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2 p 888.498.5747 f 216.391.5352 THUNDERSTUD LENGTH IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM TECHNICAL DATA ANCHOR DIAMETER (in.) EMBED. DEPTH (in.) Torque Ft/Lb 2000 PSI 4000 PSI 6000 PSI Tension (LB) Shear (LB) Tension (LB) Shear (LB) Tension (LB) Shear (LB) 1/4 5-10 1-1/8 1-3/4 2-3/4 1170 1841 1975 1443 1443 1443 1771 2408 2748 1813 1813 1813 2773 2773 2830 2635 2635 2635 3/8 25-30 1-1/2 3 5 1631 3229 4075 4318 4318 4318 3636 5653 6328 5121 5121 5121 4448 5975 6360 6232 6232 6232 1/2 50-60 2-1/4 4 6 3999 6336 6902 7419 7419 7419 6714 8942 10175 9377 9377 9377 9616 10192 12064 9888 9888 9888 5/8 75-90 3-3/4 5 7 4999 8854 9381 8264 8264 8264 8747 15590 16710 12928 12928 12928 9760 19802 17732 16373 16373 16373 3/4 150-175 3-1/4 6 8 6638 10084 11170 12504

4 p 888.498.5747 f 216.391.5352 DROP-IN A Drop-In anchor consists of a zinc plated steel tubular expansion shield and a solid, cone-shaped expander plug. The expander plug is case hardened and tempered to prevent galling and binding during expansion. The shield has four equally spaced slots for a portion of its length, the bottom part may be knurled. The shield also has a smooth, flangeless top that allows either flush or countersunk installation. the bottom lip of the shield is tapered to allow maximum depth and holding power. SIZE LENGTH DRILL BIT THRD. LENGTH BOLT DIA. PULL-OUT Values shown are average ultimate values and are offered only as a guide and are not guaranteed. A safety factor of 4:1 or 25% is generally accepted as a safe working load. Reference should be made in applicable codes for specific working ratio. Minimum embedment for satisfactory anchor performance is 4-1/2 bolt diameters. Deeper embedments will yield higher

6 p 888.498.5747 f 216.391.5352 LEADWOOD SCREW ANCHOR The cavity of the Leadwood screw anchor tapers and is designed to facilitate proper expansion in masonry. The anchor is split from the bottom up for most of its length and has longitudinal ribs for a portion of its length. The top end of the anchor tapers outward from the anchor diameter into a tubular thin section cone. The tapered diameter at the outer end of the anchor, in combination with the longitudinal split, facilitates ease of initial expansion and prevents the anchor from turning in the masonry. As the screw progresses deeper into the anchor, the longitudinal ribs bite into the masonry, preventing the anchor from twisting and allowing the screw to form its own threads. TECHNICAL INFO Approvals: Meets G.S.A. Specification F-S-325, Group IV, Type 1. Applications: Light duty into concrete, block and brick. Installation: (1) Drill hole into the base material (see chart below for

7 p 888.498.5747 f 216.391.5352 SINGLE EXPANSION ANCHOR The Single expansion anchor consists of a nut, a cone and a tubular shield preassembled as a single unit. The two piece tubular shield is bound together with one spring band. It contains a wedge shaped nut at one end. Integral lugs on the nut and cone keep the wedges from turning in the tubular shield during expansion. The anchor are of precision die-cast zinc alloy commonly known as Zamak 5. the expansion action at one end of the anchor distributes the anchored load throughout the length of the anchor. This expansion anchor is recommended for shear loads or where the bolt is subjected to side pressure or vibration. Once fastened, the object may be unbolted, removed, and/or refastened. TECHNICAL INFO Approvals: Meets Zamak 5 Zinc Alloy: A.S.T.M. Specification 24 (AC41A) and S.A.E. 925. Applications: Medium duty in concrete, block and brick. Installation: (1) Drill hole of recommended

9 p 888.498.5747 f 216.391.5352 LAG SHIELD ANCHOR This two-part expansion shield is preassembled into a self-contained single unit. The shell-like unit has tapered internal threads for a portion of its length. The outside of the anchor has a series of circumferential ribs starting at the bottom and running for a major portion of its length. The back end of the anchor has two equally spaced ribs that protrude beyond its diameter and run for a portion of its length. Precision internal threads permit easy turning of the lag screw without lubrication. Once fastened, an object may be easily unbolted and removed. All parts of the completed unit are made of zinc alloy commonly known as Zamak 5, a rust-proof material. The anchor comes in two lengths, short or long. The short lag shield is for anchoring in high grade concrete or where thickness of base material prohibits the use of a longer length shield. The long Lag shield is for use in lower grade base

