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· mist and wipe quickly and easily maintains the look and feel of interior plastics vinyl leather rubber metal unlike traditional protectents that leave an artificial greasy feeling quik interior detailer leaves your interior surfaces looking natural and revitalized 102485 16 oz 6.95 meguiar s® quik interior detailer 303 convertible top cleaner protectant the 303 cleaner system is a safer better way to clean and protect your convertible top 303 fabric/vinyl top cleaner lifts and suspends oil grease and dirt for true cleaning easy application spray on wipe off includes cleaner and protectant 101653 vinyl tops 34.95 104553 fabric tops 34.95 meguiar s® scratchx scratchx is guaranteed to be the most effective way to remove fine scratches and swirls from automotive paint by hand some scratches require removal with machine applied professional formulas scratchx removes surface contaminants oxidation and blemishes as well as enhances paint color scratchx is not a cover up and will not leave more scratches than it takes out 101737 7 oz 9.95 meguiar s® leather cleaneruse ph balanced lotion safely deep cleans conditioner this easy to leather emulsifies pore-embedding oils and water based stains as well as surface dirt and grime used in conjunction with gold classtm rich leather aloe cleaner the conditioner offers polymer protection for leather surfaces aloe moisturizers help prevent cracking and splitting while uva and uvb inhibitors prevent premature aging and fading and leaves your leather looking rich supple and natural apply with a soft foam applicator pad and remove any excess product with a cotton terry or microfiber towel 16 oz bottle of each 102520 15.95 aluminum alloy wheel restore kit · for use on aluminum alloy wheels forever black tire gel tm · removes tiny surface scratches and polishes to a high gloss · leaves an unbelievable smooth surface so dirt and brake dust are repelled easily your wheels stay cleaner · easy to follow instructions are included wheels can be cleaned and polished over and over again 101891 kit 13.95 wheel and tire cleaners wheel detail brush conforms to any wheel including wire wheels gets dirt out of tight spaces 101228 3.95 hot rims mag and aluminum wheel polish give your car s chrome and uncoated aluminum a mirror-like shine with hot rims mag and aluminum polish 101945 8 oz 7.95 · black pigmented color · water based · silicone oil free · environmentally safe · does not attract dust · fast drying · does not sling off tires · protects against uv damage for all clear-coated or painted wheels unlike all other tire dressings on the market forever black is a black pigmented polymer this environmentally friendly product will restore the faded bronze look of your tires to their original appearance the forever black handheld applicator eliminates the mess of oversprays one easy application will protect and restore your tires to their original brilliant black appearance 101816 8 oz 13.95 new foam technology breaks clear on the tire with no milky mess leaving a deep black rich shine in one easy step the thick luxurious foam coats the tire quickly penetrates lifts and releases dirt and road grime leaving behind an even rich shine 102556 19 oz 6.95 meguiar s® hot shine tire foam 22 we accept mothersprovide extra sparkle and protection to wheels chrome polish designed to ® bumpers and all chrome accessories both mild and effective it cleans polishes and protects in one easy application ­ it s great on mirrors and glass too 101568 8 oz 4.95 wheel shield overspraycleaners and dressings protector protect your expensive wheels from tire coated painted wheel wash safely removes brake dust from factory or custom wheels spray on hose off 101064 24 oz 7.95 wheel shield is lightweight easy to use and fits all 13 17 wheels see our website for photo 641091 each 9.95 · ordering information in front of catalog