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1984-96 roof panel hold down plate 89-96 shim #34490 locator bracket lh #34488 rh #34489 1984-1996 roof panel bag #30598 roof latch trim plates 84-86e cpe #49104 86l-88 cpe #49105 86-88 conv #49106 bolt #30599 1984-1996 roof panel headliners our roof panel bags are soft on the inside and tough on the outside to prevent marring and scratches they feature velcro® closures and special mounting-bracket cutouts for easy and secure mounting in your corvette s rear storage area x2037 black 4604 saddle 4605 red 4606 dk red 4623 gray 4710 lt saddle 84-96 roof panel bag $4999 1984-1996 top storage bracket covers original on all 1984-1996 corvettes with fiberglass roof panels the roof panel liner helps to reduce both interior heat and noise now you can replace your damaged or aged liner with an accurate reproduction from corvette america simply press into place using the existing fasteners already found on your original roof panel 42802 84-85 roof panel headliner $14999 49588 86-96 roof panel headliner $14999 1984-1988 roof latch trim plates our hardtop storage covers are exact reproductions of the originals they fit on the corners of your top and protect it when it s in storage 34080 84-85 hardtop storage bracket covers black 85e $2999 34081 85-89 hardtop storage bracket covers black 85l $2999 34082 90-96 hardtop storage bracket covers black $2999 1984-1996 drip moldings #49104 #49105 #49106 49104 84-86 roof latch trim plate 86e coupe $3999 49105 86-88 roof latch trim plate 86l coupe $3999 49106 86-88 roof latch trim plate convertible $3999 prevent water from dripping into your interior and onto your seats after a rain shower or wash finally 1984-96 drip moldings solve this small but very annoying problem drip moldings are low-profile pieces of plastic trim that you place on your corvette above the doors once installed they control the direction of run-off water by channeling it off the top and down the sides away from your interior simply snap into place x2574 84-96 drip moldings pr $3199 #30599 product photos descriptions and diagrams at #30598 www.corvetteamerica.com www.corvetteamerica.com corvette america 800-458-3475 65