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iso 9001 quality system certified cooper power tools division has attained iso 9001 quality system certification for seven of our facilities the driving force behind the implementation of the quality system is the commitment to provide our customers with the best value delivered by offering only products and services that meet or exceed their expectations lexington south carolina dayton ohio hicksville ohio springfield ohio braunschweig germany westhausen germany ozoir-la-ferrière france

clecomatic® screwdrivers because no dwell time is needed to reach torque thereby increasing productivity by as much as 10 the automatic stop feature also prevents unnecessary bit rotation and extends bit life up to 25 times or longer than the average life of bits used in ratcheting tools other benefits provided by quality clecomatic screwdrivers are lower scrap improved product quality reduced warranty claims and costly rework tool positioning fastener rundown dwell tool removal clecomatic tools improve operator performance reduce operator fatigue clecomatic tools have been designed from the inside out to make your operators more efficient and productive while helping to minimize the fatigue associated with high volume assembly operations reduced torque reaction absence of vibration quieter operation ease of starting compact size high power-to-weight ratio better tool feel and balance and greater reliability are some of the benefits clecomatic tools provide for operators couple

pistol grip screwdrivers clecomatic clutch screwdrivers clecomatic clutch 8 88 series torque range 0.8 ­ 20 nm 7.0 ­ 180 in lbs screw size m3.5 ­ m6 #8 ­ 5/16 bit and finder quick change and square drive reversible 8rsap-20bq 8rsapt-10bq 35 series 35rsa-10q torque range 2.0 ­ 20 nm 15 ­ 180 in lbs screw size m5 ­ m6 #10 ­ 5/16 inline and pistol grip 35rsap-7q 35rsa-10-3 quick change and square drive reversible 88rsapt-5c-3 35rsapt-5q 88rsapt-5cq 35rsatp-10q model number bit finder 1/4 hex quick change 3/8 square drive screw size gr 5 in gr 9.8 mm free speed rpm torque range in lbs nm in length mm lbs weight kg model number screw size gr 5 in gr 9.8 mm free speed rpm push-to-start sliding knob reverse 8rsap-20bq 8rsap-10bq 8rsap-7bq 8rsapt-40bq 8rsapt-20bq 8rsapt-10bq 8rsapt-7bq 8rsapt-5bq 88rsapt-7cq 88rsapt-5cq 88rsapt-2cq 8rsatp-30bq 8rsatp-20bq 8rsatp-10bq 8rsatp-7bq 8rsatp-5bq 88rsatp-7cq 88rsatp-5cq 88rsatp-2cq #10 #10 1/4 #8 #10 #10 1/4 1/4 1/4 5/16 5/16 10 10 10

accessories balance arms single arm tool holders part no description torque nm 201690 201601 angle nutrunners right angle 500 m20 201690 201601 manifold tool holder swivel manifold tool holder selecting your cleco nutrunner cleco offers over 500 nutrunners most of which can be equipped with a wide variety of drive options this generates over 3,000 different nutrunner combinations allowing the exact tool with precise features to be chosen for specific job applications the following items should be considered before selecting the tool ergonomic factors associated with the man/tool/task relationship torque and speed requirements tool and fastener accessibility fastener joint variations operator skill level and air supply tool performance can be affected by air supply plant air line pressure to the tool will vary widely due to several factors distance of tool from compressor size of transmission lines air drops manifolds hose length and diameter and fittings all power tool specifications

swingbar nutrunners smaller faster lighter cleco proudly introduces the new 64 series swingbar nutrunners for high torque applications where a small tool is necessary for consistency in clamp load across joint types or for simply eliminating the maintenance needs of an angle tool the new 64 series tools provide the best solution for today s heavy assembly environment both prevailing torque and type of joint can limit the accuracy of a clutch or pulse tool on softer joints torque threshold is reached early in the fastening cycle resulting in long rundowns especially difficult on pulse tools on a long rundown a swingbar tool that is able to maintain a steady speed minimizes the time required to run down a fastener on a typical hard joint with prevailing torque a torque spike will occur which can prematurely shut off a clutch or pulse tool in tools with speed shifts a torque spike will also cause the speed to shift down resulting in a slower rundown the cleco 64 series swingbar

