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over 90 acoustic fabrics in around 2000 colours harmoniously blend effective sound absorption with attractive aesthetics with the world’s largest selection of acoustic fabrics from opaque to sheer with swiss development and manufacturing expertise and creative solutions for every space and requirement the problem unwelcome sound the innovation acoustics meet transparency noise is irritating in private and public spaces this is a particular problem in contemporary architecture as nonporous materials such as glass and concrete cause a lot of echo which often creates unpleasant acoustics leading the way in innovation création baumann is continuing to develop its acoustic fabrics a few years ago the langenthal-based textile experts achieved what had been thought impossible using a new thread and weaving technique to create a light sheer sound-absorbing acoustic fabric this developed into a collection of transparent acoustic fabrics in trevira cs once again setting the tone for everyone else the solution control sound with textiles textiles are perfect for optimising acoustics acoustic fabrics by création baumann allow you to control and improve ambient sound giving you great acoustics with an attractive design thanks to the world’s largest selection of over 90 opaque to sheer acoustic fabrics in around 2000 colours there is endless creative scope additional functions such as dimming flame retardancy or glare and heat protection are also available special feature bespoke acoustic fabrics looking for something unique we will be delighted to create unique bespoke acoustic solutions for you in customised colours and designs in our studio and weaving mill adapting and tailoring them precisely to your requirements cover picture private residence st gallen switzerland photo anna-tina eberhard