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for perfect ambient sound acoustic fabrics by crÉation

over 90 acoustic fabrics in around 2000 colours harmoniously blend effective sound absorption with attractive aesthetics with the world’s largest selection of acoustic fabrics from opaque to sheer with swiss development and manufacturing expertise and creative solutions for every space and requirement the problem unwelcome sound the innovation acoustics meet transparency noise is irritating in private and public spaces this is a particular problem in contemporary architecture as nonporous materials such as glass and concrete cause a lot of echo which often creates unpleasant acoustics leading the way in innovation création baumann is continuing to develop its acoustic fabrics a few years ago the langenthal-based textile experts achieved what had been thought impossible using a new thread and weaving technique to create a light sheer sound-absorbing acoustic fabric this developed into a collection of transparent acoustic fabrics in trevira cs once again setting the tone for

resounding variety our acoustic fabrics give you complete control of the ambient sound from opaque to sheer ahrens grabenhorst architectural studio hanover germany photo roland halbe photography

incredible value acoustic fabrics by création baumann absorb sound brilliantly wherever they are in a way that can be heard and measured the acoustic qualities are stringently tested to iso/en standards in the reverberation chamber and precisely recorded transparent acoustic fabrics opaque acoustic fabrics acoustics can be so simple and sheer acoustic fabrics are ideal for places where ambiance and lighting are key whether they are used at a window or as a divider the qualities of opaque acoustic fabrics shine through even in large rooms with long echoes sound absorption coefficient αs sound absorption coefficient αs 1.2 alphacoustic α w 0.60 1.2 sonic α w 1.00 betacoustic α w 0.65 1.0 gammacoustic α w 0.50 tony α w 0.85 1.0 velos α w 0.85 deltacoustic α w 0.60 lord ii α w 0.75 0.8 zetacoustic α w 0.65 0.8 dimmer iii α w 0.60 0.6 regular transparent curtain α w 0.10 0.6 regular opaque curtain α w 0.40 0.4 0.4 0.2 0.2 0.0 0.0 125 200 315 500

textile composer création baumann acoustic fabrics always catch your eye and make you listen be it in the office at work in public spaces such as museums concert halls seminar rooms or in the privacy of your own home acoustic fabrics in public spaces improve sound light and space with création baumann alphacoustic and velos optimise the room acoustics provide glare protection and privacy and define the room zones in the ahrens grabenhorst architectural studio hanover germany photo roland halbe photography stuttgart acoustic fabrics in private spaces acoustic interior design has never looked better zetacoustic’s features are doubly appreciated in this st gallen private home switzerland the alpha-value offers clear sound the transparency creates clarity and openness photo anna-tina eberhard st gallen acoustic fabrics for structuring rooms cleverly combined in the vitra showroom in new york city sheer acoustic fabric betacoustic and opaque lord iii blend aesthetics 0190754 acoustic pioneer création baumann presented its first collection of acoustic fabrics in 2004 the swiss functional textile specialists turned this innovation into the biggest range of its kind and it continues to grow every season where can we create tranquillity for you we and our specialist dealers are always happy to provide detailed information and personal advice on our acoustic fabrics our acoustic fabrics are used worldwide the senzoku gakuen college of music kanagawa japan level12 die eventlocation heidelberg germany ahrens grabenhorst architects and town planners bda hanover germany frac nord-pas de calais contemporary art museum dunkirk france swisscom ag project room workshop berne switzerland brucknerhaus conference centre linz austria actelion pharmaceuticals ltd allschwil switzerland further references création baumann ag bern-zürich-strasse 23 ch-4901 langenthal telephone +41