double end nutrunners clecomatic clutch stall ratchet wrenches 34 series torque range 5 103 nm bolt size m5 m36 4 76 ft lbs #10 1 1/2 the close clearance tool modern design practices cause many threaded fasteners to be located in such a way as to be practically inaccessible to power tools the only modern production tool for accurate torquing of these hidden fasteners is the versatile ratchet wrench with its flat narrow attachment and wide variety of sockets high performance lightweight air motors are used in gardner-denver ratchet wrenches stall-type and clutch actuated air shut-off features provide a motor selection that can be matched to meet job requirements reverse rotation of the fastener is accomplished by simply turning the tool over to accommodate various size diameter sockets several side plate widths are offered for each motor size thus providing a wide range of available torques external torque adjustment clecomatic models indexable anglehead one torque spring to

tube nut wrenches clecomatic clutch off socket return forward tube and hose applications once only accessible by the use of hand tools can now be tightened by the cleco family of tube nut wrenches at a speed that maximizes productivity torque repeatability is assured by the proven clecomatic clutch and low inertia motor these models use a single lever for the tightening of the fastener and the return of the socket to the open position the flexibility coupled with the proven capabilities greatly increases the productivity rate of the assembly line 24 series torque range 14 ­ 40 nm 19 ­ 54 ft lbs one hand two position throttle external torque adjustment self aligning socket 24 series t2 24 series t3 make sure that the socket is set to the open position if not push the throttle lever down half way to release the socket back to the open position slide the tool on the fastener and push the throttle lever down fully to run the fastener down to free the tool slide the tool off the

impact wrenches proven heavy-duty patented telescoping impact mechanism adds power cuts weight reduces shock to the operator impact wrenches impact wrench bolt selection chart the impact wrench bolt selection chart will assist you in selecting impact wrenches for specific applications torque and tension figures are based on 70 of the proof load of a given size and grade unc bolt torque values are based on non-lubricated dry conditions bolt grades and sizes are those which are the most commonly secured with impact wrenches new generation telescopic impact wrenches patented positive lock socket retainer with the patented positive lock socket retainer u.s pat 3 890,051 sockets snap on and stay on until released offered on spline drives the retainer can be serviced without disassembling the tool rotor hammer anvil the smooth-hitting cleco telescopic impact mechanism is patented u.s pat 3,156,3340 and has only three major parts hammer anvil and rotor providing more power directly to the

general accessories apex fastener tools insert bits 1/4 hex for socket head cap screws and set screws insert bits used with bit holders all bits are 1.0 25.4 mm long point size part number phillips pozi-drive a quality fastener tools for more than half a century apex has maintained the position of world leader in industrial fastening tools many power and insert bits socket combinations and other drivers/adapters pioneered by apex have today become industry standards while apex quality service and selection give you unsurpassed value more quality for your money apex quality starts with the selection of raw materials only carefully chosen high grade tool steel is used to make apex industrial fastener tools next each tool is precision machined from solid bar stock to exacting standards of accuracy you always get a snug secure fit ­ a fit that is not possible from stamped tools finally each apex fastener tool is tempered with our exclusive heat treating process during this step the

conversion tables millimeter ­ decimal ­ fraction mm 0.100 0.200 0.300 0.397 0.400 0.500 0.600 0.700 0.794 0.800 0.900 1.000 1.100 1.191 1.200 1.300 1.400 1.500 1.588 1.600 1.700 1.800 1.900 1.984 2.000 2.100 2.200 2.300 2.381 2.400 2.500 2.600 2.700 2.778 2.800 2.900 3.000 3.100 3.175 3.200 3.300 3.400 3.500 3.572 3.600 3.700 3.800 3.900 3.969 4.000 4.100 4.200 4.300 4.366 4.400 4.500 4.600 4.700 4.763 4.800 4.900 5.000 5.100 conversion tables torque ­ air pressure ­ miscellaneous in 13/64 dec .0039 .0079 .0118 .0156 .0157 .0197 .0236 .0276 .0313 .0315 .0354 .0394 .0433 .0469 .0472 .0512 .0551 .0591 .0625 .0630 .0669 .0709 .0748 .0781 .0878 .0827 .0866 .0906 .0938 .0945 .0984 .1024 .1063 .1094 .1102 .1142 .1181 .1220 .1250 .1260 .1299 .1339 .1378 .1406 .1417 .1457 .1496 .1535 .1563 .1575 .1624 .1654 .1693 .1719 .732 .1772 .1811 .1850 .1875 .1890 .1929 .1969 .2008 in mm 5.159 5.200 5.300 5.400 5.500 5.556 5.600 5.700 5.800 5.900 5.953 6.000 6.100 6.200 6.300 6.350 6.400 6.500

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