring harness 6 volt battery hold down clamp power steering hose kit ford power steering control valve hoses ford galaxy engine parts master cylinder push rod radiator support to hood seal master cylinder push rods power steering control valve rebuild kits shift linkage repair kit door trim panel clips battery hold down clamp 289 ford engine dress up kit rear license plate lamp assembly

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w hen y ou t hink c oncours q uality parts f or y our g alaxie 2 ordering information think concours quality parts ordering by fax the value of your classic ford ultimately depends on the quality of its parts we were so dedicated to concours quality that we named our company after this concept whether you are just out for a sunday drive or showing your ford in a local or club concours d’elegance it is important for you to have concours quality authentic parts on your ford after 40 years of showing fords and thunderbirds as well as selling parts for them we know the difference between just “parts” and “concours quality parts” when ordering from our easy to read catalog you receive only the best parts available the numerous parts that we reproduce as well as other parts we sell are equal to or better than the original ford parts in materials fit and workmanship please fill out our order form in the centerfold of your catalog and fax anytime to 800

a8-ae accessories concours 300 series economy type metal to metal buckle with plastic cover button release concours 300 series am/fm front aux port to plug in your ipod or mp3 player separate bass treble 4-way fader 20 presets 15fm/5am manual tuning seek preset scan lcd w/green illumination 200 watts 1 yr warranty khe-300-60-c khe-300-63-c 60/62 all chrome face ea 63/64 all chrome face ea a8-ae a8-be a8-ce black per person blue per person brown per person 269.95 269.95 e in availabl lack b red or sp-1 sp-1-p c0ab-6213086-rds satb-13 13086 stereo speaker sp-1 sp-1-p satb-13 12 24.95 24.95 24.95 60/62 dual 4 speakers mounts in the original location in dash ea 60/62 dual 4 kenwood speakers mounts in the original location in dash ea 63/64 dual 4 speakers mounts in the original location in dash ea 39.95 floor mats rubber with

suspension/steering c3az-3000-std 3000 c3az-3000-pwr kit inner outer tie rods includes inner outer tie rods connector sleeves c0az-3000 c3az-3000-pwr c3az-3000-std c5az-3000 c9az-3000 3a130 60 kit 61/64 power steering kit 61/64 standard steering kit 65/68 kit 69/71 kit 235.95 155.95 155.95 195.95 195.95 tie rod inner c0az-3280-a c3az-3280-a c3az-3280-b c5az-3280-a c9az-3280-a 60 rh or lh ea 62/64 rh or lh w pwr steering ea 62/64 rh or lh w man steering ea 65/68 rh or lh all ea 69/71 rh or lh all ea except special performance cars 3310 tie rod end outer 3a130 c3az-3a130-a c5az-3a130-a c9az-3a130-a 3280 60 rh or lh includes seal ea 62/64 rh or lh includes seal ea 65/68 rh or lh includes seal ea 69/71 rh or lh includes seal ea

‘typical’ 60/64 oil pump c5zz-6a582-c/d c5zz-6a582-c hipo chrome valve covers concours correct valve covers for the hipo 289’s all chrome plated also originally available from ford as an over the counter dress up accessory engine c5zz-6a582-c/d 64/up 289 hipo engine pr 79.95 chrome valve covers quality chrome covers at an economical price does not include p.v.c grommet c5zz-6a582-c c7zz-6a582-c 64/73 289 302 pr 61/73 390 427 428 pr 48.95 48.95 b6a-6600-a 6600 e7az-6a892-a b6a-6600-a c8az-6600-a c20z-6600-a c5az-6600-a w-84889-b w-89771-b valve cover grommets p.v.c oil cap molded rubber minor trimming required e7az-6a892-a w-89771-b w-84889-b 1” opening used on o.e.m stamped steel valve covers chrome hipo’s ea p.v.c grommet for chrome valve covers 1” o.d 3/4” i.d ea oil cap grommet for chrome valve covers 1 1/4” o.d 1” i.d ea

fuel system c2az-9275-d 48-7006066 380004-s 375838-s 379070-s c5az-9275-j gas tank door rubbers c6az-9275-w c6az-9275 9275 48-7006066 380004-s 375838-s 379070-s 60 pr 61 pr 62/64 pr 65/70 pr 1.00 2.95 2.95 3.95 fuel gauge tank sending unit c2az-9275-d c5az-9275-j c6az-9275 60/64 all except s/w ea 65 all except s/w ea 66/68 all except s/w vehicles without low fuel warning system ea 66/68 all except s/w vehicles with low fuel warning system ea c6az-9275-w 84.95 84.95 84.95 3461-9350 99.95 3450-9350 d1fz-9a011-a 9a011 d1fz-9a011-a d1az-9a011-a 9276 c0af-9276-a screen fuel sender pick-up tube for 5/16” tube ea for 3/8” tube ea 12.95 12.95 6523-9350 gasket gas tank gauge sender 60/up included in #9275