10 p 888.498.5747 f 216.391.5352 TAPCON CONCRETE SCREWS The TapCon brand concrete screw cuts threads in a predrilled hole in concrete, brick or block. The screw has alternating raised and lowered threads with diamond cut notches which provide exceptional holding power and stability. The TapCon brand concrete screw is available in both 3/16" or 1/4" diameters with either a flat phillips #3 countersunk or a 5/16" hex washer head. All screws are plated using the Stalgard coating which provides extended life and additional lubricity for ease of installation. TapCon screws are also available in 410 stainless steel finished with a silver Stalgard. The stainless steel screws have shown no red rust in salt spray test performed at a certified A2LA laboratory per ASTM B117 specifications. TECHNICAL INFO Applications: Light to medium duty in concrete, brick and block. Installation: (1) Drill hole into base material using the drill bit provided with the

12 p 888.498.5747 f 216.391.5352 METAL HIT ANCHOR The Metal Hit Anchor is a precision diecast, light-duty concrete anchor combining unusual toughness and remarkable strength. The Metal Hit anchor consists of a cylindrical zinc alloy body and a zinc plated steel pin expander. The shank, from the bottom up, is split a major portion of its length. The anchor body has a bore which runs through the head thickness and into the shank for a depth just beyond the point where the slot terminates in the body. The steel pin expander is made of high carbon steel, properly heat treated, and heavily zinc plated for maximum corrosion resistance. TECHNICAL INFO Approvals: Meets G.S.A. specifications FF-S-325, Group V, Type 2, Class 3. Applications: Light to medium duty in concrete block and brick. Installation: (1) Drill hole in base material equal to diameter of anchor being used. Hole depth should be at least 1/4" deeper than the anchor embedment. (2) Clean

14 p 888.498.5747 f 216.391.5352 STRIKE ANCHOR The strike anchor is an impact-expansion type concrete anchor. The body of the anchor is carbon steel with an interior hole extending the length of the anchor. The hardened drive pin comes inserted in the interior hole of the anchor. The anchor is threaded on the top end where the drive pin is inserted. The other end of the anchor has four equally spaced slots for a portion of its length, with ribs extending the circumference of the anchor for a portion of its length. The entire anchor is yellow dicromate over zinc plating. TECHNICAL INFO Approvals: Meets I.C.B.O. standards report #4194, Meets City of Los Angeles Approval #25109, Meets or exceeds G.S.A. Standards G.S.A. FF-S-325, Group V, Type 2 Class 2, Meets load factors in compliance with A.N.S.I. A58-1, Meets plating standard in compliance with A.S.T.M. E488488. Applications: Medium to heavy into concrete. Installation: (1) Drill hole of sufficient

15 p 888.498.5747 f 216.391.5352 HANGAR MATE HangerMate is an anchoring/fastening system that allows fast and reliable attachment of 1/4" or 3/8" threaded rod into concrete, steel and wood. All HangerMates are made of a solid, onepiece, cold-formed and machined alloy steel, with either a precision crossdrilled or straight drilled and tapped head. All anchors are yellow chromate zinc plated. TECHNICAL INFO Approvals: Each different HangerMate has specific approvals and specifications, please call 1-888-498- 5747 for all current code approvals. Material Specifications: Each type of HangerMate anchor is made from different steel specifications. These specifications are available upon request. Applications: HangerMate anchors are ideal for overhead vertical or horizontal support applications in wood,, concrete and steel beams or joists. Installation: For Metal or Wood (1) Insert HangerMate recessed drive socket ZE215 into corded screw gun (min. 4.5

17 p 888.498.5747 f 216.391.5352 TOGGLER BOLT The patented TOGGLER brand toggle bolt operates like no other. Each anchor has a one-piece steel anchoring channel pivoted on durable installation legs. The sliding cap ratchets down the legs to securely "capture" the wall between the channel and the cap. The legs snap off easily, flush with the wall. The Toggler bolt is also available with a stainless steel channel. TECHNICAL INFO Applications: light to medium duty in hollow block, hollow brick, wall board, paneling, plaster, fiberglass and composite panels. Installation: (1) Drill appropriate sized hole. Hold metal channel flat alongside plastic straps and slide channel through hole. (2) With one hand, pull ring so metal channel rests flush behind wall as you slide plastic cap along straps with other hand until flange of cap is flush with wall. (3) Place thumb between plastic straps, Push side to side snapping off straps flush with wall. (4) Insert

18 p 888.498.5747 f 216.391.5352 PLASTIC TOGGLER The plastic Toggler consists of four legs and a body. The four legs are joined by hinges to form a diamond shape which attaches to the side of the body. The body has a hole through the center and webs on the sides to resist spinning during installation. The legs collapse to form a tonjue, which allow them to be inserted in to the hole. As the screw passes through the body, it draws in and expands the legs for double holing power. The key-activated positive locking action allows the anchor to become a rigid, weight-distributing truss. Anchors can be used in any material (masonite, plywood, paneling, concrete, drywall, etc.) of any thickness above the minimum wall grip range. Anchors will perform as wedge or solid wall anchors in materials with thicknesses above wall grip range, without modification. TECHNICAL INFO Applications: Light to medium duty in concrete, brick,block, drywall, masonite,