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the campus connecticut college catalog service desk along with the blue camel café and small group study areas the library also has three computer classrooms/laboratories and the advanced technology lab the charles chu asian art reading room provides a quiet study area as well as exhibit space the linda lear center for special collections and archives opened in 2008 the library collection consists of more than a million books both print and ebook 100,000 media and computing materials 5,500 subscriptions to periodicals including some 4,200 ejournals shain library is also a partial repository for government documents with nearly 500,000 items the library adds approximately 10,000 volumes to its collection each year the collection is augmented through the ctw consortium a partnership with trinity college and wesleyan university that provides fast access to more than 2.2 million items all three libraries are united by a shared online catalog the digital commons serves as the

arabic studies/art connecticut college catalog anthropology 380f applied anthropology in french or creole  this optional section will meet for an additional hour each week to discuss supplemental readings in french or creole students participating in the foreign language section will receive one additional credit hour pass/not passed marking students electing anthropology 380f must concurrently enroll in anthropology 380.  c benoît anthropology 383 laboratory methods in archaeology  introduction to archaeological laboratory protocol and intensive training in materials identification classification analysis and database design materials training includes analyses of lithic artifacts vertebrate and invertebrate fauna plant remains and ceramics two lectures four hours of laboratory work prerequisite course 102 and at least one anthropology course at the 200 level open to sophomores juniors and seniors enrollment limited to 12 students.  a.p graesch

chemistry connecticut college catalog prerequisite at least three courses in biology botany or environmental studies also open to upper division anthropology and economics majors with permission of the instructor enrollment limited to 15 students this is a designated writing course.  staff botany 308 methods and theories of ethnobotany  an advanced perspective of methods and theories in the science of ethnobotany the course introduces students to a wide variety of approaches including cognitive ecological and economic both quantitative and qualitative methods will be studied this is the same course as anthropology/environmental studies 308 prerequisite botany 117 and either botany 115 or anthropology 104 enrollment limited to 30 students.  m lizarralde botany 493k 494k ecological restoration  this is the same course as environmental studies 493k 494k refer to the environmental studies listing for a course description botany 311 ethnobotany of southern new

economics connecticut college catalog prerequisite course 202 or permission of the instructor enrollment limited to 16 students.  staff japanese 317f heroes and heroines in japanese literature and film  this optional section will meet for an additional hour each week to discuss supplemental readings in japanese students participating in the foreign language section will receive one additional credit hour pass/not passed marking students electing course 317f must concurrently enroll in east asian studies/film studies/japanese 317 this is the same course as east asian studies /film studies 317f.  s harb japanese 400 advanced japanese further development in spoken and written japanese to prepare students to handle a variety of communicative tasks students learn to express opinions and narrate experiences in all major time frames in paragraph length discourse special emphasis on developing reading and writing skills course content changes each semester

film studies connecticut college catalog the minor in film studies the minor in film studies consists of at least six courses including 101 202 and four courses chosen from lists a b and c below with at least one from each list at least five courses must be at the 200 level or above qualifying courses for the major and minor different departments at the college regularly add new courses that fall under the different categories of requirements for the film studies program sometimes on a one-time basis it is impossible therefore to offer in this catalog a complete and exact list of courses that fulfill each requirement as such some courses that will count for the major are likely to be absent from the lists that follow students should consult the film studies program for information on whether a particular course offering in another department may count for the film studies major or minor a  national cinemas: anthropology 235 same as gender and women’s studies 235 chinese

hispanic studies connecticut college catalog america gained through disciplinary instruction the core curriculum of the latin american studies major provides a solid foundation of knowledge on the region a rigorous interdisciplinary methodology and language proficiency in spanish flexibility in the major offers each student the opportunity to pursue a more specialized topic region or discipline of interest students are encouraged to double major or minor in a discipline that supports the focus of their interdisciplinary major students are strongly encouraged to study abroad the latin american studies major consists of a minimum of nine courses taken in the department of hispanic studies and in other connecticut college departments and programs that offer courses on latin america the requirements include 1 hispanic studies 207 2 a choice of one of the following hispanic studies 251 history 114 or 219 3 one social science survey course on latin america taken in any department 4 four

music connecticut college catalog prerequisite course 225 and one of course 226 or course 212 or permission of the instructor enrollment limited to 30 students.  p susskind mathematics 491 492 individual study  independent work with a selected faculty member course may be taken for either two or four credits mathematics 314 euclidean and noneuclidean geo­ metry  a study of euclidean and one or more non-euclidean geometries the geometric theory its historical setting its physical and philosophical implications will all be treated the purpose of the course will be to clarify the role of euclidean geometry in mathematics to introduce the ideas of axiom systems and their central role in mathematics and to shed further light on the nature of mathematics prerequisite course 113 or course 226 and permission of the instructor enrollment limited to 30 students.  p susskind mathematics 497-498 honors study mathematics 315 topology an introduction to

religious studies connecticut college catalog to achieve these ends the departments requires majors to take an introductory course in which they will learn about the construction of religious boundaries and contemplate various means of interpreting analyzing and comparing religious beliefs and practices majors must also enroll in eight additional courses including ones that expose them to multiple religious traditions among those routinely taught are islam christianity judaism buddhism hinduism daoism and confucianism in addition majors must cultivate depth of expertise by taking multiple courses treating a single tradition majors are required to do upper level coursework including the seminar theories of religion and a capstone course in which they design and conduct advanced research projects resulting in extensive theoretically nuanced essays the capstone provides all students with the opportunity to present their ideas and gain feedback about the constructs that they have learned

centers and certificate programs connecticut college catalog experiences and develop skills in public speaking conflict resolution and leadership this certificate program unites an academically challenging curriculum with real-world experiences students engage in a wide variety of community projects and action research exploring the tension among individuals’ wants community needs and citizens’ responsibilities components of the program in community action a application process and criteria for acceptance:  students apply during the first semester of their sophomore year the application process begins with several informational meetings in september and october each student is assigned a holleran center faculty and student adviser to assist in completing an application the applicant must also contact his or her major faculty adviser immediately to begin discussing the feasibility and parameters of the senior integrative project with the guidance of their advisers

faculty connecticut college catalog david w barber ’88 b.a m.b.a andrew ketterer ’71 b.a j.d bradford t brown p’12 ’15 b.a m.s.e.e m.b.a barbara shattuck kohn ’72 b.a christy burke ’93 b.a rae downes koshetz ’67 b.a j.d eduardo castell ’87 b.a vice chair joan jacobson kronick ’46 p’73 b.a jonathan cohen ’87 b.a m.b.a gerald d laubach a.b ph.d ll.d kevon copeland ’76 b.a m.b.a linda j lear ’62 b.a m.a ph.d sarah fenton ’63 b.a m.a susan eckert lynch ’62 b.a defred g folts ’82 b.a m.b.a helen fricke mathieson ’52 b.a prescott w hafner ’80 b.a vice chair britta schein mcnemar ’67 b.a m.s.ed michael a burlingame ph.d may buckley sadowski ’19 professor emeritus of history sara lee silberman ph.d associate professor emeritus of history jacqueline chadourne docteur en litterateur francaise professor emeritus of french david a smalley