ignition system 51 ‘typical’ y-block ignition wiring pertronix performance parts 12029-ft-b 12000-ft solid-state breakerless electronic ignition system benefits • never change points again • increased horsepower • improved fuel economy • easy installation no complicated wiring • increase spark plug life by 2 to 3 times • no contacts to burn pit or corrode • no moving and rubbing parts to wear out guaranteed for 30 months 60/up v8 ea oversized or special shipping 12259-ft 12029-ft high performance coil the flame-thrower coil can benefit virtually any distributor type induction system the higher voltage allows larger spark plug gaps for added power smoother response and better fuel economy they’re oil filled for better cooling voltage insulation 12000-ft 12000-ft 12029-ft-c 12029-ft-b 12029-ft-c 60/up black ea 60/up chrome ea 34.95 41.95 12259-ft

b-14585 14570-r 14570 14570-r clip seat window switch retainer 60/64 ea 2.25 c5az-15510-a clip wire loom in frame b-14585 60/up all cars ea 1.00 b-14585-h 60/64 wire clip same as above only 1/8” higher 1.00 b-14586 60/64 wire clip 1/2” x 1.07” long 1.00 15510 gasket back-up lamp lens c2ab-15510 c4az-15510 c5az-15510-a c5az-15510-b c6az-15510-a d0az-15510-a d1az-15510-a 62 set of 4 64 set of 4 65 bodys 54a 57 62a 63b 63c &76set of 4 65 bodys 54b 54e 62b 62e pr 66 bodys 54 57 62 63 76 set of 4 70 all pr 71 all pr 7.00 9.00 12.00 7.00 12.00 8.00 8.00 14608 14608 14608 retainer firewall main wiring grommet 60/61 ea 12.95 back-up lamp 14585 b-14586 c0af-15514-c 15514 lens back-up lamp c0af-15514-c wiring grommet attaches to cowl inner

399.95 62/64 body 65a clear ea 419.95 63/64 body 63a 63b shaded ea 430.00 63/64 body 63a 63b clear ea 490.00 note additional shipping applies to all windshields +c2az-03100-c +c3az-03100-s +c3az-03100-c c1ab-6203110-b 03110 windshield weatherstrip c1ab-6203110-b c5az-62021a22-pr c1ab-7603110-a c1ab-6303110-a c2az-6203110-a c6az-62021a22-pr c7az-62021a22-pr c3az-6303110-c 021a22 seal cowl side panel fasteners 65 to fender pr 66 to fender pr 67 to fender pr 68 to fender pr 69/70 to fender pr 60 all except 63 2 dr hard top starliner 76 convertible 61 all except 58f custom 300 4 dr sedan 63 2 dr hard top starliner 64h custom 300 2 dr sedan and 76 convertible ea 60/62 convertible 76 ea 60/61 starliner ea 1962 bodies 65 75 62 54 1963 bodies 65 75 63/64 bodies 62 54

c0ab-6245028 45028 anti-rattler trunk torsion bar c0ab-6245028 60/64 ea 3.00 weatherstrip roof side rail coab-6351222-3-b c3az-6351222-pr c5az-5751222-a c6az-5751222-a c7az-5751222-a c8az-5751222-a c9az-5751222-a d0az-5751222-a d1az-5751222-a c5az-6351222-a c6az-6351222-a c7az-6351222-c c7az-6351222-d c8az-6351222-a c9az-6351222-a d0az-6351222-a c8az-6551222-a c9az-6551222-a d2az-6551222-pr d1az-5351222-set 51325 60/61 starliner 63 pr 63/64 fastback 63 pr 65 57 4 door hardtop pr 66 57 4 door hardtop pr 67 57 4 door hardtop pr 68 57 4 door hardtop pr 69 57 4 door hardtop pr 70 57 4 door hardtop pr 71/72 57 4 door hardtop pr 65 63 2 door hardtop fastback pr 66 63 2 door hardtop fastback pr 67 63b 63c 2 door hardtop fastback pr 67 63j 2 door hardtop fastback

1964 64 64 64 64 rh 2 door ea lh 2 door ea rh 4 door ea lh 4 door ea rear quarter panel lower front section 99.95 99.95 124.95 124.95 64 rh 2 door ea 64 lh 2 door ea 64 rh 4 door 18 height ea 64 lh 4 door 18 height ea 54.95 54.95 c5az-11136-r headlamp panel c4az-13008-r c4az-13009-l 64 rh 13 ea 64 lh 13 ea 44.95 44.95 rear quarter panel lower rear section c4az-27840-r c4az-27841-l 64 rh 4 door alter for 2 door 66 ea 64 lh 4 door alter for 2 door 66 ea 169.95 169.95 114.95 114.95 front floor pan c4az-11136-r c4az-11137-l dog leg c4az-27830-r c4az-27831-l c4az-27844-r c4az-27845-l c5az-11137-l 64 rh ea 64 lh ea +note use with footwell floors crude reproduction but it is