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Création Baumann AG
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CH-4901 Langenthal

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presenting – textile passion welcome to crÉation

langenthal is everywhere with showrooms in paris london new york tokyo

in private or public our range enables you to select the design and dimensions you desire for your

fabrics for interiors interior shading systems gecko adhesive textiles – in 600 designs and 6000

textiles from crÉation baumann work as glare and heat protection as acoustic fabrics as dim-out fabrics and

in our studio we design and create fabrics which are – and remain –

crÉation baumann has mastered all the processes necessary for innovative textile production from processing the yarn to the completed

as a certified sustainable company we are very careful with our

we deliver our products rapidly all over the world we have more than 55 000 fabric rolls in

here textile innovations write history – since 1886 and into the fourth

for more insights and a passionate follow-up 0190995 création baumann ag bern-zürich-strasse 23 ch-4901 langenthal telephone +41 062 919 62 62 fax +41 062 922 45 47 mail