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56 57 door pull cup mounting screws set 4 pcs install door glass 2 door rear soft top rear clip 56 62 corvette turn signal cancelling cam 58 62 hood release cable distributor caps and spark plug wires corvette parts and accessories car interior accessories and car music players upper inner fender to cowl reinforcements male hood lock spring seat pump to carb gas line park light lens screw set front disc brake conversion kits chevy small block cylinder heads 53 62 corvette parts rear brake to front brake conversion kit how to install leather seat covers engine gasket set engine block 61 corvette neutral safety switch corvette brake master cylinder rebuild kit corvette logo valve stem caps 53 corvette rear wheel cylinder rebuild 84 corvette master cylinder rebuild kit corvette license plate frame stainless steel 62 corvette brake light switch master cylinder rebuild kit corvette 84 rack and pinion steering corvette 75 corvette door handle rod retaining clip corvette upper and lower a arms one piece front end corvette rack and pinion kits for corvette oil dipstick and tube 43 oil dipstick and tube rack and pinion steering kits rack and pinion steering kits u joint rack and pinion steering rack and pinion kits rack and pinion steering kit rack and pinion steering u joint rack and pinion steering mounts disc and drum brakes rack and pinion kit rack and pinion steering system brake and clutch pedal assembly windshield trim and windshield clips power rack and pinion upper and lower a arms working rack and pinion steering timing chain and gears timing chain and gear sets clutch and brake pedal power steering pump and bracket clutch and brake pedal support trunk and floor pan metric bolts and nuts

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telephone service hours lobby order pick-up hours order department and customer service hours monday thursday 8:00 a.m 8:00 p.m friday 8:00 a.m 5:30 p.m saturday 10:00 a.m 2:00 p.m product assistance hours monday friday all times are monday friday 9:00 a.m 5:00 p.m to limit waiting times at the counter please place your order 24 hours in advance 6 michigan sales tax will be added to all orders picked up at our counter eastern 8:30 a.m 5:30 p.m call/check our website for special holiday and saturday hours • corvette central is closed from december 24 through january 1 13550 three oaks rd • sawyer mi 49125 fax numbers phone numbers 269-426-4108 800-635-4108 800-345-4122 retail orders wholesale 269-426-3342 product assistance ways to order ordering is easy order seven days a week 24 hours a day 800-345-4122 269-426-3342 foreign 269-426-8833 secure order form with current­ pricing at simply complete the order form found at the

bayes premium waterless vehicle wash designed for use on cars autos motorcycles boats glass chrome vinyl and rubber a one step application designed to clean shine and protect your vehicles surface without the need of water or additional cleaners • professional grade • formula based • cleans polishes protects • non-abrasive • non-toxic • biodegradable • restores natural beauty 102546 16 oz 9.95 convertible top cleaner protectant this cleaner system is a safer better way to clean and protect your convertible top fabric/vinyl top cleaner lifts and suspends oil grease and dirt for true cleaning easy application spray on wipe off includes cleaner and protectant 101653 vinyl tops 34.95 104553 fabric tops 34.95 flitz polish-paste • for metal plastic and fiberglass plastx clear plastic cleaner and polish a concentrated cream that is unsurpassed in its ability to clean polish deoxidize and protect nothing works faster easier or better use

cooling system related 60-62 correct reproduction aluminum radiators 241001 55-61e 241148 56-60 241224 60-61 top tank correct aluminum radiator 241055 61 241061 62e 241062 62l correct repro aluminum radiator brass replacement radiator 3 core 399.95 radiator mount j-nut set of 6 4.95 for use with reproduction radiators that do not have the nuts attached as original 241003 61-62 direct fit aluminum radiator • correct • specify date when ordering • dated painted and detailed • 5 year manfacturers warranty our correct aluminum 61-62 radiators 241055 241061 241062 are manufactured by dewitts and licensed by gm restoration parts they are a 100 correct reproduction radiator with the gm part number and date we also offer direct fit replacement radiators 241000 241003 manufactured by dewitt radiator this radiator will give you original design on the top face and correct necks with 90’s technology in the tank area you will notice that we don’t list a

engine compartment 301180 or 301144 301050 56-59e 301051 59l-62 301138 or 301626 341060 341059 valve cover bolt 301224 or 301239 steel valve covers 341056are used on base motors reinforcements are aluminum valve covers are used on optional motors only used with steel valve covers 341055 valve covers 301050 56-59e aluminum valve cover ea staggered holes 74.95 301051 59l-62 aluminum valve cover ea straight holes 72.95 yes the #301050 and #301051 have the casting flaws 301060 59-62 aluminum valve cover no casting flaw nd ea 144.00 302312 59l-61 steel valve cover repl pr chevrolet script see our website for photo 179.00 302126 62 •327 steel valve covers pr painted orange 109.95 302122 62 •327 chrome steel valve covers replacement pr same as 302126 but chrome plated 134.00 • also looks good on any 59l-62 s foreign reproduction 301043 56-62 steel valve cover gaskets pr cork 11.95 301052 56-62 aluminum valve cover gasket pr cork 17.95 301048 56-57 valve cover

stock fiberglass body 141040 upper surround 141033 l or r headlight bucket hoods – see page 70 141037 l or r side fender 141039 center nose panel 53-55 56-57 door to door one piece front end shown 141014 53-57 skirt reinforcement underneathfiberglass your corvette save time money if you desire a factory look bonding strips may be installed with your reproduction front end although they are not required 53-57 one piece front ends hl +141001 53-55 front end w/cowl and upper dash hl the rockers are not part of this front end 2295.00 +141005 56-57 front end w/cowl and upper dash hl headlight bonding strips installed 1395.00 front ends are pre-trimmed 53-55 front end components and bonding strips matched to the original cloth weave used in 53-55 production all parts have fiberglass cloth layup to match original inside texture if cloth layup is not desired inquire +141040 53-55 upper surround hl 1129.00 +141029 53-55 center wheel forward hood surround hl 629.00 141039 53-55

