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deep aluminum finned automatic transmission oil pan • increased oil capacity for cooler temperatures • sand-cast aluminum with raised fins • 3/16-inch thick wall construction to add strength to the transmission case • 3/8-inch thick gasket flange will not bend when bolts are tightened • machined gasket surface for a secure seal • boss cast into pan can be machined for a temperature sensor 535146 plain nd 205.95 535191 black powder coated nd 257.45 535110 97-05 automatic transmission oil pan-deep sump upgrade 162.95 includes gasket and magnet drain stock pan is 59mm deep upgrade is 100mm deep 97-046 llast fi ding z0 inclu cags 6-speed skip shift bypass the cags computer aided gear selection is a built-in system that automatically upshifts from first to fourth gears between 15 and 20 mph the cags plug kit will disengage the cags feature as well as seal the skip shift solenoid and factory connector the plug prevents contaminants from entering the solenoid and causing a malfunction no permanent modifications are required to install this product and you will be able to reconnect the system if so desired installation instructions are included installation time is less than an hour emissions legal in all 50 states note this kit will prevent the cags solenoid from engaging but the “1 to 4” light on the dash will still illuminate when skip shift conditions are met 535057 17.95 b m shift improver kit trick shift automatic transmission fluid 533218 97-00 synthetic trick shift-quart ea 11.95 cannot be shipped by air gm synchromesh transmission fluid specifically for use in gm manual transmissions • excellent as a lubricant • withstands high temperature 531196 quart 17.95 magnetic oil drain plug 535082 6 speed 8.95 535198 automatic mounts in oil pan 11.95 535082 shown automatic transmission filter kit includes pan gasket • for automatic transmission tm b&m has developed a transmission shift kit that provides crisp shifts and eliminates shift overlap on your stock transmission this kit will also improve transmission life by reducing excess wear on clutches and bands easy installation requires removal of the transmission pan and valve body transmission removal is not required at the time of installation you may select one of two stages of shift modification stage 1 heavy duty – provides firm positive shifts without loss of driver comfort recommended for street use stage 2 street/strip – provides very positive shifts for high performance street use or competitive events shifts will be the hardest quickest shifts possible 534319 97-02 4l60e 46.95 torque convertor • quicker acceleration • improved low-end power • smoother running • fully streetable no modifications required 535058 45.30 transaxle mount–stock 535275 129.95 this exciting series of torque converters is designed with the enthusiast in mind economically priced and intended for use in mildly modified engines improves driveability and offers smooth in-gear idling without adversely affecting gas mileage 534009 saturday night special nd 359.95 • 400-500 rpm stall speed over stock stock to 3.23 rear end ratio 534318 breakaway nd 399.95 • 1000 rpm stall speed over stock 3.00 to 3.73 rear end ratio 534326 street fighter nd 499.95 • 1000 rpm stall speed over stock 3.55 to 4.56 rear end ratio order lines 800-345-4122 • fax orders 800-635-4108 269-426-4108 • product assistance 269-426-3342 135