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programs of study 45 classics requirements required courses chm 103 general chemistry and chm 104 general chemistry or chm 107 adv general chemistry and chm 204 inorganic chemistry chm 223 chm 224 5 assistant professor myers assistant professor in arabic athamneh visiting assistant professor papathanasopoulou associate professor phillips chair 4 associated faculty in medieval studies 5 5 organic chemistry organic chemistry two additional chemistry courses that include scheduled laboratories students should be aware of the prerequisites for these courses 5 5 p 226 classics courses p 226 stated p 226 understand and be able to use the material presented in foundation and upper level courses in 4 out of 5 subdisciplines of chemistry • analytical chemistry • biochemistry • inorganic chemistry • organic chemistry • physical chemistry classics major classics majors must select one following three concentrations of the classical languages concentration •

86 connecticut college 2015-2016 catalog eco 234 eco 235 eco 237 eco eco eco eco 258 311 330 332 orgnzatns economic development gender and development econ growth/devel in lat amer why nations fail international trade international finance open macro emerging economies or an appropriate advanced course 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 one course in history selected from i his empire/expan e asia,18404 202/eas 1950s 202 his 216 modern latin america 4 his revolutions in latin 4 219/cre america 219 his gender in the andes and 4 220/gws mexico 222 his world war ii post-war 4 222/eas japan 222 his confucian traditions 4 224/eas 224/phi 213/rel 215 his 226 making modern south asia 4 his global china 4 233/eas 233 his 234 modern europe 1790s-1990s 4 his diffclt past:ger his,18504 243/ger 2000 243 his soviet union its 4 247/sla legacies 247 his 249 early islamic history 4 his 250 iss hist mod afr 1884-pres 4 his social justice and 4 252/cre environment 252/es 252/gws 252 his 253 africa in the americas 4

academic regulations and degree requirements for undergraduate students 127 academic regulations and degree requirements for undergraduate students 1 the equivalent of 128 semester hours is required for the degree 2 a student is expected to complete all degree requirements in the equivalent of eight semesters or fewer depending upon transfer credit 3 a student must complete a minimum of 64 semester hours at the 200 level or higher 4 no more than four one-semester-hour courses may be counted toward the 128 semester hours required for the degree 5 at least 64 semester hours must be taken outside any single department as defined by the course designations 6 the minimum cumulative average for the degree is 2.0 grade point 7 the normal course load per semester is four courses the equivalent of 16 semester hours in order to complete the degree in a maximum of eight semesters the record of each student who is not enrolled in a minimum of 16 semester hours will be reviewed by the committee

general information 167 health outreach education and prevention to the college community to promote wellness and to encourage a community of care while the counseling staff does work collaboratively with other college office and services it also adheres to strict professional and ethical guidelines in regard to issues of confidentiality students who wish to be seen off campus or who require specialized or more intensive treatment than the student counseling service can provide are referred to community providers student accessibility services the office of student accessibility services was established to ensure equal access to educational activities for students with disabilities as required by federal law the office is open during the academic year to work with students faculty and staff the office determines reasonable disability accommodations and coordinates necessary oncampus services students are responsible for initiating the process of disability registration providing

208 connecticut college 2015-2016 catalog ethical legal have arisen as microbiomes and social concerns that we learn more about our distribution a1 bio 118 cc:diversty&the nat of science 4 nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution theodosius dobzhansky 1973 in this course students will study the nature of science in order to underscore the educational and societal need that we have today to confront the challenges presented by creationism and by the pseudoscience pervasive in our culture students will distinguish science from pseudoscience by applying the concepts of genetic change the origin of species evidence for evolution patterns of diversity phylogenetic relationships and the evolution of humans drawing on information from historical artistic mathematical medical and literary fields students will assess the impact of evolution in multiple disciplines implications about evolution for medicine and human diversity will enable students to examine ethical

courses 249 eco 212 environmental economics 4 the application of economic theory to natural resource use and environmental problems emphasis on the environmental consequences of externalities a theoretical analysis of policies designed to arrest and control environmental degradation and the contribution of benefit-cost analysis to environmental problems taxes particularly the personal and corporate income taxes and consumption taxes attention to the roles of different levels of government in a federal system prerequisite eco 111 and eco 112 distribution w eco 224 emerging econ in asia lat am 4 prerequisite eco 112 refer to the government listing for a course description cross-listed as this is the same course as es 212 cross-listed as this is the same course as gov 224 eco 212f environmental eco in chinese 1 eco 224f emerging econ flac 1 this optional section will meet for an additional hour each week to discuss supplemental readings in chinese students participating in the

courses 289 critical life skills useful in every facet of distribution a6 w fys 165c women and religion in india 4 in this courses we will investigate the life and ideas of the enigmatic philosopher socrates what do i know how should i live by studying socratic approaches to such questions we will also develop critical skills useful in every facet of life fys 175c sex/class/body in western art 4 this course examines the sexual body in art from the renaissance to abstract expressionism topics include the rise of a renaissance bodily aesthetic ideas on sexuality deified and demonized female bodies angels goddesses witches hysterics and femme fatales the male nude and class and the body beauty ugliness grotesque distribution a7 w fys 175d soc hist of warfare in europe 4 distribution a6 w fys 165d soc innov mak unmak worlds 4 what can we do to address human suffering fys explores strategies for social innovation that engage real world problems especially by generating creative

330 connecticut college 2015-2016 catalog transformed and been transformed by forces of modernization in east asia the cross-listed as this is the same course as eas 420 distribution advs cross-listed as frh 441 distribution advs his 444 imperial lives:merch,miss,migr 4 his 421 china s daoist legacy 4 an in-depth study of a daoist text or theme in daoist history cross-listed as this is the same course as eas 421 distribution advs w his 421f china s daoist legacy in chi 1 this optional section will meet additional hour each week to supplemental texts in chinese monarchy the reign of terror and the rise of napoleon for an discuss corequisite students electing his 421f must concurrently register for eas 421/his 421 distribution free his 426 gendr/sexuality japn,1850-1980 4 an examination of ways in which gender and sexuality have shaped modern and contemporary japanese history topics include discourses of sexuality technologies of reproduction sexual divisions of labor and the family

courses 371 psy 493a psychology women s health 4 psy 494b emerg treatment for mental ill 4 a psychosocial analysis of selected women s health issues emphasis on reproductive health chronic illness and public policy distribution advs a critical examination of treatments for mental illness with a focus on how psychological and biological causal explanations have influenced treatment strategies the impact of the recent emphasis on evidence-based treatment will be considered psy 493b emerg treatment for mental ill 4 prerequisite courses psy 100 and psy 202 a critical examination of treatments for mental illness with a focus on how psychological and biological causal explanations have influenced treatment strategies the impact of the recent emphasis on evidence-based treatment will be considered psy 494d sem in cognitive neuroscience 4 prerequisite courses psy 100 and psy 202 prerequisite psychology/bio 214 or psy 307 psy 493d sem in cognitive neuroscience 4 distribution advs w