generator gauge rebuilding service 391200 53-57 speedometers plus parts approx 159.00 391205 58-62 speedometers plus parts approx 139.00 service includes disassembly clean restore case repair or replace internal mechanism and calibrate specify if new bezel is desired 59-62 speedometer refacing call for price 391210 53-57 tachometers plus parts approx 125.00 391220 58-62 tachometers plus parts approx 139.00 service includes disassembly clean restore case replace internal mechanisms and calibrate specify if new bezel is desired 59-62 tachometer refacing ea call for price 391240 53-57 small gauges -clean calibrate approx 99.00 391260 58-62 small gauges -clean calibrate approx 65.00 service includes clean restore cases test and reassembly parts extra extra charges may apply to units requiring additional cosmetics odometer is not replaced it is common for extra parts to be required to complete a rebuild that are not included in the listed rebuild charges the prices on these extra

seat covers we suggest you use new seat foam to make your finished seat cover installation look like this 53-55 56-57 correct shown 59 58 60 seat foam sets does both seats 131049 53-55 • seat foam set correct nd 299.00 131068 56-57 • seat foam set correct nd 299.00 131069 58 • seat foam set correct nd 299.00 131071 59-60 seat foam set replacement 259.95 131048 59-60 • seat foam set correct 4 pcs 279.00 seat foam set replacement 259.95 131072 61 131062 61 • seat foam set correct 4 pcs 285.00 seat foam set replacement 259.95 131073 62 131061 62 • seat foam set correct 4 pcs 285.00 • 53-62 seat foam sets with muslin reinforcements and air space in back sides — just like the original 62 61 seat covers made in all original colors these covers are made to fit individual model years cover sets do both seats 131005 53-55 vinyl nd 575.00 131010 56-57 vinyl correct waffle pattern 439.00 vinyl nd 535.00 131035 58 vinyl 385.00 131040 59 100

radio related 521003 bezel 521004 speaker grille 53-57 emblem 521108 60-62 bezel screens 521107  60-62 521106  58-59 wonderbar radio face kit our radio face kit comes with everything needed to make the face of your 58-62 wonderbar look new again included is the chrome face plate with new lens installed wonderbar push bar and 5 push buttons 521235 58-60 black letters 179.00 521236 58-60 white letters 179.00 521237 61-62 179.00 radio and mounting 521098 58-62 radio block off plate chevrolet script emblem 5-1/2” long 19.95 radio lens wonderbar w s 44.95 521050 53 521051 54-55 radio lens wonderbar w s 44.95 521052 56-57 radio lens wonderbar w s 32.95 521255 58-62 radio lens wonderbar w s 29.00 521103 53-57 radio support bracket 13.95 521104 58-62 radio support bracket 15.50 521012 58-62 radio support bracket mount kit 3.25 231090 58-62 fiberglass center radio/heater console 109.00 661312 58-62 radio ground wire to r.h valve cover 12.00 301303 58-62 radio

571010 upper inner shaft part of 571028 bolt kit 571004 upper a-arm 571019 bolt kit 571011 upper outer shaft 571018 bumper 571025 shim 571006 l or r spindle support 571012 lower inner shaft 571014 king pin 571033 bracket 571119 53-59 5/8” rubber 571102 57-62 13/16” rubber 571032 60-62 13/16” rubber bushing stabilizer bar 571034 spacer 571027 bolt 572065 washer our #571030 link kits have the correct u headmark set also includes correct washers 571030 571064 spindle l or r lower a-arm 571068 crossmember 571017 lower shaft jamb nut 571013 lower outer shaft 571068 53-59 front crossmember used nd 425.00 571099 60-62 front crossmember used nd 425.00 571083 56-62 front crossmember mount kit 49.95 includes 1-set 571028 bolts 2-571025 aluminum shims 571028 53-62 front crossmember to frame bolt w/nut set ‘‘tr’’ 48 pcs 24.95 571025 56-62 front aluminum shims ea 24.00 this aluminum shim was found on all 57-62 cars but can also be put on

custom wheels all custom wheels nd no discount cragar s/s wheels the cragar s/s the most popular most imitated and most successful custom wheel in history now in its 36th year 641057 15 x 6” ea nd 205.00 641010 15 x 7” ea nd 208.00 642036 15 x 8” ea nd 211.00 642050 15 x 10” ea nd 240.00 641114 cragar wheel mount kit nd 99.95 641020 cragar s/s 3 bar spinner set 104.95 includes spacers lugnuts and washers 1 set does 2 wheels must be purchased separately 641025 chrome wheel lugnuts with washers set 51.95 this set includes 20-lugnuts and 20-washers 7/16-20 x 3/4 shank works for cragar wheels without spacers flat stoppers parking your car for long periods of time on any flat surface can produce flat spots on most any tire it is very common when a car is parked for winter storage most car enthusiasts know about the “thumping whap whap” that flat spotting causes when you first drive the car again however few know what other problems can occur flat

p o box 16 13550 three oaks rd sawyer mi 49125 be sure you have the catalog that’s right for you let us know the year of your corvette 53-62 corvette parts catalog 1h phone 800-345-4122 269-426-3342 fax 800-635-4108 269-426-4108 neat stuff for corvettes blue flame 6 to z06 – corvette